Yoga for weight loss

йога для похудения
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Whether the yoga can make you more harmonous?

What it is it "yoga" and why it has to help to get rid of excess weight?

Questions are rather interesting. Yoga, it not the set of exercises allowing to get rid in short terms of excess kilograms.

Yoga - one of the most ancient doctrines of our world. At excavation of ancient culture of Mokheandzho-Daro, pictures with the yogas drawn on them have been found in characteristic poses. And this civilization existed about four and a half thousand years ago. The yoga belongs to one of the Indian philosophical schools which have appeared in millennia B.C. The ancient Indian wise man Patandzhali has allocated yoga as the independent doctrine. Its doctrine recognized as classical defines yoga as method and learning tool of the world.

Patandzhali divides the doctrine into eight groups:

1. the niyama – defines way of life
2. the hole - regulates relationship with the nature and people
3. dkhyana – ordering of flow of creation, meditation
4. pranayama – the exercises connected with energy set through breath
5. dkharana - concentration of thought
6. pratkhara – control over perception flow, mental recovery
7. samadkh – the ecstatic, changed consciousness
8. asana – different provisions of body, rack and pose

йога для похудения

The system is aimed at the development of the ethical, mental, physical sphere of human life and leads to receiving ideal health. Recently more and more techniques of this system, began to be published in magazines, the Internet, with the description of how the yoga influences mental condition, figure and health of the person in general.

It is considered that the yoga can practice at any age and at any state of health. It's not true. Before starting occupations, see behind consultation the doctor. If your purpose – the yogi for weight loss, try to collect as much as possible materials on this subject.

It is better to practice yoga under the leadership of the experienced mentor. Visit training as the viewer to estimate training of the trainer. Today any diploma can be bought, then, as the real teacher all life tries to understand and improve the equipment of this doctrine. Remember that the yoga is contraindicated at sharp diseases, to the persons having radiculitis, blood diseases. At diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, pneumonia and kardiopatiya it is also best of all to refrain from occupations.

There is mass of the centers of yoga, they are represented by different schools. To begin to practice yoga, it is necessary to find such center to register in occupation and to go to it in time suitable for you. Most often advise to attend classes at least two weekly, otherwise the effect will be almost imperceptible.

To understand in what state you are, some time will be required. This time can be absolutely short, and maybe very long. Everything depends on that in what sincere, physical, mental condition you have decided to address yoga. Depends on these factors as the person will apprehend loading: easily or not really. Being guided by the feelings, it will be possible to increase the frequency of occupations. Though the first months nevertheless two times a week are better to be engaged. You only begin to comprehend yoga.

If nearby any center not, it has appeared, it will be slightly more difficult. Since to be engaged to turn out only on those materials which are in free access: books, Internet, periodicals. At the same time there is danger that you will not understand any principles or asanas. When you are engaged in group, there is the general field of the people integrated by one purpose, the general spirit for this reason group occupations are more effective and easier acquired.

Proceeding from these reasons, it is considered what to begin to practice yoga better in group.

On the expiration of some term, basic complexes of the doctrine will be studied, the system of occupations will clear up, it will be necessary to practice yoga and out of group. Then time to adapt yoga to the conditions of life, and life under yoga will come.

йога для похудения Carrying out, exercises of yoga for weight loss, you remember several rules:

- exercises are carried out on rug, mat or blanket
- the room for exercises has to be aired
- exercises are carried out next the heart
- at the beginning 15 minutes should not exceed duration of exercises
- at exercises you breathe only nose
- combine exercises with deep rhythmical breath
- after monthly exercises are done only on relaxation
- at pregnancy only easy exercises are done

Asanas of yoga are urged to bring body of the person to state when forces of the organism begin to carry out the functions.

So, we will pass from the theory to practice.

exercises of yoga for weight loss

Time for occupations by yoga is not regulated. You can carry out exercises at any time convenient for you. Opportunity to concentrate will become the main requirement during occupations. Consider that carrying out asanas in the morning, at the end of training you will have to spend 15 minutes to relax, and in the evening after classes it is necessary to go to bed.

For a start it is necessary to master basic asanas of yoga. So far we suggest to consider the simplest of them.

поза воина

The soldier's pose urged to accelerate metabolism and to burn calories

Standing step forward, at the same time one leg has to remain straight line, and shin bent to form right angle with floor. Having connected palms, raise hands. The look during asana is directed to thumbs of hands. It is necessary to keep such situation not less than a minute then to change legs.

упражнение для пресса

30-60-90 stomach exercise

Lying on spin, extend legs. Then raise them over floor so that to form corner in 30 ° two-three breaths hold them on weight. Observing this interval, repeat the same actions at coal in 90 ° and 60 °.


The pose "attack" (lunch) strengthens muscles of buttocks and hips

It is carried out as follows - make attack of pose of the soldier. For this purpose the leg removed back is removed further away. Hands go down and palms lean on floor, they have to be at one level with foot of the bent leg. Having formed deep attack try to hold balance.

поза собаки

For extension of set of muscles the pose of the dog looking down is used

This pose belongs to basic. Transition to it is made from pose "attack". The bent leg is taken away back, at the same time the body reminds the letter "l" where buttocks are considered as top of triangle, legs and back, absolutely straight lines have to form acute angle.

поза ребёнка

After performance of exercises it is necessary to have a rest. For this purpose the child's pose serves – sit down on knees and as far as possible give hands on floor forward. Yoga sessions, as a rule come to an end with asana of "shavasan" (you lie on spin, extremities lie quietly). It is considered that the pose promotes the greatest relaxation of organism before return to daily cares.

It is important not to stop occupations, without continuous trainings body, loses mobility, begins to gain weight, to accumulate fats and poisons. Therefore having mastered, the elementary asanas should be passed to more difficult.


Exercise for removals of gases – udiana

Lying on spin, straighten legs. Sigh as it is possible more deeply and on exhalation bend the raised right leg. Having held the breath, hands press knee to abdominal cavity. Then exhaling, slowly lower the straightened extremity on floor. Extend hands along body, legs have to be straightened to limit (fingers look down and the party). Do the same with the second leg. It is necessary to repeat asana not less than 2 times. Exercise promotes not only to removal of gases, but also eliminates back pains, locks, positively influences stomach muscles.

The following exercise becomes possible after trainings.

наклон к ногам стоя

Costing inclination to legs

Hands are closed behind the back, legs direct. Deeply inhale, and on exhalation touch with forehead the knees. The asana is directed to improvement of condition of nervous system, tonization of backbone, abdominal organs.

асана кобра

Asana "cobra"

Exercise is intended for adjustment of work of adrenal glands, deletes fatigue, back pains. Does backbone elastic, fixes muscles of abdominal cavity. Helps at swelling stomach. It makes sense to do this exercise at diseases of urinogenital bodies, disorder of functions of ovaries. When performing asana it is necessary to lie on stomach. To raise elbows, palms are on both sides of breast. Legs together, straight lines, socks are extended. On exhalation raise upper body, bending back and leaning on hands (at the same time the bottom of trunk lies on floor). Having cast away the head the breath back for several seconds it is necessary to hold. Return to starting position is made at slow exhalation.

упражнение кузнечик

For strengthening of muscles of hips, removal of swelling of intestines approaches exercise "grasshopper". Lying on stomach, extend hands with the clenched fists along body, socks are extended too, the chin has to touch floor. Having made deep sigh, raise the right leg most highly. When leg above, hold the breath, then slowly exhaling, lower leg. Repeat the same action with the left leg, and then and two legs (at the same time body weight is the share of chin, breast, fists). The asana is useful to bottom of stomach, muscles of abdominal tension, back.

асана лук

To strengthen backbone, to clean fat on stomach the asana "onions" is used.

Lying on stomach, undertake anklebones of the legs bent in knees. Raising both legs and curving back, deeply inhale. Holding the breath, record this situation. On exhalation slowly lower legs. It is not necessary to reap legs to back, they should be extended up.

Not everyone will be able to take itself(himself) for anklebones at once, in this case it is possible to use belts, for each extremity separately. Exercise normalizes work of intestines.

Exercise "plow" serves for preservation of elasticity of backbone, promotes reduction of fatty folds on buttocks, hips, stomach much. The asana well influences thyroid gland, liver, helps at arthritis, locks, neuralgia.

упражнение плуг

This exercise as follows is carried out. You lie on spin. Supporting body by the hands lying on hips raise legs and back, socks at the same time are extended. Inhale, at exhalation throw legs so that fingers have touched floor behind the head. Knees have to be straight lines, position of hands – on hips or behind the back on floor. Breath is deep, eyes are closed. Be unbent on exhalation, so that all vertebras have touched floor. After the back completely appears on floor straighten legs socks up, so that they were perpendicular to floor. Having made deep breath, at exhalation accurately lower legs. This option of asana demands serious preparation.

раскачивание в стороны

To execute the second option much more simply. You lie on spin, so that the head was in 50 cm from wall. Throw legs for the head so that they have leaned on wall. Then "go" down wall. Nothing supernatural, all exercises are carried out gradually.

To reduce the volume of waist it is possible to apply "rocking in the parties". Sitting on floor, as support of hands serves the floor, legs bent in knees are located on the right, hands are linked behind the head. Having made deep breath, shake body from waist to the right side. The asana is carried out not once. At first in one party, and then in another.

Exercises of yoga for weight loss are most of all directed to strengthening and toning up muscles. The yoga will bring the help and to those who have problems with flabbiness of skin. Perhaps, it is connected with childbirth, and perhaps with age. The described asanas will help in either case.

Trainings need to give not less than half an hour in day and to adhere to certain system. At pro-procession of time duration of trainings can be increased.

It is possible to practice yoga for weight loss as in the gym, and at home. Everywhere there are pluses and minuses. Occupations of the house save your time and money. However relatives not always share your aspiration to finish extra kilos. Independently to make yoga asanas for weight loss quite difficult – there is nobody to estimate correctness of the done exercise. In apartment houses often the extraneous noise prevents to concentrate.

However, there are also pluses: the yoga for weight loss contains inconvenient poses which it is better to carry out houses since many hesitate of strangers. It is much simpler to relax and understand the organism, being alone with themselves. The main thing it is not lazy. Occupations can be begun at any time. The rigid body does not justify refusal of occupations. You should not be upset strongly if you could not copy pose of the teacher or stretch. Over time all will come.

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