Tonic procedures, bath and sauna for treatment of obesity

тонизирующие процедуры

Medical massage does not exert noticeable impact on fatty tissue, directly does not lose body weight. However massage favorably influences blood circulation, increases elasticity of muscles, normalizes their tone and increases working capacity. It also promotes increase of mocheotdeleniye, thereby increases allocation with urine of uric acid, sodium chloride and other salts. Massage and physiotherapy exercises join in treatment complex for improvement of blood circulation and limfoobrashcheniye, removal of fatigue, increase of tone of muscles and physical activity of patients.

The exchange processes as toning, strengthening are used the tempering procedures. The cold factor causes need for the active actions necessary sick obesity, has exciting effect on nervous system. Procedures begin with wet rubdowns of body, then pass to douches. Douches begin with temperature not below 30-32 °C, in the subsequent gradually reduce water temperature to 25-20 °C. Carry out douches daily, on 2-3 min. on course to 30 procedures.

The shower along with temperature factor exerts mechanical impact. The cool shower refreshes, tones up, excites nervous system. At obesity different souls are recommended: the shower rain (t ° 38 °) within 3-5 min., dos Sharco (t ° 32-20 °) lasting from 2 till 5 min., pressure of water is up to 3 atm; circular shower; the general underwater shower massage in bathtub (t ° 36 ° -37 °) within 15-29 min., pressure of water is 0,5-5 atm.

From other water procedures bathing, mineral bathtubs - carbonic, radonic, hydrosulphuric are most often used. It is better to bathe in the morning till 11 o'clock and in the evening after 17 hours.

The great value at treatment of obesity is attached to bath. Bath - very ancient method of hydrotherapy. With the medical and preventive purposes it was used during the millennia. Medical influence of baths is based on elimination of functional shifts in organism. All types of baths have contrast thermal conditions: high temperature in steam room and low - indoors for cooling. Today saunas - baths of northern type were widely adopted. In sauna the steam room represents heatair bathtub with rather low humidity. Temperature in steam room fluctuates within 60-90 °C, relative humidity - 5-20%. Are cooled after steam room most often by means of cold water (douche, shower, the pool), on air.

Duration of stay in sauna can make to 2 h. The health during reception of sauna has to be good. Persons cannot visit sauna with serious illness and mental disorders, and also after plentiful food. Before entrance to sauna it is necessary to be washed with soap under warm shower, then to drain body towel. Duration of stay in steam room is defined by the doctor and on average 10 min. (8-20 min.) equal. In need of weight reduction of body duration of stay in steam room should be increased. Temperature is defined by health of the person. It is necessary to know that at the lower step of steam room temperature 60 °, on upper - 90 °.

Before immersion in bathtub or the pool (t ° waters 8-15 °) should take shower, then to go down to the pool, but not to jump and not to dive at all, to hold the head over water surface. Cooling continues before emergence of desire to be warmed. Upon termination of cooling before repeated entrance to steam room it is necessary to take shower and to drain body. It is possible to repeat stay in steam room and cooling 2-3 times.

In sauna it is possible to carry out the dosed physical exercises, massage. It should be noted that the microclimate in baths renders not only the expressed medical and tonic, but also stressorny effect. The microclimate borders on conditions under which signs of painful changes in organism can appear. Despite huge number of researches about action of baths on organism of healthy people, athletes, the people having different diseases evidence-based dosages of time of stay in sauna still are not established.

Relative loss of water at reception of zharovozdushny bathtubs reaches considerable size and averages about 1,8 l. Losses cause sharp shifts in mineral composition of organism therefore it is important to fill timely loss of liquid and mineral salts which lack negatively affects health and working capacity. Slackness, weakness, weight in the head, calves pains can take place when walking. Steady accustoming to conditions of sauna is observed after 10-15 procedures with interval between them in 5-7 days.

At violation of the mode of thermal loading appointed by the doctor cases of sharp deterioration in state of health which can demand rendering emergency medical service are not excluded. Most often faints, burns and heatstroke meet. The syncope is observed most often at persons with tendency to decrease in tone of vessels (hypotonia). Symptoms of faint: dizziness, faintness, nausea, feeling of asthma, constraint in breasts and lack of air, pallor of integuments of the person, weakness, incoordination of movements, change of visual and acoustical reactions. The syncope usually lasts 1-5 minutes, up to 10 minutes more rare. Pulse becomes weak, rare, breath - superficial, pupils are narrowed, the blood pressure decreases.

At first-aid treatment of the victim it is necessary to put immediately in the cool place and to provide inflow of fresh air. The head should not be raised. To allow to smell immediately liquid ammonia, to pound extremities alcohol, to apply mustard plasters to nape. Hypodermically it is necessary to enter caffeine or kordiamin.

At reception of sauna there can be burns of integuments 1, 2 degrees are more rare. The burn of 1 degree is characterized by the expressed reddening of skin, swelling of places of burns, sharp burning. Apply spirit bandage or bandage with 2% solution of permanganate potassium the burned sites of skin or with 10% solution of liquid ammonia. At burn 2 degrees appear blisters. The victim is sent to medical institution.

Visiting sauna for the first time it is necessary to warn about possible heatstroke. The people who have not got used to the increased temperature have to be especially careful. Besides it is impossible to accept sauna, without having consulted to the doctor about duration of stay in zharovozdushny bathtub, about temperature loading, about ways of cooling. The heatstroke is characterized by violation of activity of the device of thermoregulation of organism and is followed by frustration of bodies of blood circulation and the central nervous system. The general weakness, slackness, weight in the head which is followed by dizziness, headache, nausea, noise in ears, substantial increase of body temperature to 40 ° is observed. The person can faint.

The victim is transferred to the cool, well aired place, wrap it cold wet sheets, put the towel moistened with cold water on the head, give plentiful drink. Immediately call "Ambulance". The victim needs medical supervision in stationary conditions.

As we see, flippant attitude baths can have extremely serious effects. Therefore everyone to whom as preventive and medical method the sauna is shown and also her fans have to pass before medical examination during which the mental condition of the person is estimated, functionality of cardiovascular, respiratory systems is inspected, character and stages of disease, risk degree of emergence of undesirable reactions is defined. After that the doctor makes recommendations about the mode of reception of sauna (the stay duration, shelf height in steam room, way of cooling, the drinking mode, volume and intensity of physical activities).

It is necessary to know that visit of sauna is absolutely contraindicated at fear and the negative relation to visit of sauna, at all sharp diseases which are followed by temperature increase of body at chronic diseases with insufficiency of functions of bodies and systems, at the general atherosclerosis with violation of blood supply of bodies (heart, brain), at with firmness the increased arterial pressure over 200 mm of mercury., at infectious and infectious skin diseases, active tuberculosis, tendency to bleedings, the expressed diabetes, sharp weight loss, heavy violations of functions of intestines, chronic alcoholism, chronic diseases of kidneys with tendency to kamneobrazovaniye, the increased function of thyroid gland, glaucoma and eye hypotonia, psychoses, epilepsies, to people are more senior than 70 years.

With extra care people should treat visit of sauna 60 years (especially if they did not visit sauna earlier) are more senior, at chronic inflammatory diseases with danger of their aggravation and frequent recurrence, at chronic diseases in stage of insufficiency of function of sick body, at urolithic illness and mochekisly diathesis.