oven diet

яичная диета
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Extra kilos, imperfection of figure and disappointment from view of the body – all this, of course, awfully, but it is worth noticing that surplus of weight can lead to number of serious diseases, among which and disease of cardiovascular system. Each kilogram which settles on your body distorts your true age, unfortunately, to you not on hand.

Whether you noticed that girls and men who could overcome excessive thirst for food have found not only figure of the dream, but also former youth as externally, and in body, testing unusual ease. Than not motivation to fight against fat? And as "the nuclear weapon" against each kilogrammchik we will have egg diet.

What? You say that you already heard about it? Yes, perhaps, it so, this power supply system has found wide popularity in many countries and not just like that, and thanks to the efficiency and productivity. Hundreds of thousands of people who have wished to make sure that the egg diet works have made for themselves the greatest discovery: it not only yields positive result, but also is very easily transferred that is big rarity.

Many scientists very much long could not define what in eggs more: harm or nevertheless advantage. To press in their conjectures and reflections, I think, is not necessary, if the egg diet has seen the world, then had on all this the rights. But if you after all want to hear advantages which get from consumption of eggs, then listen, it is excellent motivation to improvement of figure this diet.

яичная диета pytso – unique and absolutely natural product which has very rich structure, using only one egg, you enrich the organism with protein which in egg of 14% of the general day norm. Whether there is a lot of a little, to judge to you, but it is worth noticing that its most part contains almost all vital amino acids helping "is under construction" to new fabrics in organism.

But to one amino acids the advantage is not limited. pytso comprises the mass of microelements, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, iron and always actual zinc which positively influences growth of hair and nails, and also their strengthening. A, D, E, K and groups B, sincaline, biotin will saturate with Vitaminchiki your organism, giving excellent health, and in general it is difficult to revaluate advantage of antioxidant properties.

And you had had no question how egg, having rather low caloric content, can saturate, allowing not to hunger long time? If inquisitiveness has got the best – is laudable. We reward the answer: egg not only perfectly saturates, but also for 97-98% is acquired by organism therefore hunger will not torment, and in exchange you receive the adjusted process of metabolism and fine health.

Considering all aforesaid it is possible to speak with 100% confidence that eggs – magnificent dietary product, absolutely not exotic and known to everyone so there are no obstacles for its use in diet. So forward, to fight for symmetry, youth, and, at least, excellent health.

Having made the decision "to beat" fats with egg diet it is necessary to remember that it is the lady not simple, with whims. And if you are not them timely and to carry out absolutely, then the result will not meet expectation, and even will bring gloomy "surprise" as feeling sick. First of all it is worth remembering that eggs in diet will be not fried, not boiled hard-boiled, and welded "in sack", that is, soft-boiled.

Productivity of egg diet consists not in its high-caloric content as offer many monodiets, and in special chemical reactions and processes which guarantee loss of weight, the main thing to follow all rules of diet. If having seen the list of products which can be eaten in this or that day at you the desire something will appear to cast away and to replace with other vegetable / fruit, then do not hurry to be engaged in so inveterate amateur performance, you will not wait for result of diet. To exclude something – please, but to replace – taboo!

pichno-orange diet

пично-апельсиновая диета So, if you well need very to dump instantly 2-3 kilogrammchik before responsible day/days in your life (Birthday, wedding, trip at the sea), then your ideal option is yaichno orange diet. It lasts only week, but the result is yielded by fine: the belt will be tightened, kilograms will leave, and the former confidence in the ocharovatelnost will be your companion.

Than the egg diet for week is pleasant to many ladies and men?

Of course, simplicity and democratic character, throughout all time it is not necessary to prepare any abstruse dishes with rare ingredients. Yes what to hide – you should not prepare at all, your products per day it is 6 eggs and as much oranges. Are surprised? Yes, everything is so simple!

Some fighters for ideal body find incorrect option of this express diet. It excludes yolk from eggs. What then remains, to be content with one protein from eggs? So, I'm sorry, and "to kick the bucket" it is short. It is necessary to eat egg entirely, light-boiled alternately with apelsinchik.

oven diet for week and its approximate plan

For breakfast you eat egg, you wait for hour (you do household chores, you work) and only then you eat orange. You act throughout the day and everyone the subsequent this way until the diet terminates.

It is in addition necessary to drink liquid in enough. It can be either green tea or ordinary water, but not less than 2 liters. Day has ended, and there is a wish to eat? Be limited, please, to cup of fragrant green tea. All right, that it was not absolutely sad, add to it honey spoon. No, you should not thank, drink on health!

pichno the orange diet will be the excellent beginning to further weight loss if you need to give impetus to leaving of the collected fatty "lifebuoy" on stomach.

oven diet for 2 weeks

пичная диета на 2 недели You want bigger productivity, and time does not adjust? Then egg diet for 2 weeks the excellent option suitable you.

Let's study the menu and its features.

First of all it is worth remembering that your breakfast will be uniform, consisting of couple of eggs, half of grapefruit and cup of black coffee. Restriction for sugar, seasoning of salads with oil, and also for meals after 18:00.

Monday The second breakfast will consist of 2 eggs, one tomato and green/herbal tea. During the lunchtime again couple of eggs, vinaigrette (without gas station), grapefruit and tea.
Tuesday As the second breakfast you eat 2 eggs and grapefruit, and desire to have dinner in the portion of low-fat meat, cucumber, tomato and lettuce leaves (it is possible to make allsorts) + celery.
Wednesday Breakfast No. 2 – 2 eggs, spinach and tea, and during the lunchtime the same 2 eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, fresh kapustka, beet and tea on herbs.
Thursday For the second breakfast of steam of eggs, spinach and cup of coffee. The lunch consists of fish (boiled), vinaigrette and coffee.
Friday The menu too, will increase only during the lunchtime a little fresh cabbage.
Saturday For the second breakfast indulge yourself with fruit salatik, and during the lunchtime there will be abundance from beefsteak, lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber and cup of coffee.
Sunday The second breakfast – grapefruit, the chicken meat cooled tomato. Lunch – chicken, carrots, one tomato, cabbage and coffee.

The menu of the next week completely copies the aforesaid.

the oven diet for 2 weeks will allow to lose from 7 kilograms of weight, everything depends on features of your organism, listen to it.

oven diet for 4 weeks

пичная диета на 4 недели That who wishes cardinal changes and wants to strike all the employees, friends and relatives with bright transformation the egg diet for 4 weeks consults. It is not so short as perhaps it would be desirable, but reviews of egg diet of this kind just improbable: people lost 20 kilograms, with little effort.

Here your day will begin from half of grapefruit and 1-2 eggs. The menu is a little hardish, but quickly to get used to it. the oven diet does not offer recipes, there is no big abundance of products, but you can dream, creating the most tasty dishes.

Here egg diet for 4 weeks note.

So, first week.

Monday Have dinner one any fruit so much how many you will wish. For dinner meat (fried without oil or boiled).
Tuesday During the lunchtime eat – meat without thin skin, and for dinner 2 eggs and small portion of salad from cucumber, salad, tomatoes, pepper and carrot + toast and 1 grapefruit (apelsinchik).
Wednesday During the lunchtime eat low-fat cheese with pomidorka and one toast as much as necessary. For dinner prefer meat of any type of preparation.
Thursday Have dinner any fruit, and for dinner make meat with lettuce leaves.
Friday During the lunchtime try couple of eggs with boiled vegetables (vegetable marrows, haricot or peas). Have supper boiled/fried fish of low-fat grades, sheet salad and orange/grapefruit.
Saturday Have dinner any fruit, for dinner make meat with lettuce leaves.
Sunday The lunch will make chicken without skin, tomatoes and boiled vegetables with orange, and it is necessary to have supper boiled vegetables (nothing to replace).

Week No. 2. The breakfast is not changed.

Monday The lunch – meat with sheet salad, and dinner will consist of couple of eggs, lettuce leaves and one of citrus.
Tuesday We have dinner so – meat with sheet salad, we have supper in couple of eggs and to one citrus.
Wednesday During the lunchtime we eat meat with cucumber, and for dinner there will be 2 eggs + citrus.
Thursday The lunch – couple of eggs, the fat-free cheese (cottage cheese), boiled vegetables, and dinner consists only of 2 eggs.
Friday During the lunchtime fish, for dinner of steam of eggs prepares.
Saturday During the lunchtime meat with tomato and to citrus, for dinner we indulge ourselves fruit salatik from orange, tangerine, melon, peach and apple in small amount.
Sunday We have dinner meat without thin skin, tomato and boiled vegetables with citrus. For dinner everything is identical to lunch.

Within the next weeks food is not painted for lunch and dinner, combine on the discretion, but do not forget that after 18:00 @-@.

Week No. 3

Monday You eat any fruit, but exclude grapes, mango, dates, bananas, and also fig.
Tuesday Abundance of boiled vegetables and vegetable salads (potatoes are excluded).
Wednesday It is allowed to eat any earlier allowed fruit, boiled vegetables and vegetable salads.
Thursday Eat fish with lettuce leaves or cabbage, consumption of boiled vegetables is unlimited.
Friday Indulge yourself chicken meat with any vegetables.
Eat during only one fruit, but to the top of the bent.

The week No. 4 completing.

Monday It is possible to eat about 400 gr. meat, ¼ chickens, 3 pomidorka, 4 cucumbers, toast and tuna, but without oil (it is possible to wash out water) one citrus.
Tuesday You eat 200 gr. meat, 3 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, toast, on discretion pear, apple or segment of melon and citrus.
Wednesday 1 tbsps of low-fat cottage cheese (cheese), plateau of boiled vegetables, couple tomato and cucumbers, toast, citrus.
Thursday Prepare chicken and eat her with 3 tomatoes, cucumber, toast and to citrus.
Friday Couple of eggs, lettuce leaves, 3 pomidorka, citrus.
Saturday It is allowed to eat couple of breast cuts of chicken, 150 grams of cottage cheese or cheese (0-5%), to steam pomidorok and cucumbers, toast, orange/grapefruit.
Sunday In the last day it is possible to eat 1 tbsp of cottage cheese, the tuna which is washed out by water (without oil), plate of boiled vegetables, couple of tomatoes and cucumbers, toast and citrus at choice.

If you wish to be convinced of efficiency of such power supply system earlier than will master it, then read reviews of egg diet and understand that you lose nothing, well, except the bothered kilograms.

So, now we will estimate advantages of diet:

яичная диета First of all it is easy to adhere to it, the menu rather nourishing and full. Secondly, the loss of kilograms amazing, and long, many noted that weight does not return very long. the oven diet does not offer recipes, but it is excellent method to check the imagination I use limited stock of products. Is ideally suited for those who have problems with blood circulation.

It is only possible to carry to shortcomings what consumption of food with the high level of cholesterol can do much harm to pregnant girls, people, which with alcohol on "you", and that, who has diseases of kidneys and liver. Refrain from it if you belong to the above described row. There can be unpleasant smell from oral cavity, excessive fatigue and locks.

But, nevertheless, the result which you expect will surely come, it is promised by egg diet. Recipes, in general, are absent, include ingenuity and forward, at you everything will turn out, self-confidence and huge desire to be improved work wonders. Dare!

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