Water for health

вода для здоровья

Among the substances which are available on Earth water holds special position. Water for human health plays especially important role. Such fact is indicative: the embryo of the person consists of water for 95%, not much have less than it and in the newborn's body (75%). In the adult's body this substance also prevails (60). Only in old age the amount of water decreases and makes 57% and less. Water - the aging indicator. There is such version of dependence of process of aging on water: the secret of extension of youth consists in that how qualitative water we drink. Important and its quantity as it is necessary for full process of metabolism.

Researches have shown that the person is able to live without food about 4 weeks, and without water - no more than a week. At normal consumption water in organism is updated in 16-20 days.

Water promotes functioning of all parts of human body. Blood consists of water for 92%, bone - for 22%, muscles - for 75%. Sweat as well as gastric juice, consist of water for 99%. Water delivers oxygen to cells of body, protects bodies, removes waste, etc.

Reduction of amount of water by 1,5% causes not only strong thirst, but also worsens health. The person has drowsiness, the movements are slowed down. There is nausea, and reddening of skin in certain cases takes place. Decrease in moisture content organism for 6-10% can cause headache. This state is fraught with asthma, salivation disappears. Heavier effects - loss of ability to move, is broken logical thinking.

Bigger lack of water of organism (11–20%) causes spasms of muscles. The nonsense, obtusion hearing and sight are inevitable. At loss of 25% of water inevitably there occurs the death.

Let's talk about how it is necessary to drink

Thirst is eliminated not at once, and in 10 - 20 minutes after drink therefore it is better to satisfy it gradually. Drink small drinks with breaks.

The need of organism for water is influenced not only by temperature and humidity of air, but also consumption of coffee as well as alcoholic beverages. Also the condition of organism matters. The illness, feeding of the child breast means.

In usual conditions the person needs to use 2–3 liters of liquid a day. In the form of free liquid the adult consumes about 1-2 liters of water a day. Water in the form of firm food has to make other quantity.

Especially important, quite naturally, to pay special attention to the correct drinking mode during heat. It is better to drink more water in the morning. Thus the liquid reserve is created in organism. And in the afternoon drink is limited.

In release of water from organism daily fluctuations are observed. Let's note also such moment: content of water in body tissues depends even on position of body. Astronauts in orbit consume not enough water as blood casts from legs and is distributed on body more evenly.

Several words - about sweat and urine

Perspiration - by-product of fatty tissues. Sweating carries out function of regulation of body temperature. However excessive sweating - violation which leads to lowering of natural resilience of skin. Because of it it can become rough, begins to be shelled.

Formation of sweat and urine has to be in balance. Diabetes, dermatitis, dropsy - the diseases resulting from violation of water balance in organism. Excessive sweating reduces body temperature, there is organism dehydration. Also excess of urine creates dehydration. The insufficient use of water leads to amassment in cages and vessels of waste that provokes different diseases. Water promotes reduction of number of bacteria in intestines.

But also excessive drink is undesirable. In this case digestion worsens, unjustified load of cardiovascular system and kidneys is created that leads to increase in allocation with water through kidneys and sweat glands of the substances, necessary for organism. Even the temporary overload water violates operating conditions of muscles, leads to fast exhaustion. Because of violation of water-salt exchange in organism can be formed stagnation of liquid. Simple abstention from water consumption, the dry diet, not always brings benefit. Scientists consider that much "diseases of civilization" develop because of chronic dehydration of organism, and even the most serious illnesses can be cured... water.

Councils which can bring benefit

вода для здоровья The most effective way of completion of water in organism - fractional drink: it is necessary to drink gradually, but it is frequent. Let's give some more useful tips connected with balancing of water-salt exchange in organism:

- For exception of excessive sweating it is possible to use sage grass infusion. Those who has this shortcoming do not need to drink hot and warm water.

- At excessive accumulation of water in organism it is possible to use broths of different diuretic herbs, such as elder flowers, hips, lime color. There are also diuretic food - pumpkin, apples, pears.

- For increase in sweating, for example, at treatment of catarrhal diseases, it is recommended to drink broth of roots of Labrador tea, lime color or flowers of elder, crimson kvass, hot crimson tea.

- At excessive thirst it is necessary to exclude vinegar, mustard, pepper, the fat and put too much salt food from food.

- According to east improving systems, it is not necessary to suffer thirst and to detain urine. Thirst causes dryness of language, tendency to infectious diseases, short wind, hypostases, inflammation, disorder of sight. The delay of urine provokes urolithic illness, frustration of the sexual sphere.

- It is very useful to drink glass of water after dream. At first rinse throat then clear language of raid, and only after that it is possible to drink glass of water.

- The person suffering from frequent desires at night should not drink water before going to bed not to get illness of kidneys.