Herbs for weight loss

травы для похудения
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Phytotherapy since ancient times came to the rescue of the person in treatment of many diseases, helped with the solution of different problems with appearance including connected with obesity.

Therefore it is quite natural that today herbs are used not only for strengthening of health, but also in fight for beautiful slim figure.

Herbs for weight loss can be applied as independent means to symmetry finding, and also in combination with different other methods of disposal of extra kilos – starvation, diets and fitness.

At the same time herbs just will help not only to grow thin, but still will relieve organism of slags and toxins, normalize work of intestines and gastrointestinal tract.

Species of herbs for weight loss

Conditionally all medicinal herbs for weight loss can be divided into several types – depending on their action and effect due to which extra kilos are lost:

  • the herbs reducing appetite and quashing feeling of hunger: carry linen seed, root of mallow, alga of spirulin, fucus to them bubbly, angelica medicinal, etc.;
  • the herbs normalizing work of gastrointestinal tract and promoting clarification of intestines: this group includes parsley, anise, fennel, buckthorn bark, buckthorn laxative, fennel, etc.;
  • the herbs having zhelche-and diuretic effect: phytotherapists allocate such herbs as cinquefoil goose, the mountaineer bird's, horsetail field, bear ear, thistle, immortelle, dandelion, wild strawberry leaves, tansy ordinary, barberry, corn stigmas, etc.;
  • the herbs possessing laxative action: Senna, buckthorn, anise ordinary, yarrow, buckthorn laxative, fennel odorous, watch trilistny, camomile pharmaceutical, etc. belong to this group;
  • the herbs normalizing metabolism: here it is possible to carry coltsfoot, nettle, birch leaves, elder flowers, etc.;
  • the herbs promoting increase in power consumption: naturally, first of all it is seasonings - rosemary, ginger, red pepper, turmeric, etc.

All herbs for weight loss can be made separately or to prepare grass collecting which include components from different groups.

What it is necessary to know about weight loss by means of medicinal herbs

что необходимо знать о похудении с помощью лекарственных травIt is impossible to accept grass infusions and collecting irregularly, in unlimited number – it can bring to undesirable to effects in the form of prolonged disorder of intestines or allergic reaction.

• No grass infusions can be accepted during very long time. Weight loss by means of herbs, as well as diet, has to take place courses.

• The course of reception of grass collecting for the purpose of disposal of extra kilos averages 1,5-2 months. Then it is necessary to take break surely.

• If you were going to grow thin by means of grass collecting, keep in mind: process of weight loss will go very slowly, extra kilos will gradually leave – about 500-800 grams a week. But also the effect of such weight loss will be longer, than from usual diet.

In what case of grass for weight loss can do much harm

In spite of the fact that the majority of grass collecting for weight loss are considered sparing, unlike diets or different dietary supplements, herbs can also do much harm. Even the most, at first sight, harmless and harmless grasses quite often become the reason of serious violations in work of all organism. Therefore before beginning to accept grass collecting for weight loss, it is necessary to consult with the therapist and to find out whether there are no contraindications on application of this or that collecting.

Weight loss by means of herbs in the presence of chronic diseases of liver and kidneys, digestive tract is unambiguously contraindicated. It is impossible to be engaged in phytotreatment during pregnancy – some herbs possess abortativny action, and their use can lead to reduction of uterus and promote abortion. Accurately it is necessary to use herbs if there is tendency to allergies – in this case it is necessary to begin reception with small doses and to watch closely condition of the organism, to immediately stop reception in case of the slightest signs of emergence of allergy – rash, zatrudnennost of breath or cough.

How to grow thin by means of herbs

Weight loss by means of herbs can happen differently: loss of extra kilos is not always the reason of reduction of quantity of fatty stock of organism. Depending on species of herbs it can be clarification of organism from slags and toxins, disposal of excess liquid, improvement of metabolism, appetite reduction, and also complex influence if the grass collecting containing many components each of which is used has the purposeful action.

In fight against extra kilos it is the best of all to apply to achievement of good result exactly integrated approach – to drink multicomponent grass collecting. Then gradually in organism the difficult improving process including both clarification, and actually weight loss, and strengthening of health will begin. Such approach allows not only to lose weight, but also to put in order many systems of organism (work of kidneys and liver, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism).

Grass broths which are used for the purpose of weight loss need to be prepared every day. Yesterday's infusion will not have desired effect any more on organism therefore it is very important to drink freshly brewed collecting. The greatest effect renders alternation of collecting: the first week one grass collecting, the second – another, third – the third, etc.

сборы для похудения Curative herbs to weight loss are applied not only in the form of broths and infusions, but also to acceptance of useful bathtubs. Regular addition in water for bathtubs of infusion of coltsfoot cleans pores, exempts sebaceous glands from harmful waste products of our organism, improves structure of skin, promotes reduction of cellulitis. The bathtub with broth from leaves of plantain, marjoram and leaves of birch tightens skin and helps organism easier to transfer diets.

Collecting herbs for weight loss

The simplest collecting herbs for weight loss prepares as follows:

About one plant from each group undertakes (i.e. something diuretic, something overwhelming appetite, etc.) in equal proportions, plants are crushed and carefully mix up. Then 1 tablespoon of such phytomix is ready on 250 grams of water, within hour collecting is drawn, then it can be used.

Collecting for weight loss

сборы для похудения 1. 20 g of root of dandelion, 20 g of fruits of fennel, 60 g of root of buckthorn, 20 g of fruits of parsley – 4 tablespoons of collecting to fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist within hour and to accept 3-4 times a day on 1 glass to food.

2. 40 g of grass of yarrow, 20 g of tsistozir of bearded, 40 g of grass of St. John's Wort – 4 tablespoons of collecting to fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist within hour, to accept 5 times a day 0,5 glasses after food.

3. 60 g of leaf of blackberry, 20 g of leaf of birch, 10 g of leaf of coltsfoot, 20 g of corn rylets, 10 g of Seine – 2 tablespoons of collecting to fill in 0,5 liters of boiled water, to draw, accept in the morning before breakfast and till lunch 0,5 glasses.

4. 20 g of Seine, 20 g of green parsley, 20 g of dandelion of medicinal, 20 grams of nettle, 10 grams of the Italian fennel, 10 grams of mint – 3 tablespoons of collecting to fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist within 3 hours, then to accept on 1 glass 4 times a day to food.

5. 40 g of bark of buckthorn, 20 g of flowers of camomile of pharmaceutical, 10 g of the crushed seeds of flax, 10 g of seeds of fennel – 4 tablespoons to fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist within two hours and to accept on 1 glass of 5 times a day on an empty stomach.

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