Green tea for weight loss

зеленый чай для похудения
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Green tea always enters diet of people who watch over the health. This drink is very useful to organism.

Now it is proved that it prolongs life, protects from cancer, reduces risk of heart troubles and vessels. Besides, the regular use of green tea promotes preservation of slim figure. To people who suffer from excess weight it helps to grow thin.

The useful substances which are contained in green tea

What useful substances are contained by imperial drink?

caffeine which is available also in coffee, but in tea he acts more softly

zinc - prevents oncological diseases;

fluorine - contains in tea thick which inhabitants of pponiya brush teeth that to strengthen them;

vitamins of different groups: B1, B2, K, C, PP, and also copper, iodine, potassium which have the strengthening effect on vascular wall and have strong antibacterial effect.

As green tea in the course of weight loss works

Green tea promotes weight loss not only because increases metabolism speed. Are known as well others are useful properties of this drink, for example:

- green tea is soft diuretic, and, so promotes removal of excess liquid from organism. In spite of the fact that usually green tea is not drunk with milk addition, for the purpose of weight loss this gastronomic etiquette can and be broken: if to add to green tea a little fat-free (no more than 0,5%) milk, then the diuretic effect considerably will amplify and liquid will be removed more. Besides is quite good prevention against hypostases of legs;

- polyphenols which contain much in green tea promote strengthening of heat exchange in organism due to processing of the laid fats. Researches have shown that if to drink 3-6 cups of green tea a day, then the volume of the burned fats will increase approximately by 45%;

- one of useful properties of tea - ability to reduce sugar level in blood, so - to quash feeling of hunger that very promotes weight loss: there is enough for half an hour to food to drink cup of green tea that in we lie lunch to gorge on considerably the smaller volume of food, than usually.

Several rules that green tea helped to grow thin:

Tea should be drunk WITHOUT sugar, in general. Even without sakharozamenitel whose basis is made by aspartame it is known as very dangerous chemical preparation.

To impact to drink relish, it is possible to add piece of lemon, branch of melissa or mint, or a few dried berries to cup of green tea.

To strengthen effect, it is possible to add to tea not enough cinnamon or dry ginger. It will help to reduce diet caloric content.

If to use green tea cooled, your organism will spend additional energy to warm up drink. On average for increasing temperature of one cup of tea, the organism spends about 50 calories.

Drink green tea instead of the majority of drinks during the day. It tones up better than coffee, well satisfies thirst, does not contain calories, and, as a rule, on it there is no allergy. Refrain and from alcohol consumption, at the same time do not forget to drink water not less than a liter.

зеленый чай

In day use not less than 4 cups of tea, the majority - during light day.

Do not drink tea for the night because you can wake up in the pocket-eyed morning. If in the evening feeling of strong thirst, eat cucumber or apple better.

Do not buy cheap tea, it can be bad quality, and instead of weight loss, can only do much harm to your organism.

How to make green tea

To keep all useful properties of green tea, it is necessary to make it correctly. Main secrets of tea leaves only two:

  • water temperature
  • quality of water

Use for zavarivaniye of green tea only the purified water without the excessive content of calcium and chlorine. Otherwise your drink will lose aroma, taste and advantage for organism. Therefore it is the best of all to buy the water intended for baby food or to carefully purify tap water by means of filters.

Water temperature at zavarivaniye of green tea has to be not higher than 80 degrees. Otherwise catechins will be dissolved and will not bring any benefit. Therefore you will boil teapot of water and leave it to cool down for 3-5 minutes, depending on air temperature indoors and ware in which water will cool down.

Then fill in leaves of green tea in teapot or in cup with water at the rate of 2,5 g / 100 ml. Let's be drawn to tea until all leaves do not settle on bottom. As a rule, it occurs after three minutes. Spill tea and drink. In day for weight loss it is necessary to drink not less than 5-6 cups of green tea.

Recipes of preparation of green tea

Green tea with jasmine

Such additive will not help you to grow thin quicker and more effectively, but it will make drink more tasty. Most often the jasmine is not added to tea in addition as on sale there is ready option of this mix. If you like tea with jasmine, there are no obstacles drinking it against diet. Make it, as usual, but do not forget: any sugar!

Just green tea and cinnamon

Green tea with cinnamon for weight loss: fill in with boiled water teaspoon of powder of cinnamon and add 2/3 cups of green tea, filter the received mix and drink not Bol 2-3 cups a day.

Green tea with milk

Molokochayem it is possible to replace dinner for week - during this time you will dump 2-3 kg.

It is also quite admissible to arrange unloading on useful drink - its duration should not exceed 2 days. In 1 day about 1-1.5 kg leave (the truth, mostly is removed liquid, but not fatty tissue). It is impossible to eat during unloading anything - the diet consists of tea with milk (1 l) and waters.

Tea diet for 14 days

This diet is expected 14 days and allows to dump 5-6 kg.

For day it is necessary to drink 1,5 l of green tea (on 1 glass in 1 hour after meal or in 30 minutes prior to it).

Salt, sugar, alcohol, greasy food - all this is excluded from diet. It is possible to use honey, but only its small amount. At the heart of diet there are complex carbohydrates (vegetables and fruit, except for potatoes and bananas). At diet there has to be protein.

Approximate menu:

After awakening: green tea

Breakfast: rye toast or galetny cookies

In 1 hour: tea

Second breakfast: egg (boiled or in the form of omelet), toast

In 1 hour: tea

Lunch: soup or ragout from vegetables, boiled meat - 150 g

In 1 hour: tea

Afternoon snack: juice (natural), fruit

In 1 hour: tea

Dinner: 2-3 tbsps of the porridge cooked on water, 150 g of chicken breast

In 1 hour: tea

Contraindications to the use of green tea

It is considered that green tea is contraindicated and can do to health harm in the following cases:

at tachycardia, hypererethism, sleeplessness;

the izbytochny amount of drink in case of hypotonia can reduce even more pressure, cause unconscious state;

the zloupotrebleniye green tea or full replacement of water to them can do harm, cause pathological changes in liver and kidneys because of poisoning with polyphenolic connections which representative are catechins;

protivopokazan in strong look at stomach ulcer of stomach and duodenum, the increased acidity of gastric juice. Slabozavarenny tea thanks to the tannins which are its part has antiseptic effect that promotes healing of ulcers. Excessively strong tea causes intensive release of gastric juice, increases acidity;

the neena should accept strong tea in case of atherosclerosis or hypertension;

beremenny tea of green grades can do certain harm as the qualitative product considerably increases indicators of arterial pressure, muscular tone, heart rate that is undesirable in this state;

chtoba the sleep of the child was not interrupted, the feeding mother should not drink tea of green version for the night.

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