Sassa water

вода сасси
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The network dazzles with recipes of the miracle cures helping to lose extra kilos.

Among them – the useful medicines and frank baby's dummies, drugs revitalizing organism and doing harm to all its bodies and systems. To distinguish true information from false it is so difficult!

Nutritionists unanimously repeat that the important component of the correct and rational weight loss is to drink enough water. The healthy adult needs to drink 1,5-2 liters of water a day. At what it is very important that the first 1,5 liters have been drunk till 16-00.

The matter is that this amount of water is necessary for our organism daily for metabolism and functioning of all systems. And on 500 g - for 30 minutes of daily physical activity. From here also the total quantity in 2 liters turns out.

Today it will be a question of absolutely harmless and effective remedy for weight loss. Water of Sassi – idle time in preparation and nice to the taste drink which will help to model figure and to normalize activity of digestive tract.

Inventor and his invention

вода сасси The name of vitamin and mineral cocktail which, in fact, water of Sassi also is has come from name of the American, the created original recipe. Doctor Cynthia Sass has picked up optimum combination of the ingredients dissolved in water. Effect of drink is directed to improvement of activity of digestive tract, decrease in gas generation, acceleration of splitting of fats and removal of products of metabolism. "Collateral" effect of water – improvement of condition of skin and hair, thanks to saturation of organism liquid and work normalization zheludochno – intestinal path.

Initially means acted as addition to diet "Flat stomach". Then popularity of water has increased, many began to drink it independently. So, what recipes of preparation of curative drink exist? What rules should follow at its use?

Classical water of Sassi

It is required to you:

2 liters spring (as a last resort drinking bottled or filtered) waters, 1 tablespoon of the fresh root of ginger crushed to kashitseobrazny state, the fresh cucumber of the average size cleared of peel and sliced thin, 10-12 leaves of peppermint.

Way of preparation:

All ingredients stack in the capacity which then is filled with water (mint leaves tear previously hands). Capacity is put on the lower shelf of the refrigerator and left for 10-12 hours (ideal option – to prepare water in the evening and to leave it for the night). During this time there will be diffusion – vitamins and microelements will mix up with water, the useful and refreshing cocktail will turn out. Of course, it is difficult to call its taste saturated. However drink is not deprived of gratefulness.

Other recipe will be interesting to fans of citrus taste.

The refreshing water of Sassi:

2 liters of water, tangerine, lemon or orange of 1 piece, several leaves of sage, lemon verbena, mint.
Way of preparation: it is good to wash, dry citrus and leaves, small to cut (leaves – to tear), to put in capacity, to fill in it with water, to leave for the night in the refrigerator.

Method of application

Within Cynthia Sass's diet reception of drink is the initial stage, fast 4-day start on which true scales of problem of "fatty apron" are defined. At this time the use of water of Sassi has to make not less than 8 glasses daily. Caloric content of food is –1400 Kcal.

Then pass to the second, 4-week stage. The power value of food is increased to 1600 Kcal a day, dividing meals into 4 stages so that 400 Kcal were the share of everyone. Surely include products in diet – sources of monounsaturated fatty acids. The use of salt, the vegetables containing rough cellulose, sweets and kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks reduce to minimum.

It is useful to drink water of Sassi and just like that. However there are after all some recommendations.

As it is correct to drink water of Sassi

вода сасси 1. Ingredients have to be only qualitative.

2. Fruit, vegetables, ginger and greens need to be washed carefully, cucumber and root of ginger – to clean from peel.

3. It is impossible to leave drink on the sun and in heat, from it useful substances break up, and cocktail can be spoiled.

4. For the same reason it is necessary to store the prepared water in opaque vessel, for example, jug.

5. The amount of the used water should not exceed 4 liters, drunk many drink gives additional load of kidneys and heart, stretches stomach.

6. For once it is desirable to drink no more than 1 glass of water.

7. The last reception of water is better to make not less than in 1,5 hours prior to dream not to provoke emergence of hypostases century.

8. At desire before drink water can be filtered, eaten the greens floating in it, pieces of citrus and cucumber optional

9. It is necessary to exclude gas-forming products, tea and coffee from diet (them water has to replace)

10. Food is eaten in the small portions

Contraindication for the use of water of Sassi is allergic reaction to its components, the expressed renal failure, gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenum and other chronic diseases in aggravation stage.

Efficiency of water of Sassi

Reviews of water of Sassi the set meets. The greatest effect of its use is observed in combination with diet. However all women who have begun water reception noted improvement of the general state, smooth weight reduction, reduction of volume of fatty deposits.

Of course, you should not attribute all achievements only to cocktail. The role is played by reduction of caloric content of food, healthy food, restriction of reception is strong tonics. So golden rule for persons interested to lose excess weight: to drink water of Sassi not after dinner, not till dinner, and instead of!

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