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There is such set of diets and the principles of healthy food: both separate, and vegetarian, and rawism, and other and other that occasionally it is difficult for person, unsophisticated, but not indifferent to health, to understand this flow of very inconsistent information. And here he begins to rush – often under the influence of fashion – from one diet to another, than does essential harm to the health. Because our organism is conservative enough (if it is so possible to be expressed), and does not love experiments with itself.

This article is attempt to smooth contradictions by development of the general principles of food, so to speak, - systems healthy food where various diets do not exclude each other, and are rather different stages on our way to health. There cannot be "ideal diets" for everyone: for thick and thin, for people with the increased acidity of stomach and lowered, for example, etc.

The opinion of the author is based on more than 15 years' experience in gastronomy (I am the qualified cook) and accords with the principles not only the western, but also east medicine, such as macrobiotic zen and Ayurveda.

So, the majority of diets "are too materialistic", so to speak – they occupy people with calculation of calories, ratio of the proteins coming to organism, fats and carbohydrates, and further in this spirit, forgetting about the MAIN PRINCIPLE PITANIP – we have to eat consciously. That is – when we eat, we have to eat only. Food has to turn into religious rite – in solemn process of filling of our nature vital energy. Our ancestors perfectly knew about this principle – they prayed before food, thanking the Lord for the granted bread, or as Hindus, suggested to taste at first the cooked food to the deity. Essence not important – and the fact that they believed that they thereby fill food with energy of the God is important.

p I do not urge now atheists to believe and run to join any religious faith immediately. Let's instead try to separate grains from ryegrass. According to the Chinese doctrine about Qi (simply – vital energy): "follows attention tsi, for tsi there is health". That is – if we were going to eat, let's switch off at first the TV, we will postpone the book, and we will concentrate instead on smells and flavoring feelings. We now do not hurry anywhere. We enjoy … Believe that the cake eaten consciously will go to us for the good, and it swallowed in a hurry – most likely – will be laid by fat folds on stomach and hips. p I suggest to proekperimentirovat and to learn this simple truth by own experience if you have not enough experience of other people. And after meal let's not leave our poor stomach alone with what we in it "have stuffed". Let's help it to digest this food, let's feel how literally "in the eyes" it turns into the pleasant heat spreading on our body …

здоровое питание Behind the basic principle of healthy food – it is necessary to eat consciously the second – NOT to OVEREAT! If you remained are attentive to the feelings in the course of food, then you will also hardly eat more, than you have enough. You will be prevented for certain by feeling of unpleasant weight in stomach. Someone claims that the quantity of eaten has to find room in handful – no more! Very much can be, but it is too mechanistic approach. It is much easier to follow the feelings.

And now we pass to the most difficult (for some) – the third principle of healthy food – to try to eat what you have prepared. Or what was prepared by the people loving you. We simply continue to follow postulate that "the attention is followed by Qi", and even at the most expensive restaurants, the most qualified cooks are so loaded that they even at desire CAN not pay enough attention to separate dish. As my mentor spoke (now he is chef in SkyArtCafe in Pinchukarttsentre in Kiev): "you will cost something then as the cook when you prepare at the same time 3-4 dishes, and quickly".

So it at cooks, believe, and occurs. And at the best. And how many is different cooks and "stryapun" which consciously fill food with any negative. Not to mention the licked, and then put fingers in your sauce, for example. Them, believe, is enough in the most decent at first sight institutions. And I responsibly declare – the food cooked for sale – is harmful. By definition. And "energetically", and besides - it is not always fresh, though looks appetizingly (we are able to decorate).

Therefore – mine to you council: if you go to public catering – go to the familiar cook who, you know, it is conscientious and clean. And if there are no such – that go to those institutions where prepare at you in the eyes. Here – with it so far all.

And now we will talk about some diets. I am personally imposed by separate healthy food. Theoretically I completely agree with it, but it is often contradicted by our habits. Therefore allow to offer the following principle – IN ONE STEP FOOD eat ONE DISH. But not: "the first, second, third and compote". Then, really, in stomach such "porridge" is formed that it, poor, does not know from what part for it to be taken.

здоровое питание Very much I am imposed also by vegetarianism, but not so much because I consider meat products a priori harmful (in my opinion, we, to northerners, unlike the Hindus, for example, living in tropics after all need also meat food) but because meat available to us is grown up on any bioadditives and hormones, and hardly it will bring us benefit. And therefore it is worth paying attention to meat substitutes: on fish (especially oceanic), on bean, on cheeses, tofu and seytan (vegetable protein). How to prepare these products in house conditions I will tell in the following articles.

Well, so far all. If you begin to adhere at least to these several simple principles of healthy food, you will quickly feel improvement of your general state.

So, bon appetit and good luck!