Choice of foodstuff

выбор пищевых продуктов

The food to execute the appointment - to keep development and life activity of organism, has to be appropriate chemical composition, has to be entered in enough, to be udobousvoyaemy and tasty.

But there is one more major requirement imposed to food - absence in it unhealthy substances, - high quality of food. Emergence in food of unhealthy substances can be caused by the most various reasons: cooking of food in badly tinned ware (emergence in food of copper at bad ware), undercooking of food or damage of ready dishes from their inept storage (emergence of products of rotting), transition of harmful substances from boxes in which canned food is stored (for example, lead). But the main reason of adverse effect of food (disease zheludochno - intestinal path and poisoning of organism) are the substandard products appearing in the market.

However issue of substandard products (the decayed meat, rotten fish, the spoiled sausage) in their, so to speak, natural look is rather seldom observed; usually, putting on the market substandard product, aim to give to the spoiled products external high quality, expecting optical illusion and taste of the buyer.

It is one of the most frequent cases of fake or falsification of products. To such look to harmful fakes processing of the decayed meat disinfectants (virulence of disinfectants, preservation in meat of products of decomposition of toxic agents - ptomaines), coloring of confectionery the paints containing arsenic, etc. belongs, for example.

But there is also other type of fake of food when replace expensively standing real food subject with other cheaper substance keeping both the name and whenever possible appearance.

Therefore in the market it is necessary to show consideration for the choice of foodstuff especially.

The included below instructions can be leading to a certain extent.

Choice of meat