The enemy of growing thin – Carbohydrates. Obesity nevertheless not from Fats?

Тучность всё же не от Жиров

The majority of us, has heard a lot how refusal of greasy food well helps, in our desire to grow thin. But, often happens that we persistently follow this rule but... Nevertheless, we do not grow thin, or our weight loss drags on for a long time. In what the reason of similar problem? Perhaps, after all, responsible for our obesity, at all not fats?

We, promote increase of fatty weight, exactly keeping to high-carbohydrate diets that by all means, affects symmetry of our waist. Let's consider in detail why so occurs.

So, here 11 steps on the way to obesity:

  1. You, begin to imagine food, with the content of carbohydrates which you love.
  2. Your organism, begins to be engaged in release of insulin in blood, and it, signals about that that fatty acids "were not burned".
  3. There are first "calls" of hunger.
  4. Here food, you eat...
  5. The organism, delivers increasing number of insulin.
  6. In blood, so-called "simple carbohydrates", in the form of glucose begin to get.
  7. Process, increases in level of sugar in blood begins.
  8. Insulin level, soon, increases even more.
  9. There is process of adjournment of fats in cages, in shape "triglycerides".
  10. There is thickening of fatty cages.
  11. Result - you become more corpulent.

Barrier, on your way to dumping of weight - simple carbohydrates.

Let's explain what carbohydrates are simple. Difference of simple carbohydrates from difficult, consists in properties of simple carbohydrates, to get very quickly into blood, delivering glucose there. At hit of glucose in blood, release of insulin begins.

And so, let's orient what products are enemies, our dream of weight loss.

First of all, it is, of course, bakery products, such as bread, pasta, and different porridges from cereals.

Further, the list garnishes like potatoes, rice, corn and other products will continue them containing.

Close our list, high-carbohydrate drinks. Among them, also sprite (and other drinks of their class), sweet fruit juice and, of course, the beer loved by men is found stake, forfeit.

Restriction in carbohydrates, reduces amount of fat?

In the middle of the 80th, America, has passed to promotion of low-fatty diets which there have begun doctors, in connection with increase in number of citizens with problems obesity. Doctors, in every possible way convinced to consume less fat products, but, as a result, the program has not led to reduction of number of patients with obesity and diabetes.

Due to such depressing circumstances, researchers of one of large universities of the USA, have decided to make experiment, for comparison of two different diets. One diet, meant extremely small amount of the consumed carbohydrates, at the same time the amount of fats and proteins was normal. The second diet - standard, amount of fats in it is a little, but more than it is enough carbohydrates.

As a result of experiment, loss of weight at examinees on the Low-carbohydrate diet, has twice exceeded results standard, and has made 5 kg. Also the blood pressure has decreased, and the level of triglycerides has fallen.

Results have shown that, the patients who were influenced low-carbohydrate diet have much more succeeded in disposal of excess weight, than examinees on standard diet. It turns out, on increases in weight and obesity, carbohydrates than, directly fats influence more.

To it there is obvious scientific explanation. As fats, circulate in organism cage, we recover from those fats that in organism remained. Fat as we have already found out, remains in organism in the form of trigletsirid. And, as, they contain in fatty cage as compound of three fatty acids + one particle of glitserol, they are very great just like that to slip through cellular membranes though fatty acids come out quite simply.

So... What will make us more harmonous? Everything that promotes disintegration of triglycerides!

Release of insulin, is one of foremost regulators of exchange processes of organism, and its level, solves whether fatty cages will collect or will collapse. Growth of level of insulin, starts enzyme – LPL which directly is responsible for filling of cage with fats. As a result, more insulin is emitted - more fat comes to cage. And release of the insulin, depends on the volume of consumption of products with simple carbohydrates.

Let's sum up the short result. In obesity, the fault lies not on fats, and on carbohydrates!