Exercises for hands

упражнения для рук

Exercise 1. To rise directly. To extend hands before itself at the level of shoulders (parallel to floor). Having slightly squeezed fingers in fist, to sharply lift and lower brushes. To repeat 5 times, to gradually increase the number of repetitions to 10 times.

Exercise 2. To raise hands to shoulder height, having parted elbows in the parties, brushes at the level of shoulder joint, fingers are slightly squeezed. To lift and lower brushes, as in the previous exercise. Number of repetitions the same.

Exercise 3. To extend hands forward parallel to floor at the level of shoulders, to part fingers as it is possible more widely. To sharply lift and lower brushes.

Exercise 4. To part hands in the parties, to raise to shoulder height, having bent in elbows, to part fingers. To lift and lower brushes.

Exercise 5. To extend hands before itself at the level of shoulders, palms are turned down, fingers direct, cramped together. To lift and lower hands.

Exercise 6. To do the same exercise, having bent hands in elbows.

Above-mentioned exercises strengthen hands, improve mobility in luchezapyastny joints, improve blood circulation of muscles and small joints of hands. The number of repetitions of all these exercises same, as well as in the first two.

Exercise 7. To rise directly, legs together, hands are bent in elbows at right angle, brushes are squeezed in fists, thumb inside. With force to throw out hands forward, then to return to former situation.

Exercise 8. The same starting position, hands with the clenched fists are lowered along body. The sharp movement to lift brushes to shoulders (forearms are strained), then to return hands to starting position.

When performing this exercise elbows should not move. Raising hands, to try not to touch shoulders, and lowering - to hips.

Exercise 9. To rise directly, legs together, hands are extended along body. To relax the right hand, then, without bending, to raise it forward and up, holding over-headed palm outside, to lower. To repeat the same exercise by the left hand, then two hands at the same time.

Exercise 10. The same starting position, brushes are squeezed in fists (thumb in fist). To inhale, hold the breath, to rotate the right hand in front back until there is desire to make exhalation; then to stop exercise, with force to exhale and at the same time to throw out hand at the level of shoulder forward. To repeat exercise, rotating the right hand in the opposite direction.

After that to make the same exercise the left hand.

Exercise 11. To clench fists, to inhale and do by both hands roundabouts, lifting them ahead up. Then to exhale, inhale and, having held the breath, to repeat exercise, rotating hands back up and forward down.

Exercise 12. To rise directly, legs together of hand are lowered along trunk, fingers are squeezed in fist, thumb inside. To make breath, to hold the breath and to hang the head, to press chin to interclavicular hollow. Vigorously, with effort to lift and lower shoulders (the back remains to straight line). Then to raise the head, at the same time doing exhalation through nose, to accept starting position. To repeat all movements of 5 times.

Exercises 7-12 I strengthen elbow and shoulder joints improve blood circulation in muscles of forearm and shoulder.