The strengthened diet

усиленная диета
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On personal experience has checked - in 6 months really to throw off more than 30 kilograms. Earlier I weighed about 105 kg, with the height of 175 centimeters. The strengthened diet has allowed me to throw off excess 30 kg, having presented not only beautiful and "easy" body, but also excellent health, immunity! In article all way of diet - from initial spirit and preparation, to the detailed description of diet is step by step painted.

Before such diet the moral spirit is important. No acquaintances, friends or the family will push you to such diet - only you are capable to adjust correctly yourself, at the moral and sincere level really to wish result. So, you need to make independently the decision - to throw off these 20-30 kg in something.

As to convince itself:

1. Look to the truth in the person - people do not love thick, because of it are initially (predubezhdenno) negative, the respect should be earned by hard work, but on the beach will not get rid of sneers of vacationers in any way;

2. It is worth looking in mirror, it is desirable only in underwear - you will notice nothing pleasant, and it has to push you to its change;

3. One more important factor - health and physical capacities of normal body. After you will throw off these kilograms, you will be ill much less often (immunity at the expense of healthy and healthy food grows stronger) and interest in physical culture will appear. On normal body muscles (at men) and gentle, smooth shapes of body are visible more clearly (at women).

As soon as you have properly adjusted yourself, have prepared for such diet, it is already possible to start it. Report to the family, friends that weight has decided to throw off - that they did not offer you not healthy and greasy food once again and since Monday start diet - new week, new life.

It is worth beginning such diet with fasting day, namely - nothing, except 3 apples and 2 cups of green tea it is impossible. This first day the most important - after that you learn, is ready really to diet or not; also, stomach it is noticeable to be reduced, and you in the future will always want to eat less. Such days need to be spent weekly for the first two months, then it is possible to refuse them.

Time of the use of food

Develop for yourself the most convenient schedule of meal. But it is necessary to eat 3 times a day, with small fruit afternoon snack. To have breakfast, it is desirable, till 9 o'clock; to have dinner to 14; to have supper till 20 o'clock. The rule "is not after 18 hours" in essence confused, you should not cringe to it. The most important, it to eat food for hour 3-4 to dream - it improves digestion. Also, you need to bring in the schedule the major detail - water. Considering its specific features which are important for digestion, it should be used for minutes 20-30 before the main meal, and not earlier than 20 minutes after food (including tea and other liquid).

Portions. Of course, quite difficult itself will limit the first weeks so sharply, but fasting days will help. Reduce the portions by 70% at least, the food on plate has to be on volume, as at expensive restaurants standard portions. I think, you should not remind that these portions need to be used as long as possible - distract yourself conversation at table, as a last resort you watch TV. The standard of the use of food - of 15 minutes if leaves to stretch meal for all 20 minutes then with feeling of saturation there will be no problems at all.

The resolved food

Here I will provide the full list of the resolved food and its admissible schedule of reception:

фрукты 1. Fruit овощи 2. Vegetables
- apples (every day to 5-6 pieces)
- grapefruit, orange (on half in day)
- water-melon (to 3-4 kg a day)
- quince (to 2 in day)
- cherry, sweet cherry, plum, peach and apricot - to 1 kg a day
- raspberry, wild strawberry, bilberry and strawberry - to 0,5 kg a day
- the cabbage is fermented, white, color, broccoli and other versions (to 1 kg a day)
- greens (in salads it is almost not limited)
- tomatoes, paprika, eggplants, carrots, beet, onions, garden radish and vegetable marrows (to 0,5 kg a day)
- potatoes (0,5 kg, once a week, are exclusive in soup)

мясо 3. Meat сладкое 4. Sweet
- chicken fillet (once in three days on 300 grams per day)
- chicken liver (once a week on 500 grams per day)
- meat of squids (in week to 1 kg)
- shrimps not chishchenny (to 2 kg a week)
- honey (every day on 2-3 tablespoons, it is possible in tea)
- the condensed qualitative milk (one bank in 3 weeks, only in exceptional cases)

каши 5. Kashi напитки 6. Drinks
- buckwheat and wheat cereal, rice, pearl barley, porridge (every day, to 300 grams) - tea black, green (every day to 4 cups)
- juice (time in three days on 0,5 l)

консервации и молочные продукты 7. Preservation and dairy products
- peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, marrow caviar, corn, pineapple (on one banks of 500 grams weekly)
- firm cheese not fat (to 100 grams every day)
- milk, sour cream, kefir, not fat cottage cheese (weekly, to 200 grams)

Cooking and recipes

It is necessary to prepare either on water, or with addition of olive oil. About fried food it is necessary to forget in general. It is the best of all to cook vegetables in the microwave oven (so most of all remains vitamins), or to extinguish on water. Of course, when cooking porridges it is forbidden to put butter - only the porridge cooked on water.

Distribute the resolved products so that every day there was something new, and the most important - shall be present every day meat. Chicken fillet can be cooked with onions and carrot, with addition of spices, and chicken liver - stushiv, with carrot on water. Squids and shrimps are just boiled in water till 5 minutes - and they are ready to the use. It is possible to add drop of olive oil to vegetables salads several times a week.

Physical exercises

физические упражнения

Ideally, on such diet it is necessary to run every day. But considering that there are problems at work, run should be done obligatory at the weekend - increasing gradually run duration from 20 minutes to hour.

In house conditions it is necessary to carry out certain, minimum occupations every day. Make for yourself level - every day to swing press of 100 times, to be wrung out 30 and to squat 50. If are available in the house of dumbbell, horizontal bars or exercise machines are big plus - with their help will do much more cheerfully physical exercises.

Here and all secret of this diet. I had enough half a year for this purpose to take the ideal shape, having thrown off more than 30 kilograms, I hope, it will also help you!

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