We choose the exercise bike

выбираем велотренажер

If you always want to be in tone, to support the organism in great physical shape, to dump excess calories or just to have a good time without leaving the house, then you, undoubtedly, need the exercise bike. The exercise bike can perfectly imitate both easy walk by bicycle, and heavy training of the experienced cyclist.

Now there is great variety of exercise bikes and therefore it is very difficult to decide on its choice. We have tried to reflect the most important information which, perhaps, will help you to choose that exercise machine which will please in this article.

Modern exercise bikes can be divided into two look: mechanical and electromagnetic. In what difference? What of them is better?

At mechanical exercise machines adjustment of level of loading becomes manually, and at electromagnetic it occurs by reduction or increase in distance between electromagnets and flywheel. Mechanical exercise machines strongly concede electromagnetic as work of the last is absolutely silent, rotation of pedals happens more smoothly, and service life longer. But, naturally, of what such exercise bike will be more expensive.

It is necessary to notice that without due leaving the mechanical exercise machine will often fail. So give the preference to electromagnetic exercise machines better.

Not everyone is able to afford to buy the electromagnetic exercise bike so we will dwell upon mechanical. As it was already told, adjustment of loading in mechanical exercise machines happens manually. They are divided by way of adjustment of loading on belt and kolodochny.

In belt exercise machines loading directly depends on belt tension. Such exercise machines are simple, reliable and very compact.

Kolodochny exercise machines work at the expense of resistance of the brake shoes connected to flywheel. The main advantage of the kolodochny exercise machine consists that it perfectly imitates trip by racing bicycle.

Choosing the exercise bike, pay attention to its sizes. You should not buy very big exercise machine if it could not be put. In the small room you will not be able to be engaged with comfort. And also compare the weight with the exercise machine sizes. If your weight exceeds hundred kilograms, then on the exercise machine with small dimensions to you will be not too cozy.

And, at last, producers. There is a lot of brands of exercise bikes, and from what you will choose, depends much. The lion share of all exercise bikes sold in Russia is let out by the German firm KETTLER. It has occupied more than a half of the Russian market of exercise machines. Quality and design of its products are simply magnificent. But the price of the exercise machine of this firm will be rather high. Exercise machines of the Taiwan production do not concede neither on quality, nor on design at all. However the price is much more acceptable them. Worthy quality, comparable with the European, the Taiwan exercise bikes of HouseFit firm differ. If you are well off, and want to buy the professional exercise machine, then we advise you to pay attention to LifeFitness firm. You without effort will find exercise machines of this firm in the majority of fitness clubs of your city. Before purchase of the exercise machine surely consult with the seller.

Success in the choice!