Healthy diet after the delivery

здоровая диета после родов
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Pronouncing this scary word "diet", we before ourselves represent the thin and painful girl with very regrettable look chewing apple and from time to time rising on electronic scales to measure the weight.

About different diets good speak very little as right after you stop following this or that diet, we are trapped by danger to gain the weight twice bigger, to break the metabolism (the correct metabolism) and to get at all this stomach ulcer.

The huge number of people is advised to prefer to diet numerous campaigns in fitness club and itself to limit a little in food. And, nevertheless, in spite of the fact that all know diet effects, huge number of women and girls at least once in the life go on certain diet, get electronic scales and begin to control the weight on constant basis.

Under general influence also I have gone on diet about what now and I want to tell you.

After the delivery my weight was eight kilograms more, than before direct approach of pregnancy. All assured me that through certain time I will grow thin, and I completely agreed with all. But, extra kilos even were not diminished over time. And here, somehow time (at that moment I did not nurse the child any more), having once again risen on electronic scales, and then having looked at itself in mirror, I for myself have solved: "All enough! p I go on diet!". It should be noted at the same time that I with huge pleasure would go to the gym, but we in the city did not have it. p tried to go to classes from time to time of dances, but when my daughter was ten months old, I had to come to work, and for occupations no forces remained dances, just. Here then I also have decided to hunger slightly.

But has "a little" poured out even in the whole three months. But though at the same time, I cannot tell that all these long three months I exactly starved and practically ate nothing.

My process of weight loss has begun with the fact that I to myself have promised not to use some sweet, and not to eat some bread after six in the evening. It should be noted that not to use sweet and bread it has appeared within my powers, even to such lover of sweet as I. And here it was allowed not to eat food after six o'clock in the evening to me much heavier. But here the most important is to find forces not to eat food in the evening in the first few days, then you simply get used, and there is no wish to eat in the evenings already at all. By the way, this rather useful habit still remained with me.

But occasionally, I nevertheless did myself certain eases when to us our acquaintances and friends came on a visit, I dared to sit with them at table and after six in the evening, to eat, but besides abstaining at the same time from sweet and bread.

From time to time, rising on electronic scales, I noticed that I have lost in the weight of one kilogram. And in effect, I have grown thin for six kilograms.

Ever since, there have already passed three months. All frightened me by circle that I should only ceasing to adhere to diet as I will grow fat twice more, but quite recently, having again risen on electronic scales, I have found out that my weight same, as well as was after weight loss, and I have not gathered any extra kilo. Now I eat everything, periodically I eat bread and sometimes I indulge myself something sweet, but there is a wish to eat now much less, than prior to following of diet.

p I think that in it, and also that I still do not eat food after six in the evening, and secret of the fact that I did not begin to grow fat again.

Good luck are also fine!

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