Cottage cheese diet

творожная диета
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One of the most useful diets and them by right it is possible to call cottage cheese diets rescue for those who dreamed of slim figure long ago.

Cottage cheese very often is one of the main components of many diets and it with an ulterior motive, cottage cheese contains very impressive amount of the useful substances necessary for organism so during tvorogosoderzhashchy diet your organism will not lack for useful elements.

Diet on cottage cheese - advantage for organism

It is necessary to carry to useful properties of product:

  • at moderate fat content (to 4-5%), it is dietary product;
  • it is used in the medical purposes at obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertensive illness with obesity;
  • it is applied at insufficiency of blood circulation, diseases of liver and bilious ways;
  • it is rich with calcium and phosphorus, contains proteins, milk fats, and also the substances promoting fat splitting;
  • cottage cheese the diet will well affect condition of nails, teeth, hair, bones and will reduce risk of development of osteoporosis;
  • protein of this product is easily acquired by organism, at the same time cottage cheese we are quickly saturated;
  • its regular use accelerates metabolism, improves work of nervous system;
  • sometimes the benefit is brought also by diuretic effect at the expense of high content in product of salts of calcium.

General recommendations

творожная диета Here several recommendations for successful use of cottage cheese diet for weight loss:

☀ Cottage cheese is used only fresh, low-fat, it is desirable house.

☀ Fruit for expanded diet - choose on season. Content of vitamins is important at weight loss of 7 days and longer.

☀ If you have decided to try cottage cheese and egg diet - carefully choose eggs. The shell has to be strong and pure.

☀ After the termination do not snatch on usual products.

☀ the First three days it is desirable to use porridge for breakfast, not to overload lunch and dinner.

Types of cottage cheese diets

Cottage cheese diet for 3 days

There are several types of diets with cottage cheese use, the most optimum of them - diet for 3 days.

The dishes containing cottage cheese are the main, but they can be diluted with inclusion in the menu of fruit, vegetables, cereal cultures, juice and unsweetened tea.

The three-day diet recommends to use the main cottage cheese course during lunch. During breaks after the main meals it is possible to eat orange, cucumber, to drink glass of juice, mineral water or cup of green tea. It helps to diversify several the menu, to make it more nourishing. For the entire period of such food it is possible to dump up to 5 extra kilos.

This type of diet more rigid in comparison with other its options. At this diet it is necessary to eat each 2-3 hours 200 g of cottage cheese without any additives (for example, sour creams, sugar and salt). To dilute a little cottage cheese, it is possible to add to it citrus, natural low-fat yogurt, it is a little dried apricots or honey. Recommend to wash down all this with 1% kefir which improves assimilation of this dish. During such diet, by estimates of nutritionists, it is possible to throw off not only up to 4 kg, but also to reduce the volume of stomach and to get healthier.

Cottage cheese diet for week

Week of diet helps to lose 3-4 kg of excess weight.

For breakfast it is recommended to eat unsalted porridge (small portion), boiled meat of low-fat grades (100 g) and vegetables (cucumber, tomato). Morning tea can be added with 1 teaspoon of honey or jam.

For lunch it is necessary to eat portion of cottage cheese or dietary dish from it (200 g). The meal can be added with rye toast.

The dinner is similar to lunch, but it is necessary to refuse bread.

As having a snack it is possible to use apples.

For day it is necessary to drink 1,5-2 l of free liquid (about 1 glass of water shortly before meals is recommended to have).

The diet is quite admissible to be combined with sport

Kefiric and cottage cheese diet

The kefiric and cottage cheese diet calculated on 7 days allows to throw off about 5-7 kg. Fermented milk products, including cottage cheese and kefir, activate exchange processes in organism at the expense of what there is strengthened combustion of fats.

It is daily possible to eat 300 grams of skim cheese and to drink 1,5 liters low-fat (1%) kefir. It is important that kefir did not contain additives, sweeteners or dyes, differently the due effect of observance of diet will not be.

The day norm is divided into 6 portions, receptions of products alternate: one reception - 500 ml of kefir, the second reception - 100 g of cottage cheese and so on.

Despite obvious advantage of cottage cheese and kefiric and cottage cheese diet, exit from them it has to be carried out gradually and carefully. At first it is necessary to add a few fruit, then groat dishes, still later - low-fat meat. That the lost kilograms quickly have not returned, sweets do not recommend to use within two weeks.

Cottage cheese and vegetable diet

The two-week cottage cheese diet with use of fresh vegetables has very well proved.

The standard daily rate of cottage cheese in this case should not exceed 300 g, but it is allowed to eat to 500 g of cabbage, carrot, vegetable marrows, tomatoes and cucumbers. The principle of this diet is also based on separate food.

In the morning and during the lunchtime it is necessary to eat low-fat cottage cheese without any additives, and for the second breakfast and dinner to cook vegetables. If in the raw they seem unappetizing, then the cabbage, vegetable marrows and carrots can be baked in oven or to extinguish without addition of salt and spices, and from cucumbers and tomatoes to make salad, having added to it no more than 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

It is possible to use in food any vegetables including fruits of exotic avocado. The exception makes only potatoes which are absolutely incompatible with cottage cheese and can cause problems with digestion. At the same time the amount of daily used liquid has to make not less than 2-3 l, including tea and weak coffee without sugar.

Cottage cheese and apple diet

This option of diet includes in the menu:

  • cottage cheese of the minimum fat content - 200 g;
  • apples of green grades - 1.5-2 kg;
  • water and unsweetened teas - at least 1.5 l.

The diet needs to be divided into 5-6 portions. In intervals between meals it is worth drinking enough liquid.

Duration of this technique of weight loss should not exceed 5-7 days (ideally such diet should devote only 1-2 days, using the menu for unloading).

Cottage cheese diet - contraindications

творожная диета In spite of the fact that cottage cheese is very useful product, the cottage cheese diet for weight loss has number of contraindications to which it is necessary to pay attention.

In the presence of any diseases cottage cheese diet (as, however, and another), it is necessary to apply with care and only after consultation with the doctor.

And for teenagers, pregnant women and the feeding women the cottage cheese diet is completely contraindicated.

Recipe of house cottage cheese

And here if you do not love store cottage cheese - it is not problem, it can be prepared in house conditions.

1) The milk bought in the market (by all means house, rural!) put in the refrigerator for a while until the border between milk and cream is visible (they always above banks).

2) Merge cream in separate capacity or collect them by spoon (that fat content of cottage cheese was minimum). Put the remained milk in heat the place until it becomes dense curdled milk.

рецепт домашнего творога 3) Then accurately pour in pan and heat on plate, from time to time stirring slowly with skimmer. Ideal temperature is checked by clean (!) hand - already hotly, but the hand still suffers.

4) Remove from plate, let's cool down (best of all to do it in the evening that since morning already to prepare cottage cheese).

5) Now it is possible to filter cottage cheese through colander and to shift it in repeatedly put gauze cut, to twist gauze small knot and to squeeze out the serum remains. Cottage cheese is ready.

Weight loss pleasant to you!

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