Fitness classes at advanced age

фитнес в пожилом возрасте

All know that at advanced age of the person is pursued by the different diseases connected with many reasons in organism which main initiator is aging of organism and processes accompanying it. Often, the person turns out in private with the illness or, what is even worse, is exposed to unqualified medical care. Everyone, probably, would like to remove occurrence of this age as it is possible further or in general to avoid it. However most of people do not know that for this purpose needs to be done. Other people realize health causes of infringement when the illness has already struck them and begins to progress.

Fortunately, such way of fight against age changes as fitness exists. Fitness allows not only to prolong youth, but also to struggle with already available illnesses and deviations. Only thanks to fitness of people it is capable to prolong phase of active longevity and to ensure safe old age. Fitness is useful even to those elderly people who were not engaged during life in any physical activity. It is possible even to tell that fitness more useful appears at advanced age, than in young years of life. However many negative effects aged when signs of the wrong living position begin to be shown, could be avoided if the person from early age was engaged in physically useful exercises.

It is impossible to tell authentically that negative effects of passive way of life are shown only at advanced age. Actually exist so-called threshold age in each age category. The first threshold age begins not so late as it can seem, it is possible even to tell, very much early. So, there passes the puberty period, and the person enters adulthood and receives set of surprises by nature. For women aged from 20 years processes of metabolism begin to reduce the speed, though not really quickly, but nevertheless they occur. For men this age – 25 years. For both floors fall of the contents of percentage ratio of muscle bulk in relation to body lump is noted. Reduction of production of the main sex hormone – testosterone is also characteristic of men at this age.

It is possible to tell that the old age begins at this age. Besides, this age can be considered as the last period of time when it is possible to begin to care for himself for the purpose of preservation of that stock of vital strength which are given the person by nature. So, in process of continuation of nothing inactivity the human body is exposed more and more to the natural course of processes which were prepared for it by the nature. Since age of 40 years, in human body there are irreversible effects which overtake the person like wave and develop on the chain mechanism of reaction. This age is noted by many processes of diseases of different bodies and systems of organism. Thus, one may say, that the nature starts the mechanism of disposal of the person on this age.

Not only that the person leads passive life, so it aggravates all this with both addictions and improper feeding. The essential change during vital process comes by 50 years. At this age occur at many people of accident who are, as a rule, designated by completion of life cycle in the next several years. Even if the person continues the course of life, with large number of different incurable diseases. However active lifestyle and healthy nutrition gives start in life and the painless future. The before people realizes it, the it will get more chances of full implementation of the course of life put by the nature. By scientists it is established that human life potential at the correct approach reaches at most of people till 120 - 130!

Is what to think of, more expensively the person has life nothing. And that mechanism which provides its support is fitness. There are examples from life of the fact that the people who have reached 90-year boundary are engaged in fitness and have at the same time no serious diseases. Fitness is so universal that its methods will suit one and all people irrespective of age, sex, nationality and other individual qualities. To begin it being possible to be engaged in fitness even already at advanced age and to have at the same time essential result. Examples of how, having begun to be engaged in power exercises, many women having age osteoporosis have gained effect of recovery are known to all – have strengthened bone tissue. фитнес в пожилом возрасте

And it is not necessary to speak about those elderly people who have obesity and diseases accompanying it and because, having begun to be engaged in fitness, they received positive results literally instantly.

For example, at activation of muscle bulk there is most part of excess liquid accumulating at obesity, and together with it arterial pressure goes down, the headache disappears and the feeling of ease appears. These examples only small percent in the sea of those positive effects which fitness gives to the elderly person.

Physical exercises promote the solution of the problems connected with such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal device, atherosclerosis and everything that is connected with it also many others. The only limiting condition at fitness classes are restrictions on loadings and individual approach in trainings.