Turboslim (Turboslim)

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Turboslim is the very advertized preparation for weight loss (active food additive). Whether can turbosly help to dump excess kg? Whether this preparation is harmless to weight loss? How the result after reception "will quickly be shown"? On these and other questions we will try to give the answer in this article.

So, let's look that the pharmaceutical company No. 1 in Russia Evalar offers us that for wonderful preparation such Turboslim?

And she offers a lot of things:

  • Turboslim Alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine (tablets);
  • Turboslim proteinaceous dietary bar;
  • Turboslim blocker of calories (tablet);
  • Turboslim day the strengthened formula (capsules);
  • Turboslim Dietary cocktail (sachet);
  • Turboslim drainage (drink concentrate);
  • Turboslim drainage for women 45+ (drink concentrate);
  • Turboslim drainage for men (drink concentrate);
  • Turboslim Control of appetite (tablet);
  • Turbosly Coffee (sachet);
  • Turboslim night the strengthened formula (capsules);
  • Turboslim fitness (drink concentrate);
  • Turboslim tea clarification (filter packages);
  • Turboslim express weight loss (capsules, sachet).

Each preparation is aimed at elimination of certain reason of excess weight: the increased appetite or the slowed-down metabolism, excess liquid or lack of physical activities...

It is the main principle of creation of the range "Turboslim" as each person is unique, and the reason of excess weight at everyone the. It is the unique feature of the Turboslim series which does not have analogs in the Russian market.

Turboslim day

турбослим день Turboslim is accepted day on one capsule during breakfast and lunch.

Capsules contain extracts of guana which accelerates exchange processes in organism, extracts from red seaweed which strengthens circulation in interfabric liquid and bring slags out of organism.

Also preparation Turboslim contains day bioflavonoids of citrus which split fatty deposits and extracts of papaya which do not allow, to be postponed to "excesses" in fatty tissues.

Contents in preparation of B3 vitamin and vitamin C helps to accelerate weight loss process.

It is necessary to accept this preparation within four weeks. In month of rest, reception is repeated (well who would doubt the truth?).

Turboslim night

турбослим ночь We not only grow in dream, but also we grow thin. At least in night 400 calories of excess weight are lost. This feature of organism, according to statements of the developer, is considered by preparation for weight loss Tursboslim night. Applying capsule at supper, you accelerate process of combustion of excess fat during dream. We sleep and grow thin - too simply, isn't that so?

The preparation Tursboslim includes night extracts of such plants as melissa medicinal, Sena, gamboge Cambodian. It contains vitamins E, B1, B2, zinc and chrome - the substances promoting loss of appetite, blood circulation strengthening, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood of normalization of acidity in stomach, regulation of nervous system and to increase of immunity.

Turboslim exerts night positive impact on the general health of the person. However, it is necessary to accept it on capsule in day within four weeks with repetition every four months.

Turboslim tea

Turboslim tea possesses similar influence, this additive is recommended to those who does not love some coffee, and prefers tea.

турбослим чай Thanks to this preparation you will get rid of toxins and slags, it will help to grow thin and normalizes work of intestines and gastrointestinal tract in general.

Turboslim tea is the green tea added with vegetable components which help to lose extra kilos quickly.

Among components of tea there is caffeine, corn stigmas, the Alexandria leaf.

Turbosly coffee

The preparation turbosly coffee is additive which can force out completely from diet simple black coffee. Taking this drink, it is possible at the same time and to derive pleasure from favourite drink and to burn fats.

By estimates of specialists and consumers, taste of coffee turbosly practically does not differ from usual usual drink. Coffee for weight loss from excellent grains of grade Arabica coffee is developed.

It is desirable to use this coffee in the first half of day. Frequency rate of the use - one - two times. If to use thus this preparation, then weight reduction will be noticeable in week.

Except high-quality grains of coffee, extracts from curative plants enter drink. Under the influence of coffee, thirst for food leaves, the metabolism is normalized, toxins and deposits from cells of body are evacuated.

Not to feel the slackness which is usually accompanying diets and restriction in food at coffee there is caffeine. It will provide activity and the fastest digestion of all necessary substances.

турбослим кофе Coffee is enriched with chrome and complex of the vitamins necessary for acceleration of exchange processes. At drink there is extract from the Cambodian gamboge which very effectively suppresses thirst for food.

The use of coffee turbosly during restriction in food gives the chance to regulate glucose level in blood, reducing desire to eat candies or chocolate.

Instant coffee. To make drink, it is necessary to stir contents of one package in hundred fifty milliliters of hot drinking water. It is allowed to enter cream or sugar into drink.

Turboslim cream

Thanks to cream there is combustion of fat, hypostases disappear, elasticity of skin increases.

Are part of cream:

  • Caffeine - promotes fat emission
  • Grapefruit oil - stimulates blood circulation, refreshes skin
  • B5 provitamin - heals, humidifies and smoothes skin
  • Vitamin E - promotes fast regeneration of cells of skin
  • Fucus extract - normalizes water-salt exchange, removes toxins

Indications to application:

Turboslim with food relieves reception of preparation of excess weight, strengthens nervous system, increases immunity, recovers function of digestive tract.

Method of application:

The preparation Turboslim needs to be accepted day on one capsule during breakfast and lunch in the afternoon. Full course of reception of preparation Turboslim makes day 4 weeks. If necessary reception can be repeated in month.

Accept preparation Turboslim night during dinner once a day. The full course makes 4 weeks. Then it is necessary to make pause in one month in reception of preparation Turbosly night. If necessary the course is repeated.

Turboslim is recommended to drink coffee only in the first half of day once a day.

Turboslim is recommended to drink tea twice a day in the morning and in the evening during meal.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions: skin rashes, itch.

Sleeplessness, hypererethism, tachycardia, disorders of intestines.


Contraindications to application of preparation Turboslim:

  1. Hypersensibility to any component of preparation
  2. Diseases of cardiovascular system (arrhythmias, hypertensia, heart failure)
  3. Atherosclerosis
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Pregnancy and lactation

Before application of preparations Turboslim, surely consult with the attending physician.


Application of preparation Turboslim contraindicated during pregnancy and in the period of lactation.

Interaction with other medicines:

Interactions with medicines are not revealed. If you accept any medicines, it is necessary to inform of it the attending physician.


In case of reception of preparation in dose which on exceeds the most admissible dose many the diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness or on the contrary hypererethism, sleeplessness, feeling of alarm are possible. It is necessary to wash out stomach to the patient and to call the doctor for carrying out symptomatic treatment.

Release form:

Turboslim day - capsules No. 30.

Turboslim night - capsules No. 30.

Turboslim tea - the tea packaged in bags No. 20.

Turbosly coffee - the coffee packaged in bags No. 20.

Storage conditions:

To store in the dry place, at temperature not above 30 degrees Celsius.


Before use of preparation Turboslim you have to consult with the doctor. This instruction for application is provided in free transfer and intended only for acquaintance. For obtaining more complete information we ask to address the summary of the producer.

Opinion of the specialist

мнение специалиста о турбослим Really, influence of such components as the gamboge Cambodian, growing thin gordon, bromelayn, papain, pikolinat is lame and the L-carnitine is proved clinically. But it must be kept in mind that all specified substances are intended to help you to adhere to the low-calorie balanced diet and to support at the same time physical activity, sufficient for weight loss.

Preparations in itself Turboslim can cause loss of weight at the expense of dehydration of organism and evacuation of contents of intestines. The use of several means containing Senna in complex is not recommended as can cause diarrhea and irritation of walls of intestines. Responses of consumers confirm strong laxative effect of preparations Turboslim.

Caffeine and guarana in structure Turboslim are urged to play role of stimulator of physical activity. These substances are safe in small doses, but I would not recommend to combine, for example, reception Turboslim Fitness and any kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks even to healthy people.

Contraindications to reception Turboslim are quite standard - pregnancy, renal, liver failure, chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, coronary heart disease.

Based on experience of my patients, and studying responses at various forums, I can tell that responses are opposite: someone has not lost gram or has even gained weight, someone has felt worse.

Especially tea Clarification is a lot of complaints on Turbosly. Many feel very unpleasant feelings, severe pains and till several days will see off embracing toilet bowl.

But there is a lot of also good results. And the majority believes that it is possible if there are positive spirit and self-confidence, low-calorie diet and physical activity - and Turboslim, as well as it is necessary to dietary supplements, just helps process. Miracles do not happen!