pblochny vinegar for weight loss

яблочный уксус для похудения
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The few from us have by nature ability to keep the figure irrespective of quantity of the absorbed food, stress. The majority should care for figure: to keep to diets, to carry out exercises. And who has told, drink apple cider vinegar and you will grow thin, will forget about exercises, and will regale on something sweet....

for weight loss 3 times a day on teaspoon in 20 minutes prior to food recommend to accept pblochny vinegar, having diluted it with glass of water. pblochny vinegar copes with fat not worse, than the advertized additives for weight loss. pblochny vinegar will help to reduce thirst for sweet, and also to reduce appetite.

Results of such diet can be expected in 6-8 days – the first kilograms leave, appetite decreases. But for lasting effect it will be required to take apple cider vinegar 1.5 - 2 months.

How in shop to find that, correct apple cider vinegar?

Vinegar has to differ in natural turbidity. The matter is that some producers clarify apple cider vinegar, filter, evaporate, after such procedures the content of vitamins, mineral substances and microelements in vinegar becomes lower.

More natural vinegar can sometimes have foam on surface, it should not frighten you. The foamy film has nothing in common with mold and unlike mold is very useful.

Contraindications to application of apple cider vinegar

All of you have decided to grow thin by means of vinegar. Then it is necessary to know that inflammatory diseases of stomach or its predjyazvenny state which is followed by increase of acidity of gastric juice can become contraindications to application of such means.

To properly trample down apple cider vinegar

On glass of cold water it is necessary to add 1-2 teaspoons, apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to drink water with vinegar not less than three glasses pass, it is desirable before meal.

To strengthen effect, it is possible to rub undiluted apple cider vinegar in hips, stomach folds. In places of active massage by apple cider vinegar skin not only will become smooth and satin, but even traces from extensions will disappear.

яблочный уксус для похудения At application of apple cider vinegar it is always necessary to remember possible effects.

Now we will pass to minuses of apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to carry to their number that, despite variety of useful components, it is after all vinegar (acid), and any acid is capable to spoil stomach, tooth enamel. By the way, for this reason it is recommended to use vinegar through tubule and after food to rinse mouth.

Mucous stomach. It is separate and most sensitive issue in the relations of the woman and apple cider vinegar. At whom acidity of gastric juice is increased, it is not necessary to drink it. Diseases of digestive tract, problem with liver do very undesirable the use of apple cider vinegar.

Besides it is possible to wipe skin with the wadded disk moistened in apple cider vinegar, it is excellent way to tighten skin, to reduce wrinkles, to eliminate extensions and eels. So if not to grow thin, then just apple cider vinegar precisely will help to become more beautifully. It is even better if it is possible to combine both ways at the same time – in few weeks it is already possible to brag.

At any signs of troubles with stomach it is necessary to reduce activity of consumption of apple cider vinegar. For those who were going to grow thin with apple cider vinegar more than on eight kilograms it is necessary to tell that it can be dangerous.

Let's sum up the results. It is quite possible to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, the positive effect from it is. Generally, in this way of weight reduction, there is a lot of those who are happy with this way of weight loss, but there are also those who in nightmares remember label with text "apple cider vinegar". To do everything including to grow thin, it is necessary intelligently.

Finally the recipe of preparation in house conditions of apple cider vinegar

яблочный уксус для похудения It is required to you overripe fruits of apples.

Crush soft apples, cut firmer.

Shift all this gruel in pan with wide bottom, fill in with hot boiled water, pour sugar (about 50 g on 1 kg of sweet apples and 100 g on 1 kg of acid apples).

Water has to be above apples on 5 cm.

Put pan to the warm place, but that sunshine did not get. Stir slowly the weight that it did not dry from above.

In two weeks filter liquid through gauze, pour in big banks for fermentation without adding 6 cm to top. Draw liquid two more weeks.

Pour ready apple cider vinegar, in bottles, deposit filter. Bottles can be closed.

Sincerely I wish you to become harmonous, and to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss I advise carefully.

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