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ягоды годжи
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China: Gansu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shansi, Sichuan, Xinjiang. It is cultivated everywhere, including in Russia. Often runs wild. Culturally grows in the north of the central part of China around Ninsya, in Tibet and the Himalayas.

Since 2004 does not tell about godzha berries only lazy. Among admirers and propagandists of "wonderful berry" there are many stars of show business, writers, politicians and athletes.

pgoda of godzha are called:

"natural viagra and antideperssant rolled into one",
"matrimonial wine",
"longevity fruits",
"foremost tonic for brain", "happiness berries".

Popularity of berries of godzha in the West is so big what just right to speak about "godzhimaniye".

Doctor Al Mindell, long time studying these berries, has published the book in which stated 33 reasons for which it is necessary to eat godzh daily.

According to the scientist, godzha berry:

  • prolong life,
  • give energy,
  • rejuvenate organism,
  • normalize pressure,
  • reduce risk of cancer diseases,
  • lower cholesterol level,
  • normalize the content of sugar in blood,
  • improve sexual activity,
  • help to lose weight,
  • improve dream,
  • strengthen heart,
  • normalize sight,
  • increase the resilience to diseases,
  • improve composition of blood and violations of work of marrow treat,
  • support work of liver and kidneys,
  • recover hormonal balance,
  • help with treatment of infertility,
  • strengthen muscles and bones,
  • improve memory and reduce stress …

The list is impressive. Really the mankind has found, at last, universal remedy from all diseases?

Legend of dynasty of Tan

The legend of dynasty of Tan (China) clearly demonstrates curative effect of berries of Godzhi.

Once the caravan following on the Silk way has stayed at hotel. Caravaneers
became witnesses of quarrel of the woman and the old man. The young person beat the grandfather
also quarreled.

When travelers have interfered, have been struck with words of the woman.
She claimed that she talked some sense into the great-grandson as that refused to drink broth
from herbs also began to grow old quickly.

It has turned out that this to the woman young by sight about 300 flyings.

Later it has opened secret of curative broth, the basic
which component were Godzhi's berries.

It is, of course, legend, and it is perceived by many as the fairy tale. However it is necessary to understand that ancient storytellers did not set as the purpose to mislead descendants. They narrated stories in own way, through subjective perception, but also the grain of truth is present at their stories.

In east medicine application of goji is very broad. the pgoda is effective for normalization of blood pressure at hypertension. It is capable to strengthen sight, to help at arthritis. Polysaccharides in its structure promote growth of stem cells, well influence blood formation. pgoda of godzha are appointed at anemia, and also for treatment of psoriasis. Godzhi promotes recovery of balance of sugar and insulin of blood therefore it is shown at not insulin-dependent diabetes.

Curative berry of Godzhi is unique useful impact practically on all human body. As it is natural product, it suits all, even to pregnant women. Moreover, in east medicine of goji use as the means providing normal course of pregnancy, for example, in case of inability of the woman to take out the child. Godzhi's pgoda normalizes work of genitals, does them stronger. In this regard in the east of it actively applies to complex treatment of infertility and impotence.

Recently Godzhi's berries are used as component of cosmetic goods on care of face skin. Goji does skin elastic, complexion becomes uniform, depth of wrinkles smoothes out. Because of effect of normalization of digestion of berry are used in slimming aids. Let's note that normalization of digestion and metabolism leads not so much to weight reduction, how many to its normalization. In other words, stout persons grow thin, and thin - gain weight.


Useful properties of berry of godzha

Blood food

питание крови The greatest effect of berry of godzha is connected with blood as it lowers the level of sugar and cholesterol. This product reduces oxidation of blood due to increase of its power consumption.

Sight improvement

улучшение зрения By means of strengthening of power consumption of blood its receipt in smaller capillaries increases that allows to strengthen protection of retina of eyes and more accurately to focus sight.


долголетие Strengthening molecular relations, berry strengthens different systems of body, vessels and bodies that does them stronger and hardy.

Breath deepening

углубление дыхания Godzhi slows down the oxidizing processes in body connected first of all with superficial breath.

Antioxidant functions

антиоксидантные функции Antioxidant functions of godzha are connected first of all with cell nutrition by energy, reduction of oxidation of blood cells and, respectively, with delay of process of aging of organism.

Anticarcinogenic influence

противораковое воздействие The dietology and dimolecular medicine call godzh cancer prophylactic, attributing such opportunity to mineral Germany which contains in structure of berry. But in reality of godzha it is not so much mineral how many power complex which blocks uncontrollable development and destruction of cages.

Prostate gland

предстательная железа In view of the unique generating ability, berry influences improvement of work of glands responsible for primary gametes that leads to recovery and strengthening of health of prostate gland at men.

Food of uterus

питание матки Godzhi is good power engineering specialist for food of uterus and stabilization of kidney activity (which delays additional energy from uterus). the pgoda promotes improvement of lymph flow in inguinal lymph nodes that it is also important for uterus. That is here creation in uterus of necessary power balance which is constantly distorted because of violation of rhythm of circulation of energy, unbalanced external activity and stresses means.

Food of brain

питание мозга Godzhi — ideal product for food of brain thanks to the raised frequency characteristic and the balanced power structure.
For this purpose it is good to use godzha juice.

Precautionary measures at application of berries of Godzhi

меры предосторожности Really, there are several cases of heavy side effects after the use of berries of godzha. There are researches which indicate possible interaction of anticoagulant of warfarin from godzha, and also possible side effects at reception of the preparation Sintrom, other anticoagulant.

Goji of berry can interact with drugs for treatment of diabetes and arterial pressure. If you have allergy to pollen, some allergic reaction in close proximity to flowers of these berries can take place. But use in moderate amount of berry of Godzhi can be safe and not to have contraindications.

After reading of comments from people who have kindly told about the experience of consumption of godzha it is necessary to mention two most widespread side effects and to note that:

First, it is possible that some people can have belly-aches. In this case logically to stop use of dry berries and to try to use only their juice or extract (with juice search, of course, there can be certain difficulties. But, it is possible that in the market there is already juice in tinned look).

Often the problem consists not in berries, and in preservatives which are used because it is very delicate question. If you go to buy berries, it is necessary to take care of buying qualitative product. You have to check what preservative was used. So, E-220 - preservative which can make diarrhea, sick and headache it is possible to avoid it if on packaging other preservative is designated.

The second side effect which is called by some people - berries can become the sleeplessness reason. Consumption will solve this problem in their morning.

Besides, it is necessary to be careful at their acquisition. You have to watch always that you buy. To Godzhi's berries there is the same, as to all other products. If you want quality, it is necessary to pay, and the price is higher. Goji pgoda very fashionable and many unfair sellers often take opportunity to benefit as much as possible from sale of these berries. Not everything that is on sale, has corresponding quality and is suitable for the use by the person.

Cultivation of berries

выращивание ягод In Rossi other name of the Tibetan barberry - box-thorn ordinary has got accustomed. To taste it is compared to barberry, raisin and dried cherry in one set. By the way, it is possible to grow up the Tibetan barberry and in Siberia, in room conditions with good lighting. The plant is parted by means of saplings, but it is not the only way.

It is possible to grow up berry seeds. Such plant begins to blossom on the second year of life. The crop is reaped approximately in 4-5 flyings. The plant is very steady against whims of changeable weather as comes from the mountainous area where often there are frosts and droughts, and also, gales to long heavy rains. Seeds are directly in berry in number of 8-15 pieces.

Before landing berry needs to be wetted for 5-10 minutes in warm water and, then, to take seeds. They are quite small. For successful pro-growth it is necessary to provide to plant of moderately warm, about 20-25 degrees, and the wet soil. Good lighting is necessary. For germination light is not necessary, and here with the advent of the first sprouts it is necessary to transfer the container to half-shade or on scattered sunlight. Ideal conditions can achieve when using small rather deep container which is covered with polyethylene transparent film to avoid drying of the soil.

After seeds are taken from berry, it is necessary to wet them in the epena or zircon for couple of hours. It is necessary to sow the prepared seeds in normally drained, average friability the soil, preferably neutral. It is possible to use mix of peat and loam 1:2.

It is necessary to sow seeds on surface, without burying more than at 2-3 mm. Thus, it will be easier for gentle and thin sprouts to break through on surface. It is important to watch that drying of the soil has not happened even for rather short time. Temperature at the time of germination should not fluctuate within big, than 7-10 degrees. In house conditions it is not so important. Temperature in the apartment seldom changes more, than by 3-4 degrees.

In house conditions it is necessary to watch that the sowed seeds have not got to flow of the heated air from electric heater or, on the contrary, under cold air from open window leaf. When seeds sprout, it is better to remove film from the container. Important and further not to allow drying of the soil. At this time, young sprouts need large amount of moisture, otherwise, they will dry up. Use spray for spraying not to fill in plant. After the plant will let out the second or third couple of leaves, it is ready to change in separate pot.

Capacity depth for change should not be less than 7 cm. Consider that as soon as the plant begins to let out leaves, its root system quickly develops deep into. At cultivation in room conditions it is necessary to take care about cool, about +10 degrees, wintering of plant. For subforage use humus or mineral fertilizers, as well as for all other houseplants.

Today, only in one Tibet, there are not less than 40 types of pgoda of Godzhi. In China huge plantations for cultivation of unique plant are equipped long ago while in Russia, the source of "eternal life" and "1000 diseases medicine" still is considered big rarity. By the way, the general hobby for the Tibetan barberry among elite of world cinema is observed at present. Why and to us not to pick up their experience. Especially as the Russian conditions not bad are suitable for cultivation of photophilous berry. The Tibetan barberry with firmness maintains frosts to-30 degrees, can serve as decoration of gardens as perfectly transfers hairstyle. In leaving it is not whimsical, is not exacting to structure of the soil.

If you have decided to grow up Godzhi's pgoda saplings, prepare holes for saplings in advance. The sizes approximately 40×50×50 see Jumping carry out in the holes filled with the soil which is carefully mixed with organic and mineral fertilizers: 150-200 g of superphosphate, 8-10 kg of humus, 30-40 g of potassium sulfate or wood ashes.

The following structure of the soil is recommended: humus, garden earth, coarse river sand. Proportions - 1:1:1. Place saplings at distance not less than 1,5-2 meters among themselves. Slightly bury root neck. Right after landing the plant is watered. The near-stem circle is mulched humus or peat.

выращивание ягод The plant quickly enough gains growth.

In droughty summer it needs additional watering.

Does not interest wreckers. It is very seldom damaged by plant louse or mealy dew.

Therefore, there is no need to process bush pesticides.

It is a pity only that aroma and taste of fruits of the plant which is grown up in house conditions will never be able to be compared to taste and aroma of pgoda of Godzhi growing on environmentally friendly foothill soils of Tibet.

As it is correct to use godzha berries

That treatment has gone not to harm, and on advantage it is necessary to know how to use Godzhi's berries.

At first they need to be bought in the correct place, it is very important from where these goods are brought. Now many berries arrive to us from Spain, but say that grown up there they have no such medicinal properties as those which grew on Tibet. Experienced buyers advise to buy Godzhi's berries in the Tibetan benches.

It is necessary to begin reception of vegetable medicine with the minimum doses to look whether it will approach. Several berries are better to eat the first time if everything is good, then in couple of days it is possible to use already high dose. In general, to people of old age large number of berries at one time is it is not recommended as it can cause pressure jumps.

It is important to pay special attention at that time that berries can be used only in a dry form. In fresh - they are poisonous. Process of drying cleans from them harmful substances and gives the chance to use as medicine. When gathering the ripened berries they are stacked on laying and then dried in shadow.

Healthy people of young and middle age can eat 15-45 grams of dry berries a day. Before using Godzhi needs to wash out properly them and to eat as sukhofrukt. It is possible to kill previously them in water, and then to add to cocktails, desserts, salads, yogurts, pastries, dry breakfasts.

Ancient recipe of tea

The ancient recipe of tea from Godzhi's berries and chrysanthemum is known.

Such drink is applied at the increased sugar level in blood, pressure. Tea prevents emergence of wrinkles and helps to slow down aging process.

Will be necessary for its preparation:

  • black tea
  • 3-5 flowers of chrysanthemum
  • 6 pieces of berries of Godzhi

All ingredients are filled in with boiled water and drawn within 15 minutes.

This quantity is expected 2-3 portions.

старинный рецепт чая

Fans of hard liquors can do tinctures from Godzhi's berry and use them as the all-strengthening means. Ingredients: 50 grams of berries of Godzhi; 0,5 liters of strong Chinese vodka (it is possible also for the 45-degree Russian). pgoda are filled in with vodka and 7 days are drawn. Accept 2 times a day 10 ml.

Tincture will help to strengthen sight, immunity, to reduce sugar level in blood.

At violation of sight also porridge with fruits of the Tibetan plant is shown. Rice cooks with berries, sugar is added and the dish is ready.

With fruits of the Tibetan barberry cook also pork liver. Components extinguish on small fire to readiness. Such food will help to get rid of shadows under the eyes and of dryness of eyes.

It is interesting sosav soup with gifts of Tibet. In addition to Godzhi's berries about 15 grams are put there: white wood mushroom, fruits lunjyan (draconian eye) and sugar crystals. The mushroom is presoaked in water, cleared, made in boiled water and prepared on steam bath. Fruits of drakony eye cut pieces, put them in the boiling water about sugar crystals. Add the peeled berries and cook to readiness of 25-30 minutes.

Godzhi's pgoda - strong natural means. As well as any preparation containing medicine it needs to be applied with care, since small doses and previously having asked about reasonableness of the use of the attending physician. If there are no contraindications, then from the Tibetan barberry it is possible to prepare set of tasty, are useful dishes which will help to win against diseases and to strengthen health. The advantage of berries of godzha is invaluable.

Application of berries of godzha for weight loss

At the regular use of berries of godzha process of weight loss is reached thanks to a number of their properties. First of all it would be desirable to allocate the following:

  • ability to improve metabolism
  • blood circulation improvement
  • lowering of the level of harmful cholesterol
  • regulation of level of sugar in blood

Besides, at the regular use of berries improvement of metabolic processes is observed that is reached due to availability as a part of the dried-up fruits of large amount of antioxidants. They accelerate disintegration of fatty cages and provide organism with stock of forces and energy thanks to what the person becomes much more hardy. In this regard it is recommended to combine the use of berries with regular physical activities.

Scientific researches have proved that dietary food which menu includes the food containing large amount of antioxidants in the best way promotes weight reduction process. From all food enriched with antioxidants, berries of godzha are in the lead by their quantity. For comparison: in godzh 25% more antioxidants, than contain in bilberry, by 2,5 times - than in the grenade and in 10 times more, than in strawberry and blueberry.

At the regular use of berries in food it is possible to reach essential and stable weight loss. It means that kilograms will not "leave" only in the first days that is characteristic to many other means of weight reduction. The plumb will be observed until you observe this course.

Besides, having included godzha berries in the diet, you not only will achieve slender waist and harmonous hips, but also will saturate the organism with number of useful substances at the expense of what it considerably will improve the internal functions.

Nutritionists recommends to add approximately 20-30 grams of berries to the morning and evening menu. There will be quite enough such quantity to stimulate weight loss process.

It is important to note that the use of berries will not make for you any discomfort as they possess very pleasant sweet-sour taste, and their chewing texture can be compared to raisin. Therefore you can not doubt that you will eat such product only with pleasure!

The dried-up berries can be added to the most different dishes - fruit salads, tea, soups, rice. They will add savors to all these products and will only improve their tastes!

If you have decided to grow thin by means of godzha berries, you can supplement with them the usual diet, or keep to certain diet which menu will include these fruits.

Judging by responses growing thin, berries already in itself perfectly influence weight reduction process therefore in addition to torment themselves with strict diets there is no need. And here to limit a little the diet, having excluded from it products, especially harmful to figure, will be quite appropriate. Refuse from sweet, fat, fried and flour. In parallel applying godzha berries, already very soon you will notice good results in weight loss!

Where to buy godzha berries

купить ягоды годжи Of course, it is better to buy godzha berries directly in Tibet whether but many of us visited this amazing country? And you will not bring many berries for one trip, nobody will fly specially for the sake of berries, of course.

It is possible to buy godzha berries in one of the Asian countries, for example, I buy godzh in Thailand, in shop that is in the Garden of spices near Pattaya.

There are berries and in some drugstores of traditional medicine.

Residents of Russia, Ukraine since recent time had had opportunity to buy godzh, without leaving the house, by means of online stores.

To buy godzha berries - enter such request into search line and you will see considerable number of the online stores offering delivery of wonderful berries to you directly home. But here it is necessary to be careful - choose the serious organization - full requisites of the organization, the stationary, but not mobile phone shall be specified on the website. Quality and filling of the website, term of existence of the organization, responses at forums on the Internet - all this is important.

Has now appeared many producers and suppliers of berries of godzha from different camp, here those that to me met: Evtrade (Germany), Crit d'Or and Medina (Spain), Zao Kang and Ningxia (China) and others.

The famous official supplier of the Tibetan berries of godzha with worthy reputation and giving quality assurances, having all necessary international certificates, is Tibetan Godji Berry Company. The company has the website on the Internet, they carry out delivery of berries within the USA free of charge, to other countries - it is necessary to specify, for this purpose it is possible to write to them on the e-mail address specified on the website. Except berries, it is possible to order seeds of godzha and tonic from berries from them.

The price of berries of godzha is not really high, in online stores their cost makes about 450-480 rubles for 250-gram packaging. In the countries of Asia they cost cheaper. Besides, in the large cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg delivery is made by the courier (for small payment, and sometimes and free of charge), and to other cities of berry send by mail, it is necessary to pay for parcel in addition about 300 rubles.

Doctor Al Mindell conducting researches of berries of godzha has allocated over 40 kinds of this plant, but it is considered that only one its grade possesses really wonderful properties. These are the berries which have grown on plantations at the height of 3000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas.

But if to type the phrase "box-thorn Chinese" in the Internet search engine, then suddenly it becomes clear that it is at all even not exotic, but usual herb, rather widespread. However, in the territory of our country grow, generally wild relatives of godzha, but on usefulness they practically concede nothing to the exotic relative. And in medicine not only berries, but also bark, and plant roots are used. It was pleasant to learn that the godzhi-box-thorn perfectly gets accustomed in middle latitudes, and at certain skill quite really to grow up bushes of this most useful plant even in house conditions.

In China berries of godzha use not only as medicine, but also as seasoning to different dishes. Perhaps, exactly thanks to berries of godzha has lived 256 years (!!!) Chinese superlong-liver Li Qingyun. But after all considerable value has healthy lifestyle, the verified food allowance and dushevnoyeravnovesy.

The famous American TV host Oprah Winfrey in one of the TV shows called godzha berries "the most powerful antioxidant fruits which we know". Today berries of godzha (goji berries) sell worldwide, including the USA, Australia, the countries of Europe. Many producers add them to the products.

For example, in 2005 Steven Seagal has let out the Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt energy drink which part godzha berry is. Cosmetologists add the crushed godzha berries in cream and means on care of skin. So, for example, the Oriflame company has let out the Hazelnut and Berry of Godzha series.

Luxurious restaurants give dishes, salads and snack with addition of berries. As, for example, "sweet mushrooms soup injer with godzha berries" which in far times moved on imperial feasts.

It is improbable, perennial spring, replacement to which cannot actually be found.

ягоды годжи Godzhi's pgoda care about health of the person, return pleasure, grant forces, energy and for many years lives.

p very much I recommend them to you. I recommend them to all who want to look young, to be always healthy and cheerful.

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