Magic flower of Anna Yukhansson - the menu of fantastic diet

меню сказочной диеты 6 лепестков

The magnificent diet of Anna Yukhansson of "6 petals" gives us minus 5 kg a week! At the same time the diet will not be difficult and boring! Part 1 tells about the diet, part 2 will open the confidential menu, and the 3rd part will slightly open secret of psychological motivation which considerably increases result.

Part second - the menu of diet of 6 petals

Of the first day to the sixth

So, day 1 – small fish, small fish, and once again small fish. Various, better more fatly, it is not even necessary to husk. Contain in fish irreplaceable the Omega-3 - the fatty acids very useful to organism and having one feature, important for us, – they normalize exchange processes and do not collect in the form of excess fat.

Fish dishes will perfectly be apprehended by organism and will prepare it by next days of our diet. Protein of fish dishes is very easily acquired, and thanks to small amount of calories you will already feel the first results.

Approximate menu of the 1st day:

Any fish prepared to your taste – stewed, boiled, baked (but not fried!). That it was more tasty – different not hot spices, greens, it is a little salt. It is very useful this day and fish broth (without vegetables).

Green or black tea, not sweet is recommended to drink, clear drinking water. If you cannot without coffee – only slightly, and, of course, too without sugar.

In the 2nd day at us vegetables. Useful fatty acids give way to vegetable carbohydrates which also contain small amount of calories, on their assimilation a lot of energy is required at the expense of what fatty cages are spent instantly. Yesterday's "fish day" at the expense of proteins has increased efficiency of vegetable diet, as well as reflected in this complex of food.

Vegetable menu:

The various vegetables (except potatoes) made according to your favourite recipes – stewed, baked (not fried!), boiled and even crude in the form of all salads. It is a lot of greens, not hot spices, salts on minimum. The same drink, as in the first day.

Day 3 – we pass to chicken. Yesterday our organism has spent a lot of protein, its stocks should be recovered. For this purpose perfectly any fowl approaches, his squirrels will strengthen muscles and will not stock up in the form of excesses of fat.

Approximate menu the day before yesterday:

We extinguish, we cook or we bake (without breading) chicken fillet. Slightly we salt, we add not hot spices. Be green – how many the soul will wish. We wash down with still black or green tea, clear water. If there is a strong wish, it is possible slightly chicken broth.

In the 4th day extra kilos continue to vanish as the organism digests cereals dishes and acquires rather difficult and long, but health and fine health do not suffer thanks to the correct alternation of carbohydrates and proteins.

Cereal menu:

Favourite porridges, grain small loafs, germinated seeds of cereals, bran. For good mood – sunflower seeds. Salt has some, greens to taste. We drink cool clear water, green tea. In the form of award for will power – house kvass.

финальный фруктовый день нашей уникальной диеты 6 лепестков For the 5th day the organism can feel some fatigue. That forces did not leave us, and we have not thrown our diet on half, dietary low-fat cottage cheese rich with minerals plus milk will come to the rescue. Protein of cottage cheese is digested long and does not pass into glucose, and on the contrary, is split on amino acids necessary for organism. Again we drink tea (it never bothers), clear drinking water.

Here also the 6th, final day of our unique diet of "6 petals" has come. Fruit! Let's reward ourselves for patience and with all the heart we will gorge on fruit. Their complex carbohydrates, will force our organism to spend a lot of energy for digestion, and also assimilation. So – fruit crude, various fruit salads and baked puddings. For taste we will add lemon dried peel, vanilla or cinnamon. Freshly squeezed juice is welcomed. Again our favourite tea, clear water.

So, we are good fellows! But next time it is possible to repeat this complex of food only in 3-4 months as it is quite severe stress for organism, excessively frequent hobby for it can do harm.

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