Keep teeth healthy

как сохранить зубы здоровыми

Mother has returned from work and has found the daughter on sofa, the cheek at it has been tied on the advice of the grandmother by woolen scarf, and the hot-water bottle from above is still enclosed.

... You, the road have reader, there was no such trouble? Teeth never hurt?

Most often the toothache arises at caries. Earlier caries was called caries. Very precisely called because there is gradual destruction, as if eating of bone of tooth.

Treatment of tooth absolutely without serious consequences if the illness only begins.

That is why, when in school there takes place medical examination, it is impossible to evade from it at all. Sometimes there are no pains, and only at survey the doctor finds the beginning of destruction of tooth.

Scientists consider that caries one of the most widespread or maybe the most widespread illness. In some countries about 90 percent of all population suffer from caries.

Why there is this illness? If you know illness origin, then it is possible to propose also measures of its prevention.

Caries origin was finalized yet, but nevertheless most of scientists consider that it happens because of improper feeding: when eat candies, sweet, cookies, wafers much and it is not enough milk, dairy products, vegetables, fruit...

Means, the main thing in the prevention of caries - healthy nutrition.

Behind teeth leaving is necessary. After food it is necessary to rinse mouth. If small pieces of food have got stuck between teeth, to remove these remains with toothpick.

It is necessary to brush teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. The toothbrush has to "go" not only from left to right, but also from top to down and from below up, in addition also massing gums. It is necessary to brush teeth diligently - minutes two-three. Carrot, apples, turnip, swede are very useful to teeth. Eat on health. Both vitamins and gymnastics.

On teeth there can be cracks at sharp change of temperature, for example, if right after ice cream to drink hot tea.