Motley diet

пестрая диета
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The motley diet is compilation of several popular monodiets. Fast loss of weight growing thin on this program is caused by the low caloric content of daily diet. Therefore the motley technique belongs to the category of rigid ways of weight loss. And, apparently, she has received the name thanks to variety of products from which the menu of each fasting day is formed.

Six diets — vegetable, meat, egg, milk, fish and fruit enter complex of the motley scheme of weight loss. Each unloading follows one by one. In such, strictly certain sequence. In general and the general, the daily caloric content of every day (and they will be 7) does not exceed 1200-1500 kcal. But the organism will not have serious stress because of special lack of nutrients and vitamins. From the products ordered by diet he will receive all elements, important for harmonious functioning.

During week weight loss it is necessary to eat small portions. Growing thin itself divides the norm put per day into 5-6 receptions. The key moment — to adjust the correct drinking mode: it is impossible to lack liquid, it is recommended to drink not less than two liters of various drinks. Mainly it is herbal teas, berry fruit drinks, sour-milk and bifido-drinks, the water enriched with minerals. And here it is worth refraining from freshly squeezed juice, coffee cocoa and alcohol.

Approximate diet for week of motley diet

Vegetable Monday

Any vegetable cultures are used (exception — potatoes). Carrots, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper, cabbage (fresh and fermented), bean, any greens (including sheet salads) and so on. All this is extinguished, cooks or baked. There is important hang-up — any sharp spices-seasonings as they stimulate appetite, and less salt. No more than 500 grams of all vegetables per day.

Meat Tuesday

Only natural product, preferably dietary types. Way of preparation — suppression, roasting, cooking, convection oven. For this day it is worth choosing turkey or rabbit, chicken fillet, veal. It is possible to cook meatballs, zrazas, ground or bird's beef cutlets, but only on couple or in oven. And again minimum of salt pepper, any garnish, only 500 grams for the whole day.

oven environment

Be adjusted positively — day the heaviest. These days growing thin it is allowed to eat no more than 6 eggs — in different look. It is possible to boil "soft-boiled" or "in sack". Or to make omelet, having added to mix for it no more than two spoons of milk. And here fried eggs are not suitable for this fasting day. Not to abuse salt, and to lean (at strong feeling of hunger) on drinks.

Milk Thursday

After hungry egg unloading it is possible to indulge stomach with useful products — milk (no more than 2 glasses), cottage cheese (100 g), curdled milk, bifidokefiry, natural yogurt (100 ml), cottage cheese (100 g). In one of meals it is authorized to eat small portion of milk porridge. Better if it is buckwheat or porridge. It is impossible to add oil and sugar to dish.

Fish Friday

For this day it is possible to stock up with favourite species of fish or seafood (no more than 0,5 kg). To eat in several approaches in the boiled or baked (steam) look. Ready food before food is allowed to be sprinkled lemon juice — then the product can be not salted at all that will only promote fast weight loss.

Saturday and Sunday undividedly belong to "violence" of fruit

In every day them permissibly is to 1 kilogram, in the fresh or baked look (for example, are good and baked apples or pears will be most useful). In the flying the preference should be given to berries — gooseberry, raspberry, currant and so on. And in the winter — to apples, bananas, kiwi, mango, all citrus.

If it is possible to keep within the declared rules and to observe all nuances of preparation of the dietary menu for week, then it is possible to tell "buzzing Bai" to 5-6 kilograms. You are convinced that motley diet though planing, but effective. As for contraindications to it, it is obvious that people exclusively healthy, not elderly and not teenagers are capable to sustain rigid weight loss. Good luck!

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