We choose effective anti-cellulite cream

антицеллюлитный крем
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Cellulitis or as it is accepted to call it in the people "orange-peel", is capable to spoil any, even the most graceful figure. Today this problem is inherent in many women is not dependent on age and build. Wishing to return to body elasticity, women try various ways of disposal of cellulitis. One of the most demanded is use of the special anti-cellulite creams promising to overcome quickly and effectively signs of "orange-peel", to tighten skin and to make it smooth. And, strangely enough, some anti-cellulite means and the truth cope with problem for all 100%. And still, to strengthen their action, it is necessary to combine cream with physical exercises, massage and healthy nutrition, and also to find means which will suit you, but not the neigbour or the girlfriend.

What has caused efficiency of anti-cellulite creams? Of course, components! That is why it is so important to get acquainted with cream components at the choice. One of the most efficient components of anti-cellulite creams is the caffeine promoting splitting of fats and improvement of blood circulation. However such cream suit not everyone. Because of the exciting qualities, caffeine is capable to provoke exacerbation of hypertension and to cause sleep disorder.

One more effective component of anti-cellulite creams - green tea about which improbable qualities all have heard a lot. Green tea helps to fight against "orange-peel", eliminates skin irritations, has anti-inflammatory effect and is ideally suited for sensitive skin.

There are also others anti-cellulite cream as a part of which there are such components as horsetail, red pepper, hawthorn, St. John's Wort, red grapes and horse-chestnut. In spite of the fact that all of them considerably concede in efficiency to creams on the basis of caffeine and green tea, their use is capable to lead to achievement of desirable results.

On what of anti-cellulite creams you would not stop the choice, remember that at its structure by all means there has to be component strengthening skin. The fucus, sea collagen, laminaria and chitosan concern to those. If as a part of cream one of them is not specified, you risk to get means which is not capable to yield the stunning results. Yes, its use will help to make skin of more elastic, but to overcome cellulitis beyond its powers.

Vitamins have to be obligatory component of all anti-cellulite creams. They are necessary not only to organism, but also skin. Vitamins participate in exchange processes and help growth of new cages that, in turn, leads to production of collagen. Vitamins A, With and E are considered the most useful.

There is opinion that the anti-cellulite cream containing salts only promotes formation of "orange-peel". This delusion! Such cream on the contrary promote faster disposal of cellulitis, especially if their use happens in sweating room or after reception of bathtub. Getting into skin, salts are capable to delete various harmful substances and to clear organism that effectively affects fight against cellulitis.

Quite often as a part of anti-cellulite creams it is possible to make out essential oils. In it there is nothing surprising. Influencing skin, oils considerably tighten it. As a rule, as a part of anti-cellulite creams there are juniper, cypress and lavender oils. Have dealt with the choice of anti-cellulite cream. Now we will talk about use of means.

So, it is recommended to apply anti-cellulite cream on the clean, previously warmed skin. Rubbing anti-cellulite cream, it is necessary to carry out the massage movements. The session has to last not less than 10 minutes, otherwise all efforts will be vain.

Do not wait for effect after several sessions of massage with use of anti-cellulite cream whatever qualitative it was. It is proved that treatment of cellulitis yields results only after three months of regular work on body.

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