pblochny diet

яблочная диета












Today in the world there is just dizzy quantity of various diets, however, apple diet still the most widespread.

And why is also not present.

Literally in week with little effort it is possible to say goodbye to 5-7 kilograms. Agree: sounds enough invitingly.

However, after that some more months will not want to be looked at apples and not that to eat.

But, this apple diet has also the considerable pluses.

First, these fruit are available out of season, and secondly, for small period with little effort there is normalization of exchange of useful substances.

Natural advantage of apple diet

pblok belong to those fruit which contain practically all mineral substances, vitamins, folic acid, iron, sugar and pectins incredibly useful to human body. In addition, apples fill the person with energy and force that considerably prolongs his life. Long since these fruits were used for treatment of atherosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, eczema and other skin diseases. Also their use promotes strengthening of nails, hair and sight. This fruit contains the substances helping organism to acquire more effectively iron from other products.

Scientists from Great Britain have found out that the daily use at least of one apple, passes life and promotes high-quality rejuvenation of human body. Researchers have drawn conclusion that apples contain difficult element - epikatekhin polyphenol which considerably improves blood circulation process, rejuvenating at this heart and increasing immunity, walls of vessels are exposed to smaller extent of hardening that most often and promotes development of strokes, heart attacks and other heart troubles.

Diet for noticeable effect

By means of apple diet it is possible to lose really extra kilos, and for short time interval.

The most available option of diet:

яблочная диета

  • Monday. It is necessary to eat not less than one kilogram of apples and to drink several glasses green tea, but without sugar addition. If it is difficult, then it is possible to afford couple of croutons.
  • Tuesday. pblok it is necessary to eat already not less than one and a half kilograms. Still tea, croutons and water.
  • Wednesday and Thursday. Please to yourself with two kilograms of apples, drink more water at all refuse croutons.
  • Friday. One and a half kilograms, water, tea.
  • Saturday. One kilogram, green tea and water.
  • Sunday. Control weighing – slim silhouette.

It is worth leaving diet gradually, without fanatical absorption of cakes. The diet on apples is quite budget and not so difficult for observance. It is worth repeating it approximately time in 2-3 months.

Kefiric and apple diet

яблочная диета

The kefiric and apple diet can be recommended to people, not only persons interested to grow thin, but also to strengthen the health broken for a number of reasons, for example, the menacing ecological situation in the region, work on technology operation hazardous to health (for example manual arc welding), recently postponed illness (which has caused considerable decrease in immunity) - reception the long period of antibiotics, etc.

Duration of kefiric and apple diet seven days - during this time you can grow thin for 6 kilograms. For every day, according to diet of kefiric and apple diet, 1,5 kilograms (5-6 pieces) of green apples are required.

Menu of kefiric and apple diet

Tomorrow, the second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and in 2 hours before going to bed it is necessary to eat one apple and in half an hour to wash down it with half of the glass (100 grams) fat-free (1%) of kefir (without sugar). And any meal can be missed without damage. It is in addition possible to drink without restrictions green tea or not gassy and not mineralized water (does not cause feeling of hunger) without sugar.

Fasting day

Nevertheless the apple diet is monodiet which you should not consider as constant. And here for clarification of organism from toxins and slags from time to time it should be used.

It is possible to normalize exchange processes by fasting days which need to be carried out several times a week to reduce the weight and 2 times a month to clear organism. In day it is necessary to eat so many apples how many in power, and to drink the purified water up to 3 liters.

the pblochny diet can be added and kefiric: on one apple – 0,5 liters of kefir. Therefore, in day: on 3 liters of fermented milk product it is necessary to eat 6 apples.

Contraindications and indications

яблочная диета The similar diet, for certain, will suit people who suffer from locks: apples have the weakening effect on human body.

Also apples not bad dull dependence on nicotine. Therefore to the person who is leaving off smoking the best diet and not to think up.

The use of apples of acid grades is contraindicated to people with ulcer, the preference should be given to sweet grades.

Also do not forget, any diet has to help organism, but not harm it at all. In everything it is necessary to know when to stop.

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