Cyclic diet - effective weight loss

циклическая диета

Very many people are in confidence that if is less and even to starve, then it is possible to grow thin quicker. They are based that the organism at deficit of energy at once will begin to burn the fatty stocks. But everything is not as simple as we would like. The human body, and especially female is arranged, actually is very cunning.

The nature has created in human body except fatty stocks also muscle which are one more source of "emergency" food. That is the organism burns fatty stocks, or muscular tissue. Nutritionists, for example, consider that the organism prefers to burn muscular tissue as considers fatty tissue more valuable, than muscular. Therefore to expense at first there is muscular tissue.

As a result, despite life half-starving and physical exercises to exhaustion, at you how many was fat, as much and remained, and muscle bulk became by sight similar to the blown-off balloon.

Naturally, you have question: "Why it has so turned out?". And hormones which automatically begin to be produced by organism during restriction in food are guilty of it. Thereby they help organism to keep fats. That is they take missing energy by splitting of muscle protein. This mechanism is put in our body by the nature to protect us from starvation.

So to do to us how to deceive to us the nature? That's it for this purpose also the special power supply circuit has been developed by scientists. It is called still cyclic diet, that is two weeks you eat as little as possible, and then pass to full two week food. Such recurrence does not allow organism to produce "harmful" hormones which burn muscle bulk.

It is based that the hormones "burning" muscles begin to be produced not from the moment of the beginning of starvation, and only in two weeks. And within the first two weeks, the organism burns fats, thereby compensating lack of food calories. And within two weeks of normal food the organism does not manage to fill the fats lost by you. As you see such principle, is very simple. Let's consider the approximate menu of cyclic diet now.

Two dietary weeks

During breakfast it is possible to eat, at your choice, one portion of the fat-free yogurt, either half-cups of berries or one cup of porridge, it is possible to wash down with water or coffee.

Shortly before lunch eat one orange.

For lunch eat portion of green salad, having filled it with teaspoon of olive oil and vinegar, make sandwich of 150 g of chicken meat (white), 2 pieces of bread, one tablespoon of mustard and half of tomato, we wash down with water.

Before dinner drink proteinaceous cocktail or skim milk (soy).

For dinner make on grill low-fat fish fillet (220 g) with one cup of boiled vegetables (carrots, cauliflower and broccoli) (half-cups) filled with tomato sauce, one small sweet potato (batata) with teaspoon of the fat-free margarine, we wash down with water.

Before going to bed drink 1 cup of skim milk, yogurt or kefir.

As a result in day you consume 1452 kilocalories, from them carbohydrates-180g, fats-28g, proteins - 120 g.

Two "caloric" weeks

For breakfast the scrambled eggs from egg powder (half-cup) strewed with green onions and small cupcake with jam (one teaspoon) and two kiwis will approach, we wash down with water.

Before lunch eat half-cups of bilberry or one cup of the fat-free yogurt (not sweet).

During the lunchtime we cook salad from one cup of greens (mix), one cut tomato and two tablespoons of the gas station which is not containing oil. We do sandwich of two pieces of bread, 150 g of roast beef, one tablespoon of the fat-free mayonnaise and one tablespoon of mustard, we wash down with water.

Till dinner you can eat one apple or bar of muesli, or to drink one cup of skim milk.

For dinner it is necessary to make pan-frying of 200 g of fish. Also we prepare one cup of brown boiled rice, having added on half-cups of carrots, green beans, green and red paprika (to cut straws), the chopped onions, one sweet potato. We fill all with two tablespoons of soy sauce and tablespoon of peanut butter.

Before going to bed drink proteinaceous cocktail from 300 g of orange juice, one banana, one measured spoon of proteinaceous powder (we mix with two cubes of ice).

During the first two weeks you should eat as little as possible then two weeks you "have a rest". Only try not to overeat!

There is also a wish to add that this diet that it gave effect, it is necessary to apply in combination with physical exercises, with cardiotrainings or jogs in the mornings.