Winter diet

зимняя диета
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Nobody is surprised by the fact that in the winter when behind window the severe frost rages, people gain excess weight. We perceive this event as quite natural and natural. Such metamorphosis at the same time is explained by several reasons.

First, our organism reacts to the lowered temperature and, in aspiration to save the person from frostbites, creates additional fatty layer.

Secondly, in cold season the metabolism is slowed down - our subconsciousness responds for short light day and slows down all processes of organism.

Thirdly, in the winter the lack of vitamins and microelements which we receive from fresh vegetables, fruit, greens etc. very much affects.

And, at last, fourthly, in cold season of people does not wish to do excess movements and leads slow-moving life.

Besides, in addition to the natural reasons connected with our physiology there is big risk to gather couple of additional kilograms thanks to numerous holidays. Christmas, New Year, the Epiphany, St. Valentine's Day, Students' Day, the 23rd of February, the 8th of March - all these magnificent holidays strike unmerciful blow to your ideal figure.

As a result, in threshold of warm spring days, having bethought and having regretted, you begin to look for opportunity to grow thin very quickly convulsively. The spring and summer on threshold, and your figure leaves much to be desired! To avoid similar situations you should not relax during the whole year.

What is the cornerstone of winter diet

Что лежит в основе зимней диеты Taking into account all above, the winter diet, adhering to which to you has been developed not only it will be possible to keep the weight and and to get rid of extra kilos. The correct selection of products which promote strengthening of immunity is the cornerstone of this diet and do not allow organism to accumulate fatty deposits. That your figure has not suffered from winter low temperatures, to you as it strange sounds, it is necessary to convince own subconsciousness that frosty weather for you does not pose direct threat. If the fatty layer is not required to feed on the correct products.

The winter diet for weight loss is not expected fast result. This gradual weight reduction on the basis of good nutrition and tasty products. Feature of this way of weight loss is total absence of feeling of hunger, six times food and the choice of products which you have more to liking.

Products without which it is impossible to do in the winter

Asking question - how to grow thin in the winter, pay attention to those products without which it is impossible to do. As well as at usual food, in winter diet proteins, fats and carbohydrates are harmoniously balanced. However products choose depending on their "winter" usefulness.


As in cold season of people feels a little oppressed and suppressed (lack of sunny days and frosty weather affects), the proteinaceous food has to be saturated with such substances as L-phenylalanine and tryptophane. These substances stimulate production of endorphines (mood hormones) which remove stress and control appetite.

With the content of useful protein it is possible to carry the following to products: chicken meat, turkey, fish and seafood, mushrooms, beans, soy, haricot, peas, buckwheat, asparagus, dairy products, etc.


Absence in organism of such substance as serotonin (which shortage the insufficient quantity of sunlight provokes), we fill with cakes, cakes, chocolate, candies and other sweets. However the sugar which is contained in these products actively stimulates not only production of serotonin, and and adds several extra kilos to our figure. It is rather simple to solve this problem, it is necessary to replace harmful carbohydrates useful. Try to include as often as possible in the winter menu the products rich with fibrous carbohydrates.

In this category such products belong: sheet greens and vegetables, bread from coarse flour, macaroni from firm grades of wheat, grits etc. Instead of chocolate and pastries nutritionists recommend to include such dried fruits in diet: fig, prunes, dried apricots, raisin.


Need of organism for fats vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.) completely satisfy, nuts, sunflower seeds.


Fruit and vegetable freshly squeezed juice, tsikoriyevy drinks and herbal teas very well will be suitable for the winter period.

Products which should be excluded from winter diet

To fans to indulge itself "tasty" during the winter period it is necessary to refuse chocolate, cakes, caloric desserts and pastries. These products can relieve you of depression and depression, but, along with it, will spoil figure (that, besides, can lead to depression).

Besides, it is extremely not desirable to abuse in the winter such drinks as: coffee, alcoholic drinks (including low alcohol), sweet sparkling water and tinned juice. It is better to replace drinks with herbal teas, and candies and chocolate products of yellow or orange color (tangerines, oranges, paprika, carrots, etc.).

Options of winter diets and their approximate menu

Depending on personal preferences you can stop the choice on one diet or develop for yourself the winter menu with use of all three offered options. Opportunity to eat meat products and fish forms basis for each of diets. The vegetarian diet is developed for people who have refused products of animal origin (meat, fish).

Winter diet for weight loss - MPSNAP

1st breakfast:

одно яйцо one egg or 100 grams of boiled meat масло oil
овсяная каша oat or cream of wheat чай tea
небольшой кусочек хлеба small piece of bread мед honey

2nd breakfast:

ломтик сыра cheese slice груша one pear or apple


куриный суп chicken soup, mushroom, pea or vegetable вареное мясо about 100 grams of the baked or boiled meat

Afternoon snack:

стакан молока glass of milk or kefir (low-fat)


морковная запеканка carrot baked pudding фруктовый салат fruit salad
орехи nuts сухофрукты dried fruits
чашка чая honey and cup of tea

Second dinner:

стакан простокваши glass of curdled milk or the fat-free kefir (before going to bed)

Winter diet for weight loss - RYBNAP

1st breakfast:

омлет two boiled eggs or omelet соленый помидор salty tomato
квашеная капуста cucumber or sauerkraut чай с молоком tea with milk and honey

2nd breakfast:

стакан кефира glass of the fat-free kefir or milk


овощной суп fish, vegetable, pea or chicken soup винегрет vegetable salad or vinaigrette
тешенная капуста stewed cabbage кусочек черного хлеба piece of black bread

Afternoon snack:

орехи nuts сухофрукты dried fruits
запеченные яблоки the baked apples


нежирная рыба the low-fat fish prepared on vegetable oil (boiled, fried, baked) отварной картофель boiled potatoes
чашка некрепкого чая cup of rather weak tea

Second dinner:

стакан нежирного кефира in one hour prior to dream to drink glass of low-fat kefir or milk

Winter diet of DLP of VEGETARIANS

1st breakfast:

две отварных картофелины one-two boiled potatoes or boiled egg манная каша semolina or porridge
кусочек черного хлеба piece of black bread зеленый чай green tea with honey

2nd breakfast:

груша pear яблоко apple or two fresh plums
ломтик сыра cheese slice


вегетарианский борщ vegetarian borsch or vegetable soup (pea, mushroom) тушеная капуста stewed cabbage with mushrooms and carrots
кусочек черного хлеба piece of black bread

Afternoon snack:

стакан обезжиренного кефира glass of the fat-free kefir or curdled milk


морковно-яблочный салат carrot and apple prunes salad and nuts or carrot baked pudding зеленый чай green tea with honey

Second dinner:

стакан молока glass of milk for hour to dream

Any of the chosen diets will be effective only if you make efforts and will not begin to abuse the products which are not included in the menu. Besides, try to use warm dishes (garnishes, hot salads, the baked vegetables) in winter time.

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