The mechanism of impact of the slowed-down breath on health of the person

задержка дыхания

- What mechanism of impact of the slowed-down breath on health of the person? - I ask professor.

- I will tell about method of the Altai doctor V. K. Durymanov. He suggests patients with bronchial asthma to take in a row several continuous and slowed-down breaths through nose, and then after short pause - as much the extended exhalations through mouth. Thus, all respiratory cycle becomes bench-formed and it is extremely long, is longer, than usually. There are also other similar offers developed by number of specialists. At asthma, for example, slowed down, dragged out breath is extremely important. At the patient with asthma activity of the respiratory centers is often broken, they send to easy chaotic impulses, forcing bronchial tubes to contract spasmodic that, naturally, causes painful attacks of asthma. Even several rhythmical cycles "breath-exhalation" can be enough for streamlining of work of the respiratory centers and removal of attack. The respiratory gymnastics at treatment of asthma is used by many specialists and medical institutions. In all options doctors select the exercises stretching respiratory cycle, removing stress. As these exercises influence the central nervous system, their efficiency, has to notice, in certain measure depends on the identity of the doctor, on his ability to influence the patient.

Remember the statements of Buteyko which have made a noise in due time which was undoubtedly right, giving to the patients the stretched respiratory cycle. But only accumulation of carbon dioxide to which it gave really global character, here at anything. The measured impulses sent from respiratory muscles to the relevant centers of brain set it quiet, uniform rhythm of work and by that extinguished the excitement centers. The spasmodic phenomena in bronchial tubes were eliminated.

- As after all it is necessary to breathe to calm down? - I have asked professor. - Ilf and Petrov spoke in due time: "Breathe more deeply - you are excited!", council of great satirists from the point of view of modern physiology is how reasonable?

- It would be more correct to tell: "Breathe slowly!" Because it is de-energized at the stretched cycle "breath-exhalation". Breath depth does not play special role here. But as our ideas of deep breath are usually connected with process of quite long filling of lungs, at deep breath, Ilf and Petrov's council sounds quite convincingly also today.

- It would be desirable to hear, professor, your opinion on breath delays. Occasionally attribute them miracle properties: full treatment from many diseases, artificial management of work of internals.

- Any delay of breath (apnoea) can be connected with gymnastics of yogis. It is necessary to tell that along with different mystical constructions about self-knowledge yogis have developed many practical methods of improvement of body, and in particular breath trainings. Quite reasonably they considered that life expectancy and preservation of health considerably depends on correctness of breath. One of the most important elements of respiratory gymnastics of yogis - any apnoea. But it is interesting that practically all ancient and new systems of improving exercises anyway included exercises in breath delay. In the empirical way people came to understanding of advantage of it. Already there are scientifically confirmed data on the mechanism of influence of apnoea on our organism.

As the component of the cycle "breath-exhalation", apnoea participates in breath delay that is very important for our nervous system. One of the exercises recommended for extension of respiratory cycle consists of three phases; breath nose, exhalation nose and apnoea. These phases can proceed respectively 2, 3 and 10 seconds. This exercise is done sitting or lying, at the maximum relaxation of muscles of body. Expressed, but easily transferable feeling of shortage of air - the certificate of correctly picked up breath frequency.

- It is known, - I say, - that regular trainings in the slowed-down breath are good means of increase of force of the mechanisms protecting brain from shortage of oxygen. The delay or delay of breath in each cycle of exercise leads to decrease in content of oxygen and increase of content of carbon dioxide in blood that reflex includes expansion of vessels and increase in blood-groove. Consider that such gymnastics of vessels promises permanent lowering of arterial pressure.

- Yes, such point of view has found experimental confirmation. However we will return to breath delays, - my interlocutor continues. - The healthy man of average years can hold randomly the breath for 40-60 seconds. Training increases delay duration. Occasionally it reaches enough high figures - about five minutes at divers — professional seekers of pearls. However, they use some special receptions, in particular before immersion carry out any hyperventilation to water - sharply speeded up breath leading to fast washing away of carbon dioxide from organism. In usual conditions hyperventilation leads to narrowing of vessels of brain, to dizziness and headache. But carbon dioxide — one of the factors reflex stopping any apnoea.

Therefore thanks to hyperventilation divers distanced the moment of the termination of apnoea. However, it is not recommended to abuse trainings in hyperventilation and any delay of breath as it can lead to undesirable effects - loss of consciousness.

To divers, just as swimmers, stayers, skiers, owing to specifics of the activity it is necessary to exercise constantly respiratory system. Perhaps, therefore they have very high rates of vital capacity of lungs; within 6, 7 and even 8 liters. Whereas normal the vital capacity of lungs (VCL) fluctuates from 3,5 to 4,5 liters.

Each man can calculate the approximate norm, having increased growth in centimeters by coefficient 25. Certain fluctuations, of course, are admissible. High rates of ZhEL in serious measure characterize the level of health of the person. The Helsinki professor M. Karvonen wrote that average life expectancy of the Finnish skiers - 73 years, it is 7 flyings more than average figures of life expectancy of men in Finland. Very high rates of ZhEL at professional singers and trumpeters. It is not surprising as the volume of normal exhalation of 500 cubic centimeters, and when singing - 3 thousand and more. So singing in itself is good respiratory gymnastics. It is possible to tell that singing not only enriches the person spiritually, not only serves as fine emotional discharge, but also is noticeable improving factor, positively affecting condition of respiratory system of the person.