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Treatment by herbs, or as physicians speak, the phytotherapy originating in traditional medicine is even more often used in practical health care now. It is characteristic of many countries. For example, herbs along with homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and dietotherapy are widely applied in France, China, Germany. And in many developing countries phytotherapy - one of the main methods of treatment.

Herbs, as well as people, are arranged very difficult and represent the biological organisms consisting of set of parts. Each grass possesses unique chemical composition and medical action. Pure medicines, for example aspirin, have been emitted, and then and synthesized on the basis of the analysis of vegetable medicinal raw materials. The specialists treating herbs prefer to use plants entirely to make fuller impact on organism.

Advantage of medicinal herbs are their small toxicity and possibility of prolonged use without essential by-effects. Each person is unique and individually reacts to factors of external environment. We are not surprised by variety of human addictions in food, in the same way the person can choose only for himself the most "useful" herbs. With their help you can cope with indisposition or overcome stress.

You remember, the travolecheniye is the health presented by the nature which, like love, giving, demands nothing in exchange … Strong to you health and longevity!

Once again we will remind how to prepare and accept broths and infusions from medicative herbs.

According to national recommendations, for infusion preparation the grass for the night is steamed in oven. Now usually use thermos. The dose of dry raw materials (usually 2-3 tablespoons) since evening is poured into thermos on 0,5 l and filled in up to the top with abrupt boiled water. Drink next day in warm look (too hot liquid should be cooled, having poured portion of infusion in glass and stirring slowly with spoon), having divided into 3-4 receptions, in 20-30 minutes prior to food.

For broth preparation the raw materials are boiled by 15-20 minutes in the enameled pan under cover on weak fire, adding if necessary boiled water up to the initial volume. Accept broths the same as infusions. At outside application the dose of raw materials both for infusions, and for broths is increased by 2-3 times.

Sometimes phytotherapists appoint the patient separate herbs, but is much more often - collecting. At chronic diseases the course of treatment lasts long, months; in 2-3 months it is recommended to do break for 10-14 days (or in 25 days - for 5 days).