The captivated world in calories

зачарованный мир в калориях
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To grow thin or the belt, here modern dilemma can weaken.

On the one hand, we consume food more and more, from another - we read out calories and kilograms. Every fifth of us at least once in month begins diet, and on average every third looks for the food designated as low-calorie in shops. Products promise ideal forms without prejudice to themselves. You will give yourselves to persuade?

Calorie on the horizon: friend's purpose!

Your world rotates around calories and centimeters too? It is even more often obsessed dishes are calculated. What is vital for many, is, first of all, their power value. The way of thinking based on the principle: "has not crossed admissible limit of calories so I on the right track" can lead to effects, dangerous to organism. Especially, when we forget how many we eat.

Is or is not.

"Grow thin without efforts!", "Eat that want!" - first, looks familiarly. And secondly? Invitingly. Similar names appear regularly in the press or advertizing of goods, promising the stated above results. Many of us would like to know secret of faultless figure. Not just dietary rules, it is, as a rule, not so attractive. It is about that it was not necessary to throw anything. Especially producers call for consumption by packaging, shouting "novelty", "action" is "better", "more". And how it is possible to live on water and bread here?

Anthropologists note that the modern person occupies difficult situation: on the one hand, demand from us slender body, with another - call for acquisition and consumption of products in the most large number. Whether to apply diet and what to choose? Better both that, and another.

Weight loss begins!

The decision to get rid of extra kilos as researches testify, happens often. From us begin with more than one heel diet of times in several weeks, at least, once a month. We know different ways to get rid of undesirable calories. Post and restrictions in our diet? Not necessarily. It is possible to find many low-calorie ingredients of favourite delicacy in shops: from sweets to dairy products or bread.

"Nearly 4 of 10 people look for in supermarkets the fat-free food, with the low content of sugar, with the limited number of calories", - inform statistics. What moves us? First of all, environment pressure. Researches show that more than a half of women are under pressure from outside. Ladies feel that they have to be more slender to meet approval. Try to throw both, but not always they have enough forces, give in to temptation. What then?

The food which serves for satisfaction of one of the most fundamental physiological requirements even more often causes sense of guilt. Not only psychologists, but also nutritionists even more often pay attention to this question. Today the food not only satisfies hunger, but often carries out also the satisfactions function. What emotions with food have the general?

The food in many cases calms and weakens. Why does that happen? Psychologists explain that the feeling of pleasure in the course of consumption of food can have the sources in the early childhood when feeding has been connected with the calming proximity of mother. Then presence of the loving person was key that the world became less terrible. What was remembered from this? What the food weakens.

As replacement of calories.

Researches show that we love sweets, and, despite provisions and oaths, most give in from 2 to 3 people including those who on diet, at least, weekly entice on sweet. Products with the lowered calorie content can appear rescue. Whether really it is good idea?

"Easy" products have to contain, at least, 30% less calories, than that traditional. The secret of lollipops without sugar is, as a rule, sweeteners, including is most popular, is 200 times more sweet than some white sugar - aspartame. Its use causes many disputes, and sweetener has probably the same number of supporters, as enemies. In the 90th years has been published even work, showing that it can influence development of tumors of brain in the person. These results have not been scientifically proved. The last researches show that the use of products as a part of which it is can increase our appetite considerably. "Saving on calories, we feel how we want to eat even more", - scientists claim. It is so much candies without sugar and what with fat?

Nutritionists usually recommend to limit its quantity in the menu. Dairy products, fast meat, it is the good choice, and in it there is nothing amazing. Products very often have bigger amount of sugar in structure. You choose the homogenized curd cakes without fat or Easy mayonnaise? Compare their structure in traditional analogs. In many cases will have not only more carbohydrates, but also chemical additives. Thus, they it is not always better or more useful to health, than their integral selection.

p would like, but I have no time.

Often we think of diet, calories and the principles of healthy food. If to transfer it to our behavior in everyday life? "On average 7 of 10 people declare that it is the truth that would like to improve state of health, but the majority quickly adds that are too busy", - give the latest statistical data. What in the absence of time prevents us to eat?

"We do not know what of available products are really useful and what only seem", - it is said in research. Would like more than a half of us that on packaging information on vitamins and minerals has been presented in more transparent form.

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