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Harmony, perfection, beauty, grace - all these words to the figure dreams to hear each woman. However before on several steps to approach ideal it is necessary to work at correction of body seriously. At the same time independently to begin to create the image it is better from problem places. When our figure in some places gets the indistinct and drooped contours there is a wish to get rid of similar shortcoming somewhat quicker.

One of the most beautiful and sexual parts of female body on - to the right the stomach is considered. The nice flat tummy if it is open, just magnetically attracts man's views. Modern women of fashion, knowing about advantages of the figure, hurry to put on somewhat quicker short topics and to show to the whole world flat, with elastic skin stomach. Along with it if the stomach for any reasons has begun to grow, be stuck out, has acquired fat, has drooped, it can provoke emergence of complexes on the basis of which the depression will develop. To avoid similar succession of events it is necessary to take measures in advance and to study possible (or already arisen) problem very carefully.

The muscles causing the correct shape of stomach

The pot-belly gives the mass of inconvenience to any person, regardless of that, the man it or the woman. It is very difficult to hide stomach under clothes, it is difficult to hide it, using elastic linen, and it can be hazardous to health if to draw waist and thorax rigid corset, trying to reduce the stomach size thus. Moreover, contrary to ordinary opinion that the stomach sticks out only at fat people the people who do not have big fatty layer can be subject to changes in this part of body too. Therefore, excess weight not the only reason influencing shape of your stomach.

There are two main problems which elimination will help to make stomach beautiful and is flat thick fatty layer in the field of press and the relaxed flabby muscles. At the same time if not to be engaged in active trainings and not to do stomach exercise, fat can be laid both in abdominal cavity, and on muscles. Thus, swinging regularly press, you solve at the same time two problems - train muscles and get rid of fatty deposits. However that trainings have brought really necessary result, it is necessary to distribute evenly load of all muscles which cause the correct shape of stomach.

A number of muscles exert impact on condition of belly wall. The belly Persian forming belly wall consists of cross muscle, straight line and oblique muscles. The direct muscle controls process of bending and extension of backbone, cross - surrounds abdominal cavity and promotes rapprochement of the lower edges, oblique muscles of press create waist, and deep muscles of back exert impact on bearing. When training paying attention to each group of muscles soon your stomach will take that shape of which you dreamed.

The reasons for which there is deterioration in condition of muscles of press

The main reason for which you can be dissatisfied with your stomach, this lack of regular trainings at slow-moving way of life. In this case it is very important to understand that any diets, no changes in food will bring your press into the necessary tone. From the fact that you will begin to eat less the fatty layer on stomach can decrease, but it will not help to strengthen press muscles. Sedentary work gradually weakens day by day all muscles, doing stomach drooped, flabby and convex.

At young girls of students, schoolgirls and all those to whom it is necessary daily till several hours a day to sit, the direct muscle of stomach weakens. The same, weakening of direct muscle of abdominal tension, happens also at the wrong bearing. Constantly lowered thorax gradually gets used to uniform situation and the muscles which are not receiving loading lose the elasticity.

The weak press worsens the general state of health

Everything is provided in human body to the smallest details. The main vitals are protected by thorax. Other internals are located in abdominal cavity and as protection for them serves the elastic belly wall. The main purpose of press - not to allow the shift of internals and to provide their normal arrangement.

Daily each of us makes set of movements - we run, we jump, we ride the bicycle or just we do household chores. During the mobility period internals inevitably are exposed to powerful shake-up. At the same time if because of weak press there was shift of some bodies, it can lead to violation of blood supply and other physiological processes. Whether it is worth risking the health if rather just to carry out stomach exercises in house conditions.

Certainly, lack of physical activities on muscles of press will not be led to the fact that all internals "will just fall" to pelvic bottom. To save our organism from similar trouble, the nature has invented easy and effective way to save the person from itself. The weak incapacitated press is replaced with the saved-up fat on which internals lean.

What protection you prefer, beautiful, elastic, flat stomach or thick layer of fatty deposits?

The choice for you.

As it is correct to carry out exercises

Как правильно выполнять упражнения

Having made the decision to begin trainings on strengthening of press, do not forget to get acquainted with the basic rules of their performance.

For a start be defined, where exactly you want to be engaged in it and as. If you prefer privacy, then own room will become quite pertinent place to make the stomach flat and beautiful. Fans of occupations in environment similar can use gym where the ab trainer will help to solve problem to you.

The next moment which should pay attention, this correct drawing up set of exercises. To achieve good results, it is necessary to pick up the program which will consider study of all groups of muscles of abdominal tension. For training of upper press one exercises, and will be suitable for training of lower - absolutely others. If you do not know how it is correct to make complex, consult to the competent person, to the instructor or the trainer.

During occupations carefully you monitor breath. The breath needs to be taken at peak of tension of muscles, and exhalation at full relaxation. Besides you should not be zealous too.

Too big physical activity will not bring benefit, and will only complicate your task. Begin to be engaged gradually, taking the forces and possibilities of organism into consideration. The main thing to observe regularity and not to give up the begun business on half of way. Remember, all have press!

Combination of stomach exercises to diets

As a rule, most of people prefer to do stomach exercises twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Duration of occupations depends on your abilities and is chosen individually. It is desirable to be engaged in physical activities on hungry stomach. Short charging after awakening will help to activate quicker forces and will prepare organism for operating mode. The second time for performance of exercises choose day or early evening.

If in fight against excess weight you apply any diet, surely consider this circumstance. Passing to way of food, unusual for itself, you create stressful situation which can be aggravated and deprive of you the last forces because of uncontrolled sports activities for organism. The strengthened physical activities during this period can do much harm to your health.

Nevertheless, the combination of correctly calculated exercises and the balanced food will yield excellent result and will help to make quicker your figure ideal. Track that in your food in enough there were all necessary microelements, and also proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

What are technology of swing of press

For effective training of press it is necessary to alternate exercises different in technology of performance. The main difference of exercises is that one of them are directed to study of the lower press, and others - upper. Exercises cardinally differ on equipment and train different groups of muscles. So, for example, for training of upper part of press carry out exercises with raising of trunk at motionless basin, and the lower press train, raising legs and basin at the fixed thorax.

For strengthening of oblique muscles of press which influence forming of waist carry out lateral inclinations and different turns of trunk. In this case it is important to achieve good extension of muscles that will make them flexible, elastic and elastic.

Besides, it is desirable to include in exercise complex on training of cross muscle of stomach which are carried out in prone position or being on all fours and consist in active retraction of stomach on breath and smooth relaxation on exhalation.

You independently will be able to make the necessary program which will make your stomach flat and beautiful of the exercises given below.

Exercises for training of upper press

Exercise No. 1.

Starting position - lying, legs are bent in knees, foot at shoulder length, hands behind neck, elbows are divorced aside. Smoothly we lift upper part of trunk, watching that the waist has been densely pressed to floor. For several minutes being late in upper point, slowly we pass into starting position.

Упражнение №1

Exercise No. 2.

Starting position - lying on spin, legs are lifted up and straightened in knees and make right angle with upper part of trunk, hands are located on nape, elbows are divorced in the parties, muscles of neck are relaxed. It is necessary to execute raising of torso with tension of muscles of abdominal tension from starting position so that shovels have come off floor. Return to starting position and execute exercise several times.

Упражнение №2

Exercise No. 3.

Starting position - lying on spin, legs are lifted and bent in knees, hips are perpendicularly located to trunk, and shins are parallel to floor, hands on nape, elbows are divorced, muscles of neck are relaxed. Along with breath, straining press muscles, raise upper body and, having torn off shovels from surface, stretch the right shoulder to the left knee. Having returned to starting position, repeat exercise in mirror display - the left shoulder stretch to the right knee, straining press muscles.

Упражнение №3

Exercise No. 4.

Starting position - lying on spin, legs are bent, feet are developed inside and pressed to each other, superficially this pose has to resemble pose of "frog", hands on nape, elbows are divorced, muscles of neck and the head are relaxed. Straining press muscles, lift upper part of trunk up, having torn off shovels from floor.

Упражнение №4

Exercise No. 5.

Starting position - lying on spin, edges of feet are pressed to each other, legs are slightly bent, the pose reminds pose of "rider", muscles of neck are relaxed. Raise upper body up, having torn off shovels from floor surface.

Упражнение №5


1 approach: execute the first and second exercises.
2 approach: execute the third and fourth exercises.
3 approach: execute the fifth and first exercise.

The number of repetitions of 15-20 times in one approach.

At the initial stage of development of muscles of abdominal tension execute on one approach on each exercise. You can reduce the number of repetitions in approach till 8-10 times. Possibly also to be necessary for you rest within 15-20 seconds after performance of each exercise.

In process of development of muscles of stomach and endurance reduce the rest periods between approaches and increase the number of repetitions in one approach to the recommended number (15-20 times).

If you are at more advanced level, carry out all planned loading with the minimum periods of rest between parts of training. They have to make no more than five seconds. In process of development of muscles of abdominal tension put burdenings into operation, carry out exercises on inclined board or change rate of performance of exercises. We recommend to increase also the number of approaches in each exercise to 3 times.

Exercises for training of the lower press

Exercise No. 1.

Starting position - lying on spin, legs are straightened, hands on nape, elbows are divorced in the parties. Straining press muscles, slowly raise legs, at the same time bending them in knees. Try to press knees to breast as much as possible. Having stood in such situation for several seconds, smoothly return legs to starting position. If physical training allows, you can complicate exercise, carrying out it without bending leg in knees. At the same time try to raise direct legs as it is possible above.

Упражнение №1

Exercise No. 2.

Starting position - lying on spin, hands are extended along trunk by palms down or enclosed under buttocks, legs are bent in knees and slightly raised over floor. Tighten legs to breast, leaving shoulders and lumbar department in motionless state. Not to lower leg on floor before the end of exercises.

Упражнение №2

Exercise No. 3.

Starting position - lying on spin, hands are extended along body and enclosed under buttocks, legs are bent in knees and pressed one to another, shoulders and lumbar department are recorded on site, muscles of neck are relaxed. Without tearing off shovels from floor surface, smoothly we lower legs sideways, serially alternating the right and left parties. If exercise is carried out rather easily, complicate it, having clamped small ball boundary knees.

Упражнение №3

Exercise No. 4.

Starting position - lying on spin, hands on nape, elbows are divorced in the parties, legs are bent in knees. Serially tightening legs to breast, imitate the movements of the cyclist, without concerning floor before the end of performance of exercises.

Упражнение №4

Exercise No. 5.

Starting position - lying on the bench put under inclination, the head in upper part, hands to hold bench over the head, legs are straightened, muscles of neck are relaxed. Without bending leg in knees, to raise direct legs as it is possible above. To try to carry out exercise slowly and smoothly, as much as possible straining belly muscles.

Упражнение №4

Several recommendations for beginners to be engaged

If you only have begun to be engaged it is not necessary to do too many repetitions. It will result in fast fatigue and, as a result, to loss of interest in trainings.

Carrying out stomach exercises you have to feel tension of muscles in abdominal cavity. If this feeling is absent, most likely you do something not so. In this case pay attention to correctness of performance of exercises and concentrate attention on stomach muscles.

Несколько рекомендаций для начинающих заниматься

During training tension in muscles of legs and the waist should not be priority. You this moment you strengthen press and work on this problem. Therefore muscles of abdominal tension have to test the main tension.

Beginning to be engaged, try to distribute the forces so that they were enough for performance of all set of exercises, but not for one-two. The expected effect can be gained only if you daily carry out all exercises without any exception.

Being engaged regularly, gradually increase loading, without stopping long on one results. It will allow your muscles to raise and become stronger that is very important when performing stomach exercises.

Carrying out set of exercises, considering all above information and listening to our recommendations, in 1,5-2 months you do not learn the figure. Your charming flat tummy will become ideal form, tightened, elastic and beautiful. It will be subject of your pride and confirmation that you keep the figure and the health.