Technologies lead to completeness

технологии ведут к полноте

Hello dear readers! Already 4 years as I became the happy owner of the car and 2 years the unfortunate owner of the growing stomach.

I will not tell that I very small under the constitution, but I had no stomach!!!!!! But quite recently in our family there was anniversary of 5 years of joint life and I have decided to measure wedding dress again. Naturally I have not got into it. It was the HORROR! How? Why? p I keep the figure! I do not eat for the night, I Do in the morning gymnastics!!! From where the stomach has undertaken? You ask, and the car here and? I tell!

A few weeks ago my husband has asked for me the car for 2-3 days. He needed to go to business trip by car! And I had to go for work by share taxi. I go to myself in minibus, I look out of the window and I think of that why my stomach has begun to grow so imperceptibly!? And suddenly has dawned on me! CAR! Practically in all by the passing cars drivers had stomach! And both at women and at men.

Having come home I have got all photos for 5 flyings and my guesses were confirmed! Before I the happy owner of the car became necessary to me a lot of time, on work, to move on foot and city transport. It is almost impossible to get into minibus in the morning and I absolutely quietly passed, priblizitelno1 km, to the deadlock of minibuses.

In the flying when in minibus to breathe there is nothing moreover someone from passengers, in the morning, has bathed in cologne and it is possible to faint from smells I passed peshochok too if the distance was not really big. But such distances there could be set. Respectively I moved than now more!

Having bought the car I just "have grown" to the driver's seat! Specially, in bakery behind bread, of course did not go, but I do not remember any more when has carried the last time from shop of bag in hands, and to shop of exactly 5 minutes on foot!!! If in any day the husband took the car, then I tried not to leave the house at all if work allowed. How it p and on minibus to go to the deadlock of minibuses, neet??!!

It is so far!!! Here so for several years my tummy began to turn in "arbuzik". You ask me and that now all need to sell cars, to throw out TVs, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, etc. it too the civilization benefits? And to begin to live as in the Stone Age?

NATURALLY NOT, is NOT PRESENT AND ONCE AGAIN NOT!!! You should not refuse the benefits all of them equally will not get to anywhere! p just I want to share those ways of fight against stomach which I knew, I do not remember where and any more from whom has heard them but as superfluous, until recently did not apply.


The 1st. Being in sitting position, deeply inhale nose, and on exhalation begin to pull in stomach before liberation of lungs from air. Try to involve the lower and upper part of stomach so to feel tension of muscles. 10 pulling and so 5-6 times a day are enough to make. You should not do strongly many repetitions for 1 time as dizziness can begin.

The 2nd. In sitting position, deeply inhale nose, and on exhalation strain muscles of buttocks, you as if will a little rise, and record situation for 5 seconds. Then it is necessary to relax muscles slowly. Repeat 10 times. 5-6 times a day.

The 3rd. Combine the 1 and 2 exercise together. That is, in sitting position, deeply inhale nose, and on exhalation strain at the same time muscles of stomach and buttocks. Record for 5 seconds and slowly weaken. It is enough to make 10 times. When you feel that 10 times already became not enough add 3-4 times.

Here such 3 simple exercises and already in few weeks you will see difference. Such exercises have helped me and though I also have not got into wedding dress, but 4 cm in 2 weeks have left. Such exercises can just be done in front of the TV or stirring by phone, or digging being online well. I wish you success in fight against tummies.