What is visceral fat

висцеральный жир
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It is the fat surrounding and penetrating all our internals - heart, lungs, liver, pancreas. But most of all it around intestines. Visceral fat even creates front belly wall - in the form of big epiploon.

Gross weight of visceral fat even at the most slender person - about 3 kg, and at obesity its weight reaches 20-30 kg. Normal this fabric shrouds in the thinnest cover all our internals, quickly providing them to need for energy.

At excess body weight visceral fat is similar to thick mattress which "squeezes" internals. In them normal blood circulation and lymph flow is broken. As a result, visceral fatty tissue becomes the enemy, interfering with normal functioning of internals.

What internal visceral fat is dangerous by

Fatty deposits happen two types: hypodermic and visceral. And if the first crowd on sides, hips, and on all body under skin, then the second directly occupy abdominal organs. This type of fat is much more dangerous, and it is more difficult to win against it. Currently there are even no surgeries which would help to fight against it.

If in time not to carry out combustion of visceral fat provided that there is too much it, it threatens organism with such effects:

- cancer new growths;

- frustration of hormonal background;

- myocardial infarction;

- development of varicosity;

- violation of exchange processes.

To think of how to reduce visceral fat, ladies need with waist more than 88 cm, and to men with waist more than 94 cm as such volumes demonstrate availability of obesity.

How to be convinced whether you have excesses of visceral fat

Of course, in all details in percentage ratio with mass of your body and subcutaneous fat, the doctor to whom I advise you can tell you about it to go for full clinical inspection. But there are also those factors which you can reveal and draw independent conclusions:

1. It is necessary to determine by what type on your figure fat - as "Yabloko" or "pear" is laid. It is proved that at people with wide hips and slender waist (pear-shaped figure) much less the bases to worry on the matter, than those who is "Yabloko".

2. Measure waist (it is not necessary to pull in at the same time stomach and to tighten centimetric tape to the maximum). Get up directly, relax and measure waist at the level of navel. For women norm are 80 cm, for men - 94. Until recently these norms have been strongly overestimated (88 for women and 104 for men), but the last researches show that at waist higher than 80 and 94 for women and men respectively, the risk of visceral obesity strongly increases.

3. Try to collect skin around navel between big and index fingers in thin fold. If it is impossible to you, most likely, you the owner of rather big reserve of visceral fat. I understand, now many will be upset. But do not take in head to go to seed!!! With visceral fat it is possible and it is necessary to fight!

First of all, it is necessary to put food in order, having balanced it on structure, to reduce portions, to eat fractionally, having refused at least for a while farinaceous food and sweet (on note: have eaten half a kilo of candies - have saved up 250 gr internal fat. Well as, you still want sweet?). It is also necessary to burden himself with performance of physical exercises for reduction of stomach, to be engaged in fitness or simple walking - here you are free to choose. In a word - take care of the own life, devote time to the organism, the health and you by all means will win this fight!

How to get rid of visceral fat

Visceral fat leaves together with hypodermic if only the person has no endocrine diseases. That to get rid of it, it is necessary to go on diet, to be engaged in physical exercises, to drink a lot of water, to accept effective remedies for weight loss. At the same time people with visceral obesity should take the following into account:

☀ for reduction of amount of internal fat physical exercises are more effective, than diet; eat less, but is more often, do not allow emergence of painful feeling of hunger as it will lead to accumulation of bigger amount of visceral fat;

☀ accept vitamin C, drink more coffee because caffeine and ascorbic acid reduce activity of bark of adrenal glands, so oppress synthesis of corticosteroids;

☀ observing low-calorie diet, it is necessary to limit first of all intake of fats and fast carbohydrates; surely drink a lot of water; at the choice of preparation for weight loss it is necessary to give preference to the means accelerating metabolism; it is possible to use the preparations limiting receipt in organism of fats, for example, Ksenikal;

☀ it is desirable to avoid stressful situations or to accept sedative preparations. Anyway, if you keep the figure, visceral fat will not collect. It appears together with "usual", subcutaneous fat.

They leave, as a rule, too together. The principles of weight loss are known long ago, and they are universal. Irrespective of in what place fat was laid, you can move away him if you begin to eat less and to move more.

As alcohol and sweet soft drinks influences

Excess calories, not very well, from alcohol, sweet drinks, or excessively big portions of food can increase amount of visceral fat. In alcohol almost as much calories, as well as in fat.

The sweetened drinks are sugar No. 1 source on comprehensibility. If you want to get rid of visceral fat, the first from what it is worth refusing - the sweetened soft drinks.

It seems that alcohol has special communication with internal fat around waist. Most likely, it because when we drink alcohol, the liver is too occupied with its neutralization still to manage to be engaged in the same time in combustion of fat, as leaves us with beer tummy. Besides, influencing hormones which regulate feeling of saturation, alcohol forces us to feel hungry.

The best exercises for reduction of internal fat

The press is classical

Starting position: lying on spin, the hands bent in elbows, closed in the lock behind the head. Legs, are bent in knees, foot on floor. Lying on spin to raise upper body and to touch knees. To begin to carry out this exercise 4 times a week are necessary from 10 times a day.

Press on the contrary

Starting position: lying on spin. The straightened legs need to be raised before formation of right angle between them and trunk. Ideal this exercise will be if toes of legs to concern floor behind the head. There is such gymnastics! For a start there will be enough 10 times a day 3-4 times a week.

Raising of trunk with twisting

Starting position: lying on spin, hands are bent behind the head, and legs in knees. Feet stand on floor. The same exercise on press only in end the left elbow touches the right knee. And in the following approach the right elbow touches the left knee. Daily norm about 20-30 times a day. 3 times a week.

Press double

Heavier exercise. Starting position: lying on floor, hands in the lock behind the head, and legs are bent in knees. For performance of exercise it is necessary to tighten legs and raising trunk, touching elbows knees. Thus, the support is the share only of waist. In this position of muscle of press do not receive due rest and therefore are tired quicker. From here and big efficiency of exercise. There will be 10-15 times a day, 2-3 times a week enough.

Turns of legs from prone position

Starting position: lying on leg spin lifted at an angle 90?. To serially incline legs at first to the left side, then in right. At the same time to try to concern floor stupnyama. Such exercise involves lateral muscles of stomach and helps to clean sides. Daily norm - 20 times a day. Practically all exercises on press can be carried out every day. But as optimum frequency consider 3-4 times a week.

In month of performance of exercises it is possible to increase intensity of training by one and a half times.

All exercises need to be carried out gradually, smoothly increasing loading. And - such as press - to alternate power exercises to aerobic loadings.

By means of these simple recommendations it is possible to cope easily even with the most hardly accessible deposits of internal fat.

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