Health of able-bodied population

здоровье населения
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Preservation and promotion of health of the person, the prevention and elimination of diseases, increase in life expectancy, increase of working capacity and extension of comprehensive active life - the major not only medical, but also social, and also economic tasks. Health of the people - part of national wealth, component of productive forces of society. Improvement of health of the population - one of the most important conditions of progress in the field of economy, science and culture.

The human health is provided with the free qualified medical care, continuous improvement of safety measures and production sanitation. Measures of the prevention and decrease in incidence, providing long active life of citizens are developed and implemented.

In recent years great success in improvement of state of health of the population is achieved: child and maternal mortality continues to decrease, incidence practically on all groups of infectious diseases has decreased, incidence with temporary disability therefore labor losses are reduced by hundreds of millions rubles is reduced. For the last years, despite some increase in prevalence of chronic diseases connected with growth of share of persons of advanced ages reduction of primary disability is noted.

Health of the population depends on various factors among which essential role is played by character of work of the person and condition in which it proceeds. Scientific and technical progress, eliminating partially or completely these or those adverse factors in conditions and nature of work, at the same time are put forward by new circle of problems for which solution in there are all necessary premises.

Scientific and technical progress has exerted and continues to exert impact on all parties of life activity of the person: its mental and physical health, professional qualities, character and types of work, communication form, interrelation with environment, life rhythm, life. The central links in high-quality transformation of characteristics of work are mechanization and automation. But along with the benefits which are born with itself by scientific and technical progress it at the same time exerts some negative impact on the person: promotes the hypodynamia, psychoemotional overloads connected with the increasing information, production automation.

It is necessary to recognize that development of the basic material elements creating working conditions was carried out without sufficient accounting of social hygienic requirements until recently. As a result of it in a number of the productions which are characterized by the raised neuroemotional loadings, monotony and low-mobility, the advanced technical forms of work have caused adverse effects for health of part of working. All this insistently puts forward problem of preservation of health of the person. At the same time, certainly, the social measures of organizational character directed to that activity of the person did not lead to violations of its health are put in the forefront.

Consecutive transition to mass application of the effective technology processes providing complex automation and mechanization of production will promote improvement of working conditions, opens ample opportunities for high-performance and creative work.

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