Metabolism and weight loss. How to accelerate metabolism?

ускорить обмен веществ

Medical specialists claim that the normal metabolism is one of obligatory pledges of slim figure. This is true, the difference between the consumed and spent energy is the cornerstone of weight loss.

At the slowed-down metabolism (the scientific name of metabolism) the speed of all processes proceeding in organism why and energy extremely small quantity is spent for them decreases. And if the person at the same time excessively consumes high-calorific food, then is quite natural that the mass of his body shortly will begin to increase inevitably.

Therefore, in the circumstances it is possible to define two the main and interconnected among themselves solutions, consisting in correction of usual diet and stimulation of metabolism.

Rules by which forms full balanced and at the same time – the low-calorie menu, are known, perhaps, to each person who at least once in life intended to grow thin. All high-calorific products, including sweet, farinaceous, fat, fried, smoked dishes are excluded from diet. Basis of food vegetables (in any kind) make, fruit, wholegrain or otrubny bread, sheet vegetables, fast meat (chicken, beef), fish of low-fat grades and the fat-free sour-milk products.

So, with dietary diet everything is clear.

By what methods it is possible to accelerate metabolism

Here specialists allocate set of different ways, each of which is very simple and available to any person.

Among these ways nearly the leading position belongs to physical activities. It is noticed that in the flying when the person moves much, and its organism wastes additional efforts to protection against overheat, extra kilos leave much quicker, than in the winter. And just during cold time the human body saves energy, intensively accumulating fatty stocks when which splitting it also receives amount of heat necessary for it.

Regularly playing sports (or having just forced itself to move more), it is possible to accelerate own metabolism – the organism willy-nilly should leave stocks of fatty cages from which it scoops energy.

The stimulating effect also the bath (sauna) where for one stay in steam room, it is possible to lose up to 1,5 l of liquid (and together with it – set of the collected toxins) has. Hot wet air in steam room of bath warms skin surface to 40 °. As a result of it the organism receives some kind of signal "to start cooling" then it activates all exchange processes, intensively spending fatty cages for thermal control.

If weight loss has clogged without the reasons seen to that, and there are no contraindications to visit of bath or sauna – then surely it is necessary to resort to this method of improvement of metabolism.

Some products and drinks from which it is possible to distinguish such as allow to accelerate metabolism: green tea and coffee (without addition of milk and sugar), hot pepper, ginger tea, apple cider vinegar (it usually add to vegetable dishes).

Some nutritionists recommend to use and in such a way as phototherapy (phototherapy). If to use galogenovy lamps as home illuminants, then, according to specialists, in two hours of stay in this room the organism is capable to lose the same number of calories, as for one school hours on the exercise machine.