Exercises for weight loss

упражнения для похудения
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Today the problem of excess weight is so popular what to speak about it, perhaps, there is no sense. Millions of women and men worldwide daily fight against excess centimeters, and not always such fight brings desirable results. Very often, having tried fasting days and various diets, women torture themselves the same question why I eat very little, and all the same I do not grow thin? Everything is very simple – reduction of food allowance will not be able to yield desirable result without certain physical activities.

It is quite possible that the perspective will not cause to carry out physical exercises for weight loss at you huge pleasure. But you should not forget that on magic nothing ever happens. But, if you are persistent and persistent, then for desirable result – the stunning figure – will not keep itself waiting long.

What to be engaged in?

It is necessary to choose this or that type of physical activity not only, following personal preferences. The choice of physical exercises will depend directly on what parts of body you should correct. Let's tell, for those who have no strong indications of obesity, it is better to put emphasis on jogs, gymnastics, occupations by shaping or easy types of aerobics.

You ask where it is better to carry out these such physical exercise? Yes anywhere: in the gym, the fitness center, in the pool and even at home especially as to master them not and it is difficult. The main thing – by all means to coordinate sports occupations with the doctor that there was no contraindication for health reasons.

Several words about healthy nutrition

Even, if you implicitly also regularly carry out all exercises, but will not begin to limit yourself in food – can not expect positive result. Notice, it is about healthy nutrition, but not about diets. By all means refuse semi-finished products (even if after trainings to you will be laziness to make dinner), do not eat fried food, ketchups, mayonnaise, alcohol. Certainly, after intensive training you need dense dinner, but in other days you should not overeat.

How to eat properly

That it is required to you for occupations:

• Rug, for performance of exercises on floor;
• Very narrow bench with quite elastic upholstery;
• Dumbbells;
• Sportswear, footwear and special gloves;

In house conditions three times a week with intervals between occupations in one day are the best of all to carry out exercises. For trainings time from 11:00 till 14:00 and from 18:00 till 20:00 is considered ideal. Classes should be given regularly and only with positive spirit.

Remember that any set of exercises for weight loss is effective no more than 4 weeks, and then the organism begins to adapt to loadings. At this moment it is necessary either to increase loadings, or to change set of exercises. It is the best of all to carry out exercises for weight loss in house conditions not earlier, than in two hours prior to food or to dream. At the same time they shall be pleasant to you. Otherwise the result can be much more modest, than you expect that.

Each occupation needs to be begun with warm-up, and for this purpose you to be necessary to remember school physical education classes.

As we already spoke, for each problem part of the body there are special exercises. We now will also talk about them.

So, we will begin:

Exercises for weight loss of stomach

упражнения для похудения живота The stomach is one of the most problem zones for most of women. And this problem can disturb even those who have no occasion to worry about the figure. All the matter is that on stomach at the woman most of all fats accumulate.

First of all, there is a wish to warn you about that you never did only one exercises for weight loss of stomach. In itself they will not help you to get rid of excess weight. In this case you are threatened by strengthening and increase in muscles therefore you can be left without waist absolutely.

To achieve the maximum results, you have to alternate different exercises for weight loss of stomach, applying for this purpose different amplitude. Let's consider the most widespread of these exercises:

• Exercise "twisting"

Its action directionally on direct muscles and it is necessary to carry out it with small amplitude. For this purpose you have to lay down on floor and properly press to it waist. Bend legs in knees, direct elbows in different directions and get hands for the head. On breath tear off the head and shovels from floor, raising at the same time up chin. On exhalation return to initial position.

• Exercise "the return twisting"

As well as the previous, this exercise is carried out with small amplitude. Lay down on floor, bend legs in knees, get for the head of hand and part elbows in the parties. On breath tear off from floor of shovel and the head, having raised at the same time basin. On exhalation take initial position.

• We raise trunk

Lay down on floor, bend legs in knees, get for the head of hand and part elbows in the parties. On breath tear off the body from floor and, slowly rise to the knees. On exhalation return to starting position.

• We raise legs

In this exercise big amplitude is important. Sit down on chair and lean on edge. On breath tighten legs to the body, and on exhalation return to starting position.

• Exercise for oblique muscles of stomach

For this purpose sit down on chair and carry out slanting turns of the body. Everything will also be suitable for oblique muscles, above-mentioned exercises, but it is necessary to carry out them with small turns.

Remember that such exercises are not recommended to be applied to people with sore backbone. Well and, of course, do not forget about such additional classes as aerobics, massages and swimming in the pool.

Stomach exercises

Exercises for weight loss of legs

упражнения для похудения ног First of all, be defined in what places your legs have to grow thin: on hips or on calves.

To get rid of excess centimeters and to make skin and muscles of legs more elastic you will be helped by the following exercises for weight loss of legs:

• Stand directly, you hold hands on belt and rise by leg, halfbent forward in knee then slowly straighten it. For each leg it is necessary to repeat this exercise on 8 times. Take the 15th second break and again repeat exercise. In total, at you 8 approaches have to turn out.

• To tighten muscles of the front side of hips and buttocks, carry out attacks by legs forward. But you remember that this exercise surely alternates on different knees, and hands at the same time have to rest against hips.

• It is possible to clean from internal part of hips flabbiness in such a way: lay down on back and part the extended legs. You watch that during this exercise of leg did not deviate back or forward.

• If you are disturbed by fatty deposits from outer side of hips, lift top direct leg, being in lying situation. During this exercise the sock needs to be pulled on itself. After eight approaches change leg.

You have thick calves? Then by all means try such exercises for weight loss:

• Lay down on back, bend legs in knees and pull on yourself socks.

• It is also possible to become near wall, to strongly rest against it hands. Bend one leg in knee and put it on shin of opposite leg.

• Do not forget as well about running on the spot. It is proved that it is one of the most universal remedies against the laid fat.

How to make legs harmonous and beautiful

Exercises for weight loss of hips

упражнения для похудения бедер The zone of hips, at fight against excess weight, is one of the most problem. But you should not despair! Carry out regularly all exercises for weight loss of hips described below, and you will achieve considerable reduction of the sizes of your hips.

• Reach horizontal position, put hands on buttocks. You watch that legs were straight lines. Lift them up and in such situation you reduce and you part them 10 times (muscles have to be intense).

• Kneel, lower hands and straighten feet. At the same time fall by floor near feet on the right and incline the body to the left. Hands during performance of this exercise have to be direct and extended before themselves. Then return to starting position, having made breakthrough. This physical exercise is carried out on 10 times on each party.

• The following of exercise will help you to get rid of cellulitis on hips. Become so that legs were wider than shoulders and turn out outside socks. Holding directly hands, it is necessary to squat slowly, straining muscles of hips and buttocks. Having sat down, be late for some time, and get up, having made effort. So it is necessary to repeat 10 times, having executed 3 approaches.

• You lay down on the right side, lean on the hand bent in elbow and bend upper leg in knee. Transfer leg forward. At the same time, as is possible lift above and lower the lower leg. On each of sides it is necessary to do eight approaches on two rises. This exercise is simply irreplaceable for trainings of internal part of hip therefore it is necessary to carry out it as often as possible.

• To reduce the size of hips, it is necessary to become on the left knee and to lean on straight arms. After that it is necessary to take away the right leg to the right and back, to straighten it and to concern floor the extended sock. It is also possible to raise leg and to do roundabouts up and to the left, and then – down and to the right. It is so necessary to make 10 times without stops. Remember that the leg cannot be bent in knee and also it is impossible to bend waist. All exercise should be repeated also for the left leg.

• The most effective exercises for reduction of the sizes of hips are carried out lying. For this purpose you have to weaken completely all upper part of your trunk and lie, at the same time, on one side. The upper leg should be bent and put on lower.

• Bend in leg knees a little, put them on width of shoulders, and take away hands back. After that bend them in elbows, bend basin forward and try to rise on socks. In such situation it is necessary to stand for several seconds. It is necessary to repeat this exercise eight times.

Wrappings against cellulitis

Exercises for weight loss of buttocks

упражнения для похудения ягодиц To get rid of the drooped buttocks, rather regularly to carry out complex of simple exercises:

• Sit down on edge of chair, put separately foot of legs. Try to clamp any subject (cushion, the book, etc.) between knees. You have to sit and hold directly sitting by hands. Strongly squeeze muscles of hips this subject and remain in such situation one minute. After that it is possible to relax and again to start exercise performance.

• For performance of the following exercise for weight loss of buttocks you should kneel and put on hand belt. Then to sit down on floor, at first on right, and then on the left buttock. This exercise should be done until you begin to feel fatigue in muscles of buttocks. You should not go on easy way – you do not sit down on legs. So you will not achieve absolutely any effect. At first it is quite difficult to carry out this exercise, you very quickly learn it.

• For this exercise you should lean nape and back against wall, to bend in knees of leg and to strain muscles. You have to stay in such situation not less than one minute. At first it can be rather difficult therefore at first it is possible to reduce time a little. Carrying out this exercise, you watch that your nape, buttocks and back did not come off wall. Otherwise this exercise will not have absolutely any efficiency.

• Clasp with both hands the right knee and tighten carefully it to breast, having recorded this situation at least for 20 seconds. Repeat the same actions also with other leg. This exercise needs to be carried out till 5-10 times with each leg.

• You lay down on back and lean against wall legs. Strain gluteuses, trying to raise hips and basin from floor, at the same time, without tearing off back. At first it will be very difficult to you to make it. But already over time you will be able to carry out to 10 such rises for one exercise.

Unfortunately, we very often catastrophically lack for ourselves time. But here to all who dream to grow thin important to acquire – if you do not take care of the own life, then for you precisely nobody else will not make it. Besides, it is possible to be engaged not less effectively in physical exercises directly at home presently. For this purpose now it is enough to get acquainted with technique of performance of exercises on the Internet. Your persistence, healthy nutrition (do not forget about it at all!), huge desire to become even more attractive – and in several months you will notice how your figure has changed, and parameters have reached the desirable sizes. Adhere to the balanced diet, regularly carry out physical exercises – and you will find not only beauty, but also health!

Author: Polina Alexandrova
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