Holotropny breath

холотропное дыхание
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Excess weight inevitably presents the person with choice. What way of weight loss to choose, to what method to give preference, to choose tablets, dietary supplements or big physical activities? Whether it is possible to grow thin, without worrying about the health and whether it is worth adhering to some one way? In the course of weight loss it becomes clear that the most efficient can consider method of integrated approach which allows to influence problem from the different parties. It both moderate physical activities, and balanced food, and correct psychological spirit. On - to the right the technology of holotropny breath is recognized one of ways to consciously grow thin and improve the health.

Holotropny breath represents popular psychotherapeutic practice which exerts beneficial influence on operability of all human organs, creates effect of weight loss and improvement of organism, activates the hidden reserves and realizes potential. In combination with easy physical activities and the balanced food of the technician of holotropny breath will help not just to get rid of extra kilos, and and will bring to qualitatively new standard of living.

Something from history of emergence of technique

Practice of holotropny breath has gained recognition of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation slightly less than 20 flyings ago (in 1993 it is officially registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation). Then the given equipment has gained the greatest popularity and the interested attention from physicians.

Станислав Гроф The author of technique is the American psychologist Stanislav Grof. He has developed the basic principles of holotropny breath still in the fifties as alternative method of replacement of psychotropic drugs.

In the seventy fifth year, on the basis of the positive researches conducted at institute Esalen, holotropny breath was officially authorized as the perspective method yielding good therapeutic result.

Spiritual and psychological practicians of the world form basis of holotropny breath. The main task of practice - healing and achievement of integrity at immersion on certain level of consciousness.

What is represented by practice of holotropny breath

The principle of the speeded-up, deep, coherent breath is the cornerstone of method. During holotropny breath between breath and exhalation pauses do not become that immerses consciousness of the person in unusual state. The salutary effect which comes from such way of breath is used already for several thousand years.

Ancient civilizations and primitive cultures used the unusual salutary force arising at the time of unusual condition of consciousness of the person for treatment, self-knowledge and finding over abilities. In many cases this state was reached by introduction of the person to trance by means of psychotropic drugs. The technique of holotropny breath allows to achieve the same results in absolutely safe way.

The name of technique consists of two parts - holos that in translation from Greek means "integral" and trepein - "moving". Thus, the word "holotropny" in literal sense means "moving to integrity". During occupations of people gradually changes, gets rid of diseases and experiences, it is exempted from burdens, develops consciousness and aims at integrity.

How holotropny breath helps to grow thin

The one who paid attention to question of the correct technology of breath very well knows, it is how important that oxygen came to organism in enough. The technology of holotropny breath, thanks to the speeded-up and deep breaths and exhalations, carries out hyperventilation of lungs. Large amount of oxygen helps to burn fatty cages. Moreover, this system of breath considerably accelerates all exchange processes that promotes active clarification and conclusion of harmful substances from organism.

Important value for weight loss and improvement has also the fact that during holotropny breath there are vigorous muscular contractions which can be considered as effective natural massage. It very well stimulates the digestive and secretory systems and involved during occupations of muscle of back and stomach create abdominal tension and good bearing.

For what and who needs method of holotropny breath

Regular trainings by technique of holotropny breath, undoubtedly, exert the most fertile impact on figure. However you should not forget that first of all the equipment is intended for the solution of a bit different problems. Therapy with use of holotropny breath quite successfully copes with a number of psychological questions. It is one of the most popular and interesting strategy for removal of tension during depression, false fears, sleeplessness, psychosomatic diseases, panic attacks etc.

With great success this method is used for personal growth, for development of professional, creative, leader abilities, for activation of the hidden reserves of organism and, certainly, for conclusion of the person from different deadlock life situations.

Holotropny therapy shows good results during treatment of diseases which have psychosomatic basis. Such widespread diseases as bronchial asthma, diabetes at initial stage, psoriasis, vascular dystonia, neurodermatitises, vitiligo, alcoholic and narcotic addiction and many other things enter this category.

What effect can be gained regularly being engaged by this technique

Thanks to therapeutic and reformative actions which arise in the course of the changed condition of consciousness the person has opportunity to get rid independently of the problem disturbing him, consciously studying the reasons of its emergence and meeting it "face to face". Release from the old psychological problems which sometimes have strongly sat down at our subconsciousness brings incredibly pleasant feelings and opens way for new, more full-fledged life.

Holotropny breath is magnificent method of self-research, self-knowledge and improvement. Regular trainings will help to solve many psychological problems which tormented the person earlier and to considerably improve physical state.

Decrease in excess weight, in this case, is inevitable. You consciously and consistently improve the body, bringing it into that look which is initially programmed by the nature. You should not expect that you will instantly grow thin. First, it is very individual process which depends on your desire and regularity of occupations.
Secondly - holotropny breath is intended for improvement therefore you will gradually grow thin, without causing damage to health.
Thirdly, important factor is your general state. Whether you are ready to conscious work on yourself and are how aimed at result.

In what advantage of holotropny breath before other systems

The main and most important advantages of this method before the others, it:

• lack of big physical activities;
• weight loss without application of chemical preparations, tablets, dietary supplements, etc.;
• conscious and consecutive weight loss without harm for health;
• steady and long-term result;
• possibility of disposal of the accompanying psychosomatic diseases and many other things.

Besides, holotropny breath will help you to activate the hidden reserves of organism, to realize potential and to realize in a new way own "п". You will find self-confidence, will feel internal freedom and learn to distribute energy correctly.

The technology of holotropny breath by many is perceived as the universal tool for correction of reality and recovery of physical health.

Who is not recommended to be engaged in holotropny breath

- During occupations in condition of the changed consciousness of people can have emotional stress or physical experiences. It can be dangerous to the people having stenocardia, heart failure, hypertensive illness with increase of arterial pressure, cardiac asthma, etc.

- To inadmissibly use technology of holotropny breath in condition of pregnancy as revival of own birth can serve as stimulator for uterine reductions in patrimonial memory.

- At epilepsy there can be danger of attack against emotional stress.

- Besides, very often during occupations intraocular pressure can increase that is categorically unacceptable at such diseases as glaucoma, peeling of retina of eye.

- The heavy respiratory traffics and muscular contractions can influence recent operations and injuries.

- In case of maniac-depressive or paranoid psychosis the condition of the changed consciousness can provoke maniacal episode and to become origin of nonsense, hallucinations and losses of orientation.

- It is impossible to be engaged in holotropny breath at infectious diseases in sharp stage.

- One more contraindication to occupations is the age. To children till 14 years do not recommend to apply this equipment.

As there take place occupations

For creation of comfortable conditions sessions of holotropny breath are held in groups which are broken into couples. One of members of the operating couple is setter - the assistant ensuring safety to the breathing person, and the second - holonavt, breathing. The clothes of participants have to be free, convenient, not holding down movements.

Occupations take place in the spacious room where on soft mats participants are located. After holonavta relaxation under rhythmical music which helps to hold warm and respiratory rhythm begin respiratory session.

Upon termination of the main respiratory part participants pass to expression of the experiences by means of drawing of mandala, free dance, molding from clay and, at desire, discuss the experienced emotions.

Duration of occupations makes from 3rd to 7-8 hours. For each person the number of respiratory sessions individually can also make from the 3rd to 12.

Bases of holotropny breath

The technology of holotropny breath is based on transpersonal psychology and consists of such elements:

• deep frequent coherent breath without pauses between exhalation and breath;
• the guide inducing and the catalyzing music;
• work with body by means of special receptions which help to release energy.

Before starting occupations each person passes profound instructing. On theoretical preparation you learn about the main types of the phenomena arising in the course of the changed consciousness. The sense of achievement of the changed consciousness consists in therapeutic effect of experiences which accompany immersion in deep layers of mentality.

Treat such experiences:

immersion in biographic material (reminiscence of endured)
extraction of perinatal matrixes (pre-natal, patrimonial and postnatal emotions)
understanding by the person of interrelation with world around, space and time
achievement of internal freedom and integrity

Indications and contraindications are in detail discussed at theoretical preparation, recommendations and professional advice both for setters, and for holonavt are given.

What the role of setters consists in

роль ситтеров Holonavt by means of breath enters the changed condition of consciousness and begins to behave it is authentic, being completely liberated. At these moments there shall be nearby person who will ensure freedom and safety of manifestation of experiences. In condition of the changed consciousness of people does that he wants, without paying attention on people around and without constraining the desires. As setter enters:

• safety of holonavt;
• possibility of authentic manifestation;
• the help in removal of tension during session;
• reminder on need to breathe (without words), etc.

As a rule, setter and holonavt agree in advance about what support will be given. Not to break respiratory rhythm partners develop special signals of nonverbal communication.

Councils to the beginning holonavta

Try to come at first to occupations in advance. Give yourself time to prepare the place, to calm down, be adjusted and concentrate.

Put on only convenient clothes which are not constraining movements. Take off all jewelry and accessories which can wound you. Enter category of dangerous things as well contact lenses. Surely remove them before respiratory session.

That it was easier breathed better in day of occupations by holotropny breath to eat easy food or not to eat at all. It will help you to make breath easier, pure and deep.

Do not forget about needs of the organism. Before session surely visit toilet.

Show consideration for the choice of the partner. During respiratory session nothing has to distract you. Listen to the feelings whether you trust this person? If is not present, then it is worth changing setter.

Try not to talk, respect condition of experience of the participants who are nearby. Any words and talk can bring holonavt out of unusual state.

Remember that you at any time can ask about the help or stop breath at any time. It is for this purpose rather simple to tell "Stop" and influence will be immediately stopped.

Do not concentrate on thoughts. Let your attention will be directed to the analysis of respiratory process, to sounds of music and to maintenance of rhythm.

Upon termination of session do not constrain yourself and do not hesitate to draw mandala or to dance freely only therefore as if you are not able to do it. In this case not that how skillful you the artist or the dancer, and opportunity to use these means for self-knowledge is important.

Tell only what you consider it necessary also useful to own personal growth. At the same time abstain from treatment of others experiences.

Listen to councils of the leader and more pilot holonavt.

Before leaving the place of occupations by holotropny breath, approach the leader that he was convinced that is with you everything is all right and all experiences are fully complete.

техника холотропного дыхания Adhering to these simple and not cunning councils, soon you will feel enormous difference between quality of life before holotropny breath and after the beginning of occupations. You will become more self-assured person, will feel internal freedom and independence, will be able easily to overcome vital "deadlocks" and will find integrity.

Your figure will change according to your internal state and will take beautiful shape. If you want to be beautiful, free and independent, then work not only on the physical body, and and over state of mind. Always you aim at harmony and tranquility.


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