Basic rules of fasting day

разгрузочный день
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1. Determine time and term in advance.

It is possible to refrain, for example, from food from 7 in the evening to 7 in the evening the next day, that is from dinner till dinner (since Friday on Saturday, we will allow), or after dinner before the breakfast the day after tomorrow (it will be about 36 hours).

2. Day "to" and day "after".

And day after it it is preferable to make day before abstention strictly fast, milk and vegetable. Why? Because the animal food, especially fat and meat, creates the greatest slag loading. It is better if this loading both be diminished, and to increase gradually.

3. Cleaning of intestines with enema or, worse, light laxative.

The same purpose - release from waste, simplification and acceleration of the general cleaning. Very important and therefore that the body when the food from the outside does not arrive, begins to soak up strenuously from intestines everything, "what badly lies", all congestive (and there is a lot of it) and that can poison instead of cleaning of. It is one of the reasons of complications at ignorant. If abstention continues more than a day, - to clear intestines every day, it is better on 2 times.

4. Cleaning drink.

Often and gradually to drink. In 24 hours to drink not less than 2,5 liters of liquid. It is possible to drink alkaline mineral water ("Borjomi"), and just boiled with addition of lemon juice (or honey half-teaspoon on glass), and water if it at you high quality. Why to drink? In total then: to help organism to remove the accumulated waste, to wash out fabrics.

5. Not to disturb!

During food abstention - any drugs. Cleaning has to be cleaning. Intervention of chemistry can work is unpredictable.

6. Behavior and spirit.

That who has not got used to abstentions from food who is afraid of them, who has tendency to alarming fears for the health, it is first difficult to spend "food day off". "And suddenly I will not sustain, and suddenly I faint?." At last, there comes the moment when getting just fine hungry!

All this is easily surmountable if at once it is firm to believe in need and medical nature of unloading. Be convinced: competently it is not heavy to refrain from food days two, even in the working days. But it is better to devote after all to it predvykhodny and output.

During food abstentions both physical, and mental loadings have to proceed (and where from them to get to), but to be distributed flexibly. Both to work and to have a rest to try by the principle "often and gradually", whenever possible to avoid intensive tension. But, generally, movements there can be even more usual norm. (p, for example, in such days I try to go as much as possible on foot and easily I pass 20 kilometers.) Uniform walking with breaks, various gymnastics several times a day with slow, not too strong movements...

If you stay at home, then it is necessary to care for freshness of air especially.

Be not afraid of weakness and short-term indispositions. In the first several abstentions such episodes are possible - it is sign that the organism begins the strengthened self-cleaning, begins to move slags... Lie only at explicit weakness and not long, and then be accepted to affairs again. If appetite is played too noticeably, do not approach eating, direct the thoughts on more sublime objects. If are thin, then you do not fear also falling of weight. First in 24 hours it is possible to lose about 1-1,5 kilograms. But at regular correct food abstention you will not grow thin at all if do not want it; weight can even increase, and not at the expense of overeating in other days (upas my God), and is exclusive due to the best assimilation of food.

7. Correct exit.

I specify that it "day after". The first food - fruit, either couple of tomatoes, or piece of water-melon, melon, or glass two fresh natural fruit juice. Or - there is a little porridge... So far all.

It is sure, modest this meal will seem to you and greatly tasty and nourishing. But, of course, appetite will prevail soon. The second food (in 3,5-4 hours) - potato or some porridge (oat, buckwheat), again fruit or vegetables, but is already more. The third (in 4-5 hours) - again porridge or vegetable dish, permissibly and is a little to cottage cheese. If you abstained from food only since evening, then the "recovery" dinner can consist, say, of plate of porridge and glass of curdled milk or kefir. Then the following food will be already usual breakfast.

That's all basic.

You will feel positive influence of fasting day at once, on the same day, or in "day after", and in further. But it is more probable than everything that notable results will appear when these "unloadings" are included into the schedule of your life, will become habit, even requirement. It and will be sign of the fact that the organism has accepted cleaning as the natural debt and the right and has adjusted conscientious removal of slags. Internal purity does not come for once - we litter ourselves with what has got years and years...

внутренняя чистота

If do not decide or some unforeseen contraindications will come to light, it is useful to carry out systematically unloading on juice, on two-day curdled milk (serum), apples, dried fruits or water-melons. Adhere to such diet 1-2 and even 3 days a week. It is possible if there is no intolerance to milk, to spend also purely milk days.