Products, harmful to figure

вредные для фигуры продукты
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Great number of modern people, do not watch at all that they eat. One just do not think that they put in mouth as it all the same, others trust in advertizing. As a result, in diet of almost each person there are products which harmful affect on health and promote increase in body weight.

As they say: "the enemy needs to be known by sight", and it is possible to call enemies everything that prevents us to become harmonous. Therefore, those girls who want to become beautiful should learn what products "are tied in fat" on sides and to try to minimize their use.

List of harmful products

Sweet rolls and cookies

Eating of digestible carbohydrates without ballast substances moreover and seasoned with fair share of glucose, - direct way to diabetes. In our country it is accepted to chew them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the frequency of the use increases harm to health.

Healthy replacement: wholegrain rolls or small loafs with small amount of jelly or jam on fructose.


It is called not without reason "white death", on its account there are a lot of victims. Sugar reduces stress, sweets lighten mood, but postpone stocks for waists. And the brain demands new and new portions of sugar.

Many amuse themselves with illusion of smaller harm of brown sugar and replace with it usual. But sugar always remains sugar, in brown it is even more calories, than in usual, only vitamins which at heat treatment lose the activity remain bonus.

Refusal of sugar and the products containing it is capable to keep your health and to lose weight on several kilograms a year.


Along with sugar, salt is ranked as "white death" because of rather expressed harm to health at its excessive consumption.

By norm consider the use on average of 3-5 grams a day. And taking into account that food contain salt, the day maximum of seasoning makes half teaspoon. We consume in five, is even ten times more. It results in puffiness, metabolic disorders and delay of liquid in organism.

Sausage and sausages

In addition to meat sausages and sausages often contain decent share of soy, fat, nutryany fat and pork skins, and for giving to this mix of appetizing savor producers flavor it with fragrances and amplifiers of tastes.

For today about 60% of sausages and sausages include transgene soy which use effects in food it is up to the end not studied.

Fast food

The most harmful "fast food" are various belyashes, chebureks, French fries, shawarma and in general everything that is fried. Because fry all this in the same oil, it changes, God grant, once a day.

Result - the same carcinogens.

Soluble cubes and soups from packages

Thanks to good tastes and usability, cubes and dry mixes for soups have strongly entered life and life of the majority of families.

However, such products are unsuitable for healthy nutrition. They contain many additives, unhealthy, and thanks to availability of amplifiers of taste you eat much more, than it is actually necessary.

Soluble broths and soups poison human body with toxins and cause accustoming.

Chocolates, bars

Huge number of calories, in addition dyes, fragrances, genetically modified components … The love to sweet forces to buy one more bar, then one more … As it is tasty! And as it is harmful! If there is a strong wish, buy bitter dark chocolate and eat 20 g - such quantity acquires organism for time.


Harm of alcohol is known to all, however very few people are stopped by perspective of destruction of kidneys, liver and cardiovascular system. The problems with health caused by unreasonable alcohol intake are the reason of 50% of all death in Russia! The popular with youth and still not prohibited cocktails in cans do bigger harm to organism because of rattling mix of chemistry, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Only 1 jar contains caffeine and sugar as 6 cups of coffee that leads to heart troubles in 2-3 years of its regular use.


Product, very fat, but also harmful to organism. Danger of mayonnaise not only that it contains very harmful transgene fats, but also that modern producers often prepare this product not in accordance with GOST, on specifications - TU thanks to which as a part of mayonnaise it can appear anything. Certainly, the set of salads does not do without this product. Therefore there is sense to make mayonnaise independently, it will be not only is tasty, but also it is much more useful, than purchased product.


Cooking on sunflower oil or margarine kills in food all necessary properties and at the same time extends carcinogens. Plus to everything, during frying liquid site in product is replaced with oil that does the caloric content of dish even higher. As if option, it is possible to fry slightly products to crust, and then to finish preparation viands in double boiler or oven.

Chips and aerated water

Because of features of preparation in chips a great lot of carcinogens is formed (that is the substances provoking cancer). Plus, they contain the hydrogenated fats which promote increase in level of cholesterol in blood that in turn increases risk of heart attacks and strokes.

As for aerated water, in it there is too much sugar. Meanwhile, researches show that many people do not perceive liquid as source of any nutrients, that is think that it is possible to drink as much as necessary. And it not so - excess consumption of sweet aerated water can break metabolism. Besides, the abundance of dyes can cause strong allergic reactions, and carbon dioxide (it is bubbles) increases acidity of stomach, that is causes gastritis.

Effects of the regular use of the most harmful products

Certainly, improper feeding is fundamental origin of many diseases. This fact is confirmed and proved. If you are admirer of greasy food, then will soon notice how you will become the owner of excess weight of whom it is not so easy to get rid. In situation when your diet is enriched with products in which dyes, taste substitutes prevail, the risk of poisoning of organism takes place. Be not surprised, but the most harmful products for figure and health bring in your organism poison, though in small dosages. Not superfluous will be to note that some accustoming to product is as a result observed.

"Live easily!" reminds that, adhering to improper feeding, you risk to get the mass of the diseases relating to warm area, to digestive tract diseases after a while. Therefore once again we remind before eating chips or to drink carbonated drink, remember that they are capable to truncate your life considerably.