How to get rid of excess liquid in organism

жидкость в организме
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The water delay in organism can be caused by the different reasons. It is worth noticing that women face such problem much more often than men.

The second (after ovulation) half of monthly cycle, hormonal shifts because of reception of contraceptives, insufficiently good work of kidneys, the excessive use of salt and can even lead too small amount of liquid coming to organism every day to undesirable effects. These reasons are the main, but not unique.

To define because of what there was problem, it is worth seeing doctor and, maybe, critically to estimate the way of life.

Water delay signs in organism are most often noticeable with the naked eye. It is worth paying attention to excessive swelling, hypostases (even weak) the person and all body, difference in appearance in the morning and in the evening. If since morning your person seems "mumpish", and by the evening it passes - you deal with the liquid "walking" on organism. Also the probability of delay of liquid in organism is if you by means of diets and sports exercises try to grow thin, and weight stands still, though would have to decrease. In this case missing kilograms reach by organism at the expense of water.

As to get rid of excess water in organism? One of options is rather radical: to go to drugstore and to buy the corresponding preparations. They help kidneys (which are responsible for liquid circulation) to cope with the work and at the same time start diuretic processes. But you should not use tablets too often, it can cause banal accustoming: your organism will forget to get rid of liquid independently.

If you want to use more natural and sparing method, first of all try to define the reasons of formation of excesses of water. For example, the similar phenomenon is side effect of the majority of hormonal contraceptives. Or, maybe, you test chronic dehydration. Presently the few drink the put amount of water in day. According to doctors, the minimum of consumption of liquid makes one and a half liters for women and two for men. However, this norm is not suitable for the people having diseases of kidneys. They should discuss separately drunk amount of liquid in day with the attending physician.

One more widespread option - dehydration because of active physical activities or visit of sauna. Such dehydration locally, that is lasts for several hours after the above-stated actions and forces organism to pass into the stressful mode and to accumulate water at its first receipt. Or perhaps you just lean on salty, preservatives and various spices?

Having defined the reason if it is possible, eliminate it so as far as your way of life allows. But anyway, it is removable or not, costs to you:

1. To review the diet. Salt detains water in organism therefore during active disposal of problem try not to salt food at all. Besides, you remember that salt contains in many products initially. In addition to water delay, the main component of salt - sodium - promotes removal from organism of potassium which is extremely necessary for our heart.

Water in organism can collect also because of consumption of any alcoholic beverages, sugar (in any kind) and preservatives which in the majority are rich with sodium. Conclusion: the food has to become healthier. It will bring notable benefit to all organism.

2. To add natural diuretics to food. Diuretic - substance which accelerates diuretic processes in organism including it means also the increased sweating. The most known natural diuretics - water-melon, celery, red, yellow and green paprika, green tea, nettle, fennel, buckwheat cereal, cucumber, beet. It is worth paying attention and to the products accelerating metabolism and introduction of toxins: carrots, Brussels sprout, tomatoes. The dried-up apple peel made by abrupt boiled water has excellent effect.

In a word, lean on vegetables. They do not contain salt and promote removal of excess liquid from organism, partly at the expense of the cellulose clearing it of slags.

3. Begin to accept one of qualitative vitamin complexes. One more possible reason of delay of liquid in organism - lack of vitamins and amino acids to which we so need. When in our cages nutrients reach a limit, can replace them bigger, than it is necessary, amount of water. Surely pay attention to potassium and vitamins of group B (their shortcoming especially strongly provokes accumulation of water in fabrics).

Besides, in the course of disposal of excess liquid the organism will "be washed out", so, in addition to slags also useful substances can be removed. Therefore reception of vitamins B this period is obligatory for those who do not want to have problems with health and appearance.

4. Drink more water. Remember that it is the best of all not to replace water with other drinks, like tea, compote, coffee or lemonade. Water is peculiar equivalent of all substances in organism: adding sugar to drink, you detain also liquid. For example, lemonades do not satisfy thirst at all, in them it is more sugar, than liquid which it "takes away". Try to pass to clear water and green tea.

Over time the organism will get used and will begin to recognize as the "real" drink only water, and then it will be easier for you to refuse other drinks. You remember: your urine always has to be transparent, it is sign of the sufficient use of liquid.

5. Visit the doctor. Not only harmless salt in organism, but also serious diseases like food allergy, gipoterioz (lowering of function of thyroid gland), imbalance of hormones, bad work of liver, kidneys or heart and even diabetes can appear the reason of your problem. To exclude extremes, visit the specialist and make necessary tests.

Finally it is necessary to notice, as the emotional state seriously influences liquid delay. Depressions, intensity and stress promote it. Therefore enjoy life, relax more often and you do not keep in yourself negative emotions.

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