How to reduce the stomach size

уменьшить размер живота

Many owners of pot-belly dream to get rid of it, but do not know as. He prevents them to live, creates discomfort in different life situations, spoils esthetics of appearance of the person.

But in addition to explicit problems there are also hidden here. Namely the fact that the pot-belly is symptom of visceral obesity, that is obesity of internals. And at the same time function of these internals can suffer very strongly. Because of it there can be such terrible diseases as diabetes 2 types, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, gout, urolithic illness, zhelchekamenny illness and so on. Therefore it is necessary to struggle with visceral obesity rigidly.

Because of what the stomach increases in sizes

The size of stomach depends on the size of internals, volume of visceral and subcutaneous fat and tone of muscles of belly wall.

The size of internals can increase at reception of big portions of food. At the same time the stomach and intestines in which there can be a lot of digested food pererastyagivatsya. At one people the stomach can contain in itself 0,5 liters, at others all 3-4 liters. The increased volume of the fried and greasy food demands the increased volume of digestive enzymes and bile. At the same time the gall bladder increases, in it is mute there can to be stagnation of bile and formation of stones. Other bodies can increase at the expense of fatty dystrophy (for example, steatoz liver).

Accumulation of fat in abdominal cavity and under skin is also connected with bad diet. This fat accumulates around intestines, in epiploons, around kidneys, heart and other bodies. It squeezes these bodies, breaking microblood circulation in them that leads to loss of the functions by them. Excess of fat in blood damages vascular wall from within that leads to formation of atherosclerotic plaques and bigger violation both microcirculation, and macroblood circulation.

Atonichny muscles of stomach cannot keep the increased volume of abdominal cavity because of what they begin to stick out outside. Muscles also carry out massage function. At their reduction motility of intestines improves, is removed excesses of bile from gall bladder, microcirculation of internals improves. At the increased stomach to carry out such massage very difficult.

As will cope with the increased stomach

In order that the volume of stomach became less, the integrated approach is necessary. Here each detail and each trifle will be important. Will very difficult cope with this problem, for example, only one diet. It is necessary to change way of life.

For a start it is necessary to get rid of addictions. Alcohol and tobacco disturb in undertaking of any business, they take away on themselves too many means and time, unsettle. Therefore for a start it is necessary to try to deal with it.

Then it is necessary to normalize the day regimen. To sleep it is necessary to lay down at 23:00 at 24:00 already to have dreams as somewhere one important hormone (youth hormone) which recovers and regulates exchange processes in organism begins to be emitted at this time. And obesity is and there is metabolic disorder.

The diet has to be balanced. The preference should be given to milk and vegetable diet with large amount of cellulose as it "cleans" intestines, being at the same time ballast material. It is necessary to eat food 6 times a day in the small portions that the size of stomach and intestines have begun to decrease in volumes.

Due level of physical activity is necessary in order that the expense of calories exceeded receipt. It is necessary to be engaged in exercises which strengthen muscles of belly wall (press). As a result of it they will come to the necessary tone and will provide massage of internals.

But the most important without what not to do in this case, it without the due level of motivation and desire.