Agree, everyone with pleasure will choose the line of least resistance, it relieves of additional loading. This principle also extends to weight loss process as for loss of excess weight it is worth putting a lot of effort: to limit itself in food, to adhere to certain principles, and also to play sports that muscles have been tightened and skin has not drooped. Therefore at opportunity each girl aims to simplify the task and applies zhiroszhigatel.

The name of preparation speaks for itself. The principle of action of burners of fat consists in heat production increase. Thereof the metabolism becomes more active, appetite vanishes, water and excess fat are gradually removed from organism, and energy in body increases, spending it, the calories which are saved up for a long time which were negatively reflected in figure are burned.

Today about zhiroszhigatel speak literally continually: radio, television, all mass media "shouts" that these preparations are nearly panacea from excess weight though actually situation not so iridescent.

The matter is that efficiency of zhiroszhigatel depends on the components which are their part, they define action orientation. It will be either blocking of fat, or blocking of carbohydrates, or appetite suppression.

Zhiroszhigateli for women will yield the minimum result if to accept them without special physical complex and the sparing diet. To spend time at the computer, chewing cookies with nutlets and to receive visible result it will not turn out. If you lead slow-moving life, then zhiroszhigatel will not solve problem of excessively saved up fat.

It is worth paying attention to such moment: not all zhiroszhigatel for women bear the advantage though a little visible. There are also such preparations which very harmful affect on health of the person, especially it concerns those who have chronic diseases and any pathologies. Especially does not consult to accept zhiroszhigatel to hypertensive persons and diabetics, the mechanism of action of preparations is directed to the general temperature increase of body, it accelerates exchange processes and burns excess subcutaneous fat. Be vigilant!

The principle "the more, the more effectively" in this situation does not work, overdose by preparation not just at all deprives of it desire to eat, but also enters into condition of certain euphoria which threatens with accustoming and dependence over time. Accepting zhiroszhigatel, control yourself and strictly follow the instruction for application. It is obligatory to do breaks in reception!

Types of preparations

виды препаратов There are two groups of zhiroszhigatel: termogenik and lipotropik.

The first increase body temperature by 0,5-2 degrees then the organism demands additional calories for normal functioning. As a result of it they arrive from the collected fats which begin "to thaw" actively. Preparaty-termogeniki generally natural, they are made on the basis of natural plants and herbs. Thanking Termogenikam raises endurance.

Lipotropiki is not given, in turn, zhiroszhigatelny effect, their work is directed to blocking of synthesis of fat in liver, fatty tissues is split to fatty acids.

To increase productivity it is worth combining zhiroszhigatel. For example, to choose 2-3 preparations which are directed to different types of action and in complex yield the maximum result. The main thing is to support stable receipt of proteinaceous food in organism. Has to fall on 1 kg of weight 3 gr. pure protein, then muscle cells will not be exhausted.

To combine zhiroszhigatel for women without control of the doctor or the specialist extremely does not consult, not all components interact normally. There were cases when on imprudence people have doomed themselves to some disease.

Structure of preparations

состав препаратов Zhiroszhigateli generally contain such components as ephedrine, caffeine, guarana, L-carnitine in the structure and to ball. We learn in more detail about each component:

Ephedrine is not anabolic steroid, but substance which directionally on activation of metabolism (metabolism), has property of suppression of appetite. The best effect can be reached at reception of ephedrine with caffeine and aspirin.

Caffeine is the synthetic got component which is classical psychomotor stimulator. Its action is reduction of appetite and excitement of nervous system, but along with it the level of physical activity falls. Having accepted caffeine, the person is in sublime mood, sweating will amplify, heart fights more often. It is worth controlling amount of caffeine, it causes dependence both psychological, and physical, the nervous system is exhausted.

Bromelayn is extract from pineapple fruit which and is very actively applied long ago at production of zhiroszhigatel to women. This component is absolutely harmless. Its action directionally on acceleration of metabolism, by means of bromelayn proteins, it as the catalyst which helps to split food after its reception and relieves of the collected fat are better acquired. Among women bromelayn the most popular.

Guarana is zhiroszhigatel who made of natural caffeine. To be brought out of organism it is long, and it is well reflected in the power level of organism. The nervous system does not pass into the excited state, but is stimulated.

Such zhiroszhigatel for women as L-carnitine reduce cholesterol level in blood, and stimulate combustion of fats. Has received many positive comments from women of different age.

Contraindications to application and side effects

It has been told above what zhiroszhigatel should not be accepted to people with sore heart and to diabetics. Plus to all they cannot be accepted in the evening as it can lead to sleep disorder.

Upon purchase of preparation do not throw out the instruction for application, overdose or the wrong reception can lead to absolutely unexpected effects. If you have noticed that after reception of zhiroszhigatel hands have begun to shiver, then it is signal that the preparation not completely suits you.

After reception of preparation or the wrong configuration the allergy or desires to vomiting can develop. The person becomes irritable and exhausted, look unhealthy. In that case reception of the burner of fat should be stopped for some time or to refuse completely it it.

Several recommendations:

несколько рекомендаций

  1. Upon purchase of preparation do not save, choose only the checked producers.
  2. Surely arrange time in 2-4 weeks breaks not to cause dependence.
  3. Remember that termogenik are capable to increase body temperature.
  4. Thermogene preparations should be accepted before food, washing down with large amount of water that there was no organism dehydration.
  5. In parallel it is necessary to drink polyvitaminic complexes as the organism loses the mass of useful substances.
  6. If you feel drowsiness or sharp excitement, shiver on body or nausea, unwillingness to eat, then it is worth stopping at once reception of preparation and to see doctor.

For combustion of fat Lida "The magic lotus" and "Bomb" are considered as the most popular preparations. They are made of natural components and are almost harmless.

Using zhiroszhigatel, you will be able to stabilize the weight, to burn fats and to tighten figure. But you remember, the result will not be if you do not make additional efforts, namely sports activities and the balanced food.