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Chi kung for weight loss

Very many people, sooner or later, face problem of excess weight. Nevertheless, not all from them approach its decision it is comprehended and reasonably. Moreover, the part "growing thin" fondly believes that it is enough to stop consuming a lot of food and hated kilograms will disappear by itself. Other part, persons interested to get rid of fatty folds, declares to the excess weight real war in which weapon are cruel physical activities. Both the first, and the second absolutely forget that excess weight is problem of all organism in general. If you have begun to recover, it demonstrates that: the metabolism was broken, the lack of vitamins and microelements affects, internals, etc. incorrectly work.

That process of weight loss took place harmoniously and effectively not the unilateral, but integrated approach is required. The organism will be able actively to join in fight against fatty deposits if you meet such conditions:

  • you will think over the menu of the balanced food;
  • you will pick up the sparing physical activities;
  • you will begin to carry out respiratory gymnastics.

Physical exercises and healthy nutrition, undoubtedly, are necessary. However the respiratory gymnastics plays very significant role at weight loss. Today more and more people begin to understand importance of enrichment of each section of organism enough oxygen. There was set of complexes of useful exercises where the Chinese respiratory gymnastics of Jianfei is high on the list.

What is represented by the Chinese respiratory gymnastics

The East, as we know, keeps set of mysterious secrets and secrets which part becomes known eventually to people of the whole world. The respiratory gymnastics tszyanfey partly opens secret of health, symmetry, beauty and longevity of the Chinese people. Practice of the correct breath was improved in China for many years and has confirmed the efficiency with amazing results. Only three simple exercises are capable to change cardinally not only your physical state, and and inner world. The respiratory gymnastics needs to be done, having cleared consciousness and having concentrated on achievement of the desirable purpose.

Complex basis tszyanfey are the exercises directed to opportunity "to dump fat" - quite so, literally from Chinese, the name of respiratory gymnastics is translated. All three exercises which are called "wave" "frog" and "lotus", purposefully solve several main problems of the growing thin people - eliminate feeling of hunger, take off fatigue and tension, normalize metabolism. Thanks to it the person gets rid of extra kilos gradually and without harm for health. Besides, for carrying out set of exercises there is no need to visit gym and to use special equipment. It is rather simple to change clothes in free, not holding down movements, clothes and it is possible to start occupations.

On how many kilogram and as it is quickly possible to grow thin, doing respiratory gymnastics of Jianfei

как быстро можно похудеть The person who sincerely wishes to get rid of excess weight is ready to double or treble the efforts if the method which he uses yields real result. However you should not forget that the result can appear only in that case when you are engaged, following all recommended rules and you do not skip classes. Permanent and laborious job over the body will make your figure perfect.

Usually it is not necessary to wait for the first positive results soon. Nevertheless, the Chinese respiratory gymnastics quickly enough will allow you to be convinced of correctness of the chosen way. After the first trainings, literally for the 2nd or 3rd day, you will find out that you have lost about one kilogram. This fact serves as the practical proof of as far as your organism needs such gymnastics. At the same time after the 2nd - 3 months you do not recognize yourself in mirror at all. Loss of weight for this period can make from 8 to 12 kilograms. Regular trainings and desire to grow thin will provide you the guaranteed result.

Important advantages of the Chinese respiratory gymnastics

What to hide, at all not secret that very many diets including recommended by "nutritionists", do not undergo experimental testing. Moreover, in certain cases you not only will not grow thin, and and will do irreparable harm to health or will gain even more excess weight. Besides, it is quite probable that some techniques of weight loss can suit your acquaintances, but not suit you. Why does that happen? Because your organism is not similar to one another. Therefore, and you have to grow thin only listening to own requirements. The exception is made by only absolutely safe methods which do not demand from the person to take such extreme measures as hunger, malnutrition, wearisome loadings etc.

tszyanfey with all confidence it is possible to call the Chinese respiratory gymnastics not just safe, and necessary for each person. It allows to activate the hidden reserves of organism and starts the mechanism of recovery of fabrics. The consecutive combination of "upper" and "lower" breath provides and oxygenates all internals.

At the expense of it:

  • the metabolism improves
  • the acid-base balance is normalized
  • fabric gas exchange is recovered
  • the fatigue is taken off
  • immunity becomes stronger
  • there is inflow of forces

Natural result of occupations by the Chinese respiratory gymnastics - weight reduction and rejuvenation of organism. The balanced food and occupations tszyanfey allow to consolidate the received result and to keep the necessary weight long time.

Set of exercises of the Chinese respiratory gymnastics of Jianfei

Exercise No. 1. "Wave"

This exercise is intended, first of all, to reduce feeling of hunger. It is desirable to carry out respiratory gymnastics before acceptance of food. In certain cases this exercise can be done instead of food.

The most comfortable position for performance of "Wave" - prone position. However it is possible to do these respiratory movements: standing or sitting, during walking or driving the bicycle etc. Before occupations try to relax and concentrate on process.

Lying on spin, bend legs in knees, having put exactly foot. One palm has to be on breast, another - on stomach. Begin breathing exercises, slightly helping hands. Make deep slow breath, at the same time pulling in stomach and raising breast. Hold the breath for several moments and do exhalation. At exhalation try to pull in breast, and stomach, on the contrary, to inflate.

The rhythm of breath should not change and exceed yours normal rate. It is desirable to carry out during occupations not less than 40 full respiratory cycles (breath exhalation). In case when exercise causes slight dizziness, it is necessary to slow down breath a little.

Exercise No. 2. "Frog"

This exercise, in addition to weight loss, promotes recovery of the central nervous system.

Its performance requires low convenient stool.

After you settle on chair, put legs on width of shoulders. The corner between shin and hip has to be direct or a little sharp. Put the consciousness in order. Get off unnecessary mind and concentrate only on exercise

Force elbows to the knees, squeeze the left river in fist (men squeeze the right hand in fist) and clasp it with brush of the right hand. Forehead lean against fist, close eyes and relax.

After short preparation you pass to respiratory gymnastics tszyanfey.

Completely filling with air stomach, alternate breaths and exhalations mouth and nose. Slightly hold the breath for 1-5 seconds and control the state.

If there is dizziness it is necessary to lower rhythm and depth of breaths. The recommended duration of exercise makes 15 minutes. It is possible to repeat it three times a day depending on desire and free time which you are ready to devote to respiratory gymnastics. In the course of exercise performance the breast rises evenly, and the stomach is completely filled with air, pulled in. Visually it reminds the stood frog who with concentration watches surrounding space.

Exercise No. 3. "Lotus"

By means of exercise "Lotus" the fatigue and internal stress is removed, the metabolism is regulated, blood circulation in organism improves. It is possible to carry out exercise sitting on low stool (as when performing exercise "Frog") or in pose of "the sitting Buddha". On legs before stomach it is necessary to put hands palms up. Women put the left brush over right, and men - on the contrary, right over left. The waist has to be straightened, shoulders are lowered, the chin is slightly lowered, eyes are closed. Exercise is carried out in three stages:

☿ the first five minutes breath has to be deep, equal, long. Completely concentrate on process and listen to results. The breast and stomach should not rise too considerably. Concentrate on management, adjustment and control of breath. It is stage of conscious breath which will allow you to understand the potential better.

☿ the next five minutes of occupations need to try to be inhaled as much as possible quite at ease. At exhalation completely relax and concentrate on achievement of silent, equal, deep breath.

☿ the third stage lasts ten minutes and does not demand control over breath. You breathe as you do it in usual life, without focusing attention on depth and rhythm. Clear the consciousness of foreign thoughts, relax and calm down.

Recommendations and contraindications for occupations of Jianfei

Рекомендации и противопоказания для занятий Цзяньфэй It is not obligatory to carry out all complex tszyanfey at once at all. Each of three exercises has the focus and can, depending on requirements and specific features of organism, be applied at different times and in different quantity.

For example, to regulate appetite and to muffle feeling of hunger, use exercise "Wave". "Lotus" and "Frog" promote treatment of chronic diseases, strengthening of immunity and preservation of health. These exercises can be done separately throughout the day. Make the personal schedule for occupations by respiratory gymnastics taking into account significant problems in your organism.

As any unusual loading, respiratory gymnastics can cause some discomfort and complications. If during performance of exercises you feel unpleasant feelings, by all means see doctor. Besides, you should not be fond too what type of respiratory gymnastics to people with hypertensive diseases, with backbone diseases, with stones in gall bladder and kidneys. Also with care children and people of old age need to treat similar occupations.


Only 15 minutes of regular respiratory gymnastics for weight loss in day allow to move truly to "thin" and happy life...

Responses about bodifleks testify: waist volume for 5-7 classes in this system can decrease to 5-15 cm...

Oksisayz does not demand any additional exercise machines, they should be engaged only 15-20 minutes, but every day and results will come immediately...

The majority of problems with health arises because we are not able to breathe correctly, it is proved scientifically...

Popular psychotherapeutic practice which exerts beneficial influence on operability of all human organs and creates effect of weight loss...

It is especially important to breathe correctly, carrying out exercises of cyclic type (run, walking on skis, swimming)...

Aerobic physical exercises help to improve psiyokhichesky state, blood circulation and to protect organism from heart diseases...

To begin to take air baths it is recommended at temperature not below 20 °C, in calm weather...

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