Green coffee for weight loss

зеленый кофе
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Green coffee - product which enjoys wide popularity now. In spite of the fact that it exists long ago, its useful properties have been open several flyings ago. After it became known that it promotes weight loss, millions of people have wanted to try this wonderful product.

Green coffee is the dried-up, but not fried coffee berries.

In order that coffee brought only benefit, it is important to choose qualitative product and to learn to use it correctly. Specialists assure that the most useful are green coffee beans. Acquiring such goods, it is possible to be sure of its quality. Grains cannot be forged, and among ground coffee, and especially soluble, many fakes meet. Grain coffee has pronounced taste and aroma. It is not necessary to buy coffee of expensive grades, only the real judges can distinguish nuances of its taste, and it is enough to ordinary consumers to buy just qualitative coffee.

Advantage of green coffee

High content of antioxidants - in their green coffee remains much more, than in fried. Chlorogenic acid is the main substance which helps to grow thin. It is useful to prevention of heart diseases, diabetes (regulates sugar in blood).

Chlorogenic acid slows down enzyme which creates glucose (sugar) in liver.

Increases immunity - antioxidants of green coffee help with it, the body will get rid of toxins and free radicals.

It has been noticed that after use of extract of green coffee, the condition of skin improves, sometimes even spots disappear. Regulates sugar in blood - researches have proved that chlorogenic acid from green coffee helps to prevent diabetes and regulates sugar level in blood.

Reduces the content of cholesterol in blood - thanks to it, the probability of cardiovascular diseases decreases.

Raises power stock - the metabolism instantly improves. If you are physically active, energy will feed your cages, and process takes place combustion of subcutaneous fat much more effectively.

Improves mental working capacity - green coffee is useful to mental functions of the person. Concentration of attention will increase.

The instruction for reception of green coffee for weight loss

There are several possible schemes of reception of green coffee for weight loss.

- Green coffee can be taken as means for hunger suppression. For this purpose it is necessary to have at least rather harmonious daily routine allowing to have breakfast, dinner and supper daily at the same time. In intervals between meals as having a snack it is worth using green coffee every time at occurrence of feeling of hunger.

- Green coffee can be taken in 20-30 minutes prior to the main meal on 0.5 - 1 glass. It is read that it will reduce appetite and will allow to eat less than usual.

- Green coffee is used as the main drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is, perhaps, the easiest way from all.

Depending on that, from what producer you buy coffee, it is possible to find the most different recommendations concerning its application. The main thing, do not accept too large number of this drink, it will secure your health.

As it is correct to make green coffee

зелёный кофе для похудения

That drink from green coffee has helped to lose extra kilos, it needs to be made correctly.

That the result was notable, it is necessary to leave green coffee not fried. For zavarivaniye it is necessary to take 1,5-2 teaspoons on 100 ml of capacity (better than metal) and to fill in with water. Drink of such concentration will be moderately strong: green grains of coffee are not equivalent usual to us fried thoroughly as the fried thoroughly grains already almost do not contain natural oils and therefore is one many less in volume.

Cooking process is usually brought to emergence of characteristic skin, after that fire is switched off. If to hold on fire more long time that taste of drink became more saturated, then almost all useful substances are lost, and then there is no advantage left for weight loss. It is worth paying attention what sugar, milk and other ingredients is not recommended to be added to drink of green coffee.

Today the set of extracts of green coffee is widespread. Usually they are sold in bags for zavarivaniye of the indication of amount of water, necessary for one portion. It is necessary to show consideration for such product very much as it can be very doubtful origin.

When to drink coffee for weight loss

зелёный кофе для похудения It is possible to drink drink cup at any time, but it is obligatory to drink it before each main meal, and also every time when there is desire to have a bite. Even several drinks of coffee without sugar or with it, with cream or pure drink give feeling of saturation. The only thing that should be avoided is the use of coffee for weight loss right after food. It, influencing stomach, provokes departure of yet not digested food in intestines. It is undesirable both for growing thin, and for those who use coffee just for pleasure.

Nutritionists recommend not to exceed day dose in 6 coffee cups, but also to drink not less than three.

Naturally, these rules approach in that case, when there is no contraindications. To achieve result and coffee has begun to bring benefit, its small amount suffices. For weight loss the first 5-10 drinks, the rest - only for pleasure are effective.

Preparation of green coffee

зелёный кофе для похудения To keep useful properties of green coffee it is desirable to cook it in the French press as it not to allow drink to begin to boil. Green coffee can also be made in the Turk, the coffee maker, the coffee machine, to make it in geyser or it is elementary to make in cup. At the same time it is important to remember that green coffee should not begin to boil at all, otherwise it will lose all the specific properties.

It is the simplest to make green coffee in cup. To receive one cup of drink you need 2-3 teaspoons of ground coffee and boiled water. You fill coffee in the chosen capacity and you fill in with boiled water, then you allow drink to be drawn within 5-7 minutes. At desire before the use made thus by coffee it is possible to filter through gauze or strainer.

Recipes of green coffee

Green coffee with cinnamon

To accelerate metabolism, it is necessary to make drink according to the following scheme:

20 g of ground grains wash out boiled water, then shift in the Turk and add 250 ml of the filtered water, bring 3 times to boiling and leave to be drawn for hour. After drink is drawn, it needs to be filtered, added carefully ground cinnamon, juice of citrus (lime or pomelo) and to drink. 3 times a day are recommended to take such cocktail to begin to lose quicker weight.

The recipe of green coffee in the Turk with the candied ginger


  • fresh ground green coffee 2-3 tablespoons
  • 2 petals of the candied ginger
  • 150 ml of water

It is better to grind not fried coffee grains in the manual coffee grinder, so the grinding will turn out large, and coffee will give all useful properties, and taste and aroma will be nasyshchenny. Water it is recommended to use butylated, so in coffee there will be no smack of tap water.

☀ we Rub ginger on small grater and we add to ground coffee.

☀ we Warm up water in the Turk and we pour mix of coffee and ginger.

☀ After emergence of skin very much we watch closely preparation process. As soon as we see the first bubbles, we mark 3 minutes. If coffee is made longer than 3 minutes, it begins to lose useful properties. The first half-minute of boiling of coffee can "escape" therefore it is necessary to watch closely for tourist's which. preparation of green coffee with the candied ginger.

☀ In 3 minutes we switch off plate and we leave coffee for couple of minutes to be drawn. After that we filter drink through strainer or gauze.

Svezhesvarenny green coffee with ginger has not too appetizing color - greenish-gray - but taste, and especially aroma are noteworthy.

Contraindications and side effects

Coffee always remains to coffee, regardless of ways of its preparation. Therefore it is possible to expect typical "coffee" side effects from this means. Drink is transferred by most of people well, but in rare instances at its reception there is diarrhea.

At inflammation and ulcer damage of stomach emergence of belly-aches is possible, and hypertensive persons should be afraid of increase of figures of arterial pressure. Therefore all "risky" states are automatically transferred to the list of contraindications.

Besides, it is worth remembering that green coffee possesses the strengthened action in comparison with fried so pregnant and feeding is undesirable to accept it too.

Finally - some more kind words.

кофе для похудения If to compare green coffee to other similar Dietary supplements intended for weight loss, then it is possible to tell with confidence that coffee is much safer in respect of allergies, by-effects and other unpleasant moments. Its structure is well-known and studied, unlike numerous complex additives with half unknown ingredients and sometimes very doubtful dosages.

So if sometime you get up before the choice and you will think that to prefer - green coffee or some modern wonderful tea, without hesitation choose coffee: it is better!

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