Health and symmetry at the same time

здоровье и стройность одновременно

You should not hide that the most part of fine half of mankind is in power of fashionable trends and constantly changing tendencies. The new "Cosmopolitan" and "Burda" narrating to us about how it abruptly – to be successful, stylish, well-groomed drop off.

We see on glossy pages of girls in awfully nice dresses from the famous designers. The different images having one general detail – the girl practically always the thin person. And how differently? Unless on the uneven, hanging-down sides such graceful dress from Marc Jacobs will look? So it has developed that in today's world the woman having certain ambitions and aware what she actually wants needs to trim the sails to the wind. Also it is necessary to correspond.

If you have defined yourself as the lady with ambitions and desire to be on the ball, then that there would not speak about inner world, its beauty and exclusiveness, form OBPZANA to correspond. And phrases on similarity: "Everything suits me in the appearance!" or "I am loved such what I am!", sounding from the morzhepodobny lady sound unconvincingly, the truth. It is necessary to love himself. But to justify thus the weaknesses – it is silly.

Well, and now keep to the point. Aiming to bring the body to desirable result, I first of all, as well as many others before and after me, have got into Google. Perhaps, that variety of different articles, councils, discussions at the forums devoted to this problem forces to rise with the running eyes because of the computer. Panacea behind panacea. 5 kg in 3 days. Week on empty buckwheat. Or it is better than that – weight loss on preparations. You do nothing, you eat pies and you throw off hated kilograms.

Only you how the sane person, nevertheless think - whether it is possible without harm for health to make such things over the organism? It seems to me that for this purpose even admonitions of the doctor are not required. My organism, for example, even at thought of such inquisition shudders. Whereas to learn that is efficient for loss of weight and what is not present?

Stop inventing wheel again and again. The stout person – first of all the unhealthy person. It is necessary to understand it accurately. Having extra kilos, we have changes of hormonal background, problem with metabolism, cardiovascular system. In order that process of weight loss was started, it is necessary to change usual lifestyle which "has brought to life such", to change the habits and to impart to itself new. What? Please.

1. Drink more water (1,5-2l in days).

This obligatory rule even if you are not going to grow thin. Unconditionally the fact that water splits fats – the myth. But it is necessary for normal metabolism and clarification of digestive tract. And without normal O.V. not to see symmetry. Besides very often we confuse feeling of hunger to thirst, and then the glass of water will rescue you from portion absolutely unnecessary you.

2. Eat not less than 5 times a day, small portions.

Why it is necessary to eat a little, but it is frequent? "Unless is not more efficient to miss couple of meals? Kilograms in a trice will fly!" Forget. Will not fly. And here problems with stomach long will not keep waiting.

Everything is simple. The more often we eat, the less there is feeling of hunger, and gastric juice washes walls of empty stomach (and "hi, ulcer!"). Competently distributed, small portions will not add excess fat. Half-starved day and evening feast – yes.

3. Eat from small ware.

Scientists have very long time ago proved that it is possible to be saturated even if is from small plates. The main thing that they were filled. It will also cause in us sense of fulness. Be sure that the saucer filled to the brim with food will cause in our brain more delight, than the big, but half filled plate. In the latter case we most likely will run behind additive.

4. Do not eat in 3 hours prior to dream

Notice, the rule sounds not as "Do not eat after 18:00". Why, in other words, it is impossible to eat food before going to bed? The dream is time of rest, all processes in organism are slowed down, including digestion.

And in dream growth hormone, necessary, including, for normal splitting of fats is produced. And now provide that you have gone to bed with full stomach. The food does not manage to be digested, our body needs to spend additional energy for processing of late food. The above-stated hormone ceases to be produced how we will wake up. We have indisposition, discomfort in stomach and "the fat which has not burned down in night" in the morning.

5. You sleep enough.

It is proved that women who sleep a little – grow stout quicker. Yes it and no wonder. In dream the organism is recovered, cages that next day our body could work as the harmonious mechanism are updated. It is desirable not to pass so-called "dream of beauty", it lasts till 00:00. It is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours, however for everyone there is the norm which can quite be calculated. Later how many hours of dream you feel vigorously? It is time to find out it.

6. Move

Value motive activity is very big at loss of weight. It does not mean that it is necessary to exhaust for hours itself in the gym. Just try to go more, do morning exercises, give at least 20 minutes a day to simple physical exercises. Your muscles should not stagnate idle, becoming covered by new layers of flabbiness. Besides it is for certain known that even after sports of calorie continue to be burned (including in dream), occasionally even in large numbers, than for training.

7. Eat properly.

If you really want to be beautiful and healthy (and these concepts are connected with each other continuous), then it will be necessary to study and acquire rules of balanced diet which exist long ago and which advantage nobody will dare to dispute. Here I will provide fundamental laws of healthy nutrition:

1) The food has to be freshen.

2) The food has to contain artificial dyes, preservatives, additives on minimum.

3) Every portion (as we remember, their not less than 5) contains 300-400kkat no more.

4) There are more vegetables and fruit which contain cellulose, irreplaceable for organism.

5) To lower consumption of sweet and greasy food. It is desirable to use it till lunch.

6) In 20 minutes prior to food to drink glass of clear water that will improve digestion.

7) It is impossible to lose any products completely. In everything the moderation is necessary.

8) Not to forget about fermented milk products, such as kefir, cottage cheese.

Remember! It is necessary to grow thin gradually and reasonably. Only this way the lost kilograms not to return, and health will become stronger. And you will be able to be improved further while the developed habits will help your body to be left harmonous without constant efforts, swallowing of doubtful tablets and sitting on wearisome diets.