Breathing exercises

тренировка дыхания

We already spoke about impact of breathing exercises on the central nervous system. Whether prescription of respiratory gymnastics is limited by it? One more question turned to professor K.M. Smirnov concerns essence of this gymnastics.

- Breathing exercises are first of all exercises for the muscles participating in breath process. As well as any other muscles, it is possible to develop them quickly enough if constantly to load with feasible, but not too easy work. The superficial breath inherent to many elderly or badly trained people, dooms intercostal muscles to the small volume of work, mobility in costal and vertebral and costal grudinnykh joints decreases. If excursion (difference between breast grasp on breath and exhalation) is on average equal in 20-year age to 8 centimeters, then at the 40-year-old man it decreases to 5, and at 60-year-old - to 2 centimeters. Regular breathing exercises it is possible to keep and even somewhat to recover the lost mobility. At insufficiency of breath breathing exercises improve gas composition of blood, enriching it with oxygen.

Breathing exercises there is set. Here only some main types of these exercises.

Exercises in equal and rhythmical breath which can be carried out under the quiet account. At the same time breath urezhivatsya involuntarily.

Exercises with profound breath and exhalation. At breath the thorax stretches by means of intercostal muscles and diaphragm. Actively putting diaphragm into operation, we develop so-called belly breath, and by means of intercostal muscles - chest. At exercises for belly breath on deep and long breath the stomach is actively stuck out, and on exhalation — is pulled in. These exercises are especially important for people elderly and full. At chest breath on breath shoulders are developed, the breast and the head rise, and the stomach is pulled in. The so-called full breath integrating chest and belly is especially useful. In this case at breath the stomach is stuck out, and then the thorax extends. Such exercises are available and useful to all. They can be done many times in day.

When training breath also the stretched smooth exhalation, both short sharp, and bench-formed is used, one of options of which are recommended by V. K. Durymanov. It is a lot of options of exercises with delays on breath and exhalation.

It was necessary to tell about combination of physical exercises to respiratory. At any of us short wind develops when we perform the work showing such power requests which cardiovascular and respiratory systems cannot satisfy to organism. In such cases speak about insufficient endurance, about bad fitness. And bad fitness just is also shown first of all in lack of necessary coordination in work of respiratory muscles and all others. In the majority of types of physical exercises results will be better for those, than more stoutly work of all links of the respiratory device will correspond to character and rhythm of movements.