Carbohydrate and proteinaceous fasting days

углеводные разгрузочные дни

If it is necessary to grow thin, the general caloric content of diet should be reduced by 10 and more percent depending on obesity degree. It is recommended to limit animal fats and to increase consumption of vegetable oils. Are considerably limited easily assimilable sugar, quickly passing into fat, the amount of table salt decreases (to 4-6 g a day), alcoholic beverages are completely excluded, the share of vegetables and fruit increases. Against such diet it is possible to include one fasting day a week. Are most effective fruit and vegetable, meat - vegetable, cottage cheese and kefiric fasting days. Fruit and vegetable days are usually transferred easily as rather large volume of food creates sense of fulness and reflex brakes the food center.

Also proteinaceous fasting days are well transferred. The proteinaceous food accelerates digestion of carbohydrates and fats. In proteinaceous fasting days cottage cheese, kefiric, milk or meat diets are usually applied.

Let's give several examples of carbohydrate (fruit and vegetable) and proteinaceous fasting days.

Carbohydrate days

Fruit and vegetable day: 1,5-2 kg of various vegetables and fruit in the form of salads, vinaigrettes, vegetable and fruit juice (500 ml).

pblochny day: 1,5-2 kg of crude apples in a raw state and in the form of apple dishes.

Cucumber day: 15-20 cucumbers (about 2 kg), 1 egg, 3-4 g of table salt. To eat all in 5-6 receptions.

Proteinaceous days

Cottage cheese day: 600 g of skim cheese, 60 g of sour cream, 2 glasses of coffee with milk without sugar and 2 glasses of broth of dogrose; all this is divided into 5 meals during the day.

Kefiric day: 6 glasses (on 1 glass on reception) kefir, curdled milk or acidophilus milk without sugar.

Milk day: 1-1,5 l of the milk drunk in 6-8 receptions. This fasting day can be used only in case of good tolerance of milk, as as it was already mentioned, not all adults have lactase - the enzyme promoting its digestion.

Meat day: 600 g of crude meat to boil, divide into 4 parts. To use each part with garnish from fresh or sourcrout, cucumber or green salad. Besides, this day it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of coffee with milk without sugar and 2 glasses of broth of dogrose.