The Thai tablets to weight loss - it is dangerous!

тайские таблетки для похудения
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Looking at slender bodies in glamourous magazines, it is difficult not to give in to doubts about own attractiveness. Especially if you "suffer from excess weight" as it is accepted to be expressed today. Hands reach for attractive plastic jar... And what in it?

All new and new girls exhausted with false sympathy of relatives and open mockeries of distant decide to address achievements of nonconventional medicine.

The boom concerning the so-called "Thai tablets for weight loss" which are allegedly helping to lose weight easily and quickly has a few years ago begun. Many spoke about them, but tried - only the elected lucky who have visited Thailand. And friends of familiar those acquaintances who knew the people seeing lucky from Thailand claimed that these Thai tablets for weight loss - the miracle and panacea from "excess weight" is simple.

Then magic pills have appeared in Russia. And gradually it has become clear that not everything is so cloudless. It is unknown what will be with the person who has begun to accept course of the Thai tablets! He can choke in dream when at it from allergy the throat swells. Or can become covered by red spots which besides will awfully scratch.

The Thai tablets for weight loss happen two types, and both those, and others stand is identical - around 300 dollars for three-months course. And on the Russian-Chinese border their price seldom exceeds 50 dollars.

Thai tablets "baby's dummy"

The first type of the Thai magic pills influences psychologically.

The vitamin complex, amino acids and different harmless, but also not especially useful grasses is part of preparation.

In what dirty trick? In the instruction for application. It appears, at treatment by the Thai wonderful means it is necessary to refuse from fat, sweet, farinaceous food, coffee, alcohol, and meat! At the same time it is recommended to drink a lot of liquid and to move whenever possible.

In three months of such treatment the world champion in fight of "sumo" will be able to get into tutu and will not feel constrained.

But here "tester" is waited by heartrending experience: the food that there were forces on life is necessary for organism.

Here what is told by Lena, 19 years:

"When I have begun to drink course of tablets, the first week I perfectly felt, literally flew, as on wings. And then suddenly forces left me. p weakened day by day, it was heavy to me even to get out of bed - and everything has ended with the fact that I fainted directly on the street. The doctor has told that I have severe form of physical exhaustion and that to all fault - those Thai tablets for weight loss. They slowly but surely undermined my health."

Russian roulette

The second type of the Thai tablets for weight loss consists generally of chemistry of unknown origin and action. They are tried to be withdrawn from circulation first of all, but certainly, it is not always possible.

The general principle of their work is as follows: strong chemistry affects directly human mentality, killing appetite (and often dream), and in exchange brings depression. Of course, the person in such state thinks least of all of food, and its weight steadily falls - the necessary effect is reached. But what price! The person shudders from each sharp sound, becomes gloomy and closed, the liver and the head begin to hurt it.

Polina's history

"After the first month of reception of tablets I have suddenly noticed that in the reality surrounding me something not so. All began to irritate me literally - from at the wrong time the switched traffic light to own parents. p vented the rage on friends, the guy - and he has not understood at all what occurs. It sounds as nonsense, but I raspsikhovatsya so that has broken window and began to throw flowerpots in the passerby who has shown me indecent gesture. On the third pot I was stopped by mother whom I have pushed away and it was locked at itself in the room. p long looked in mirror at the new thin body, but it did not please me. p has taken chair and has thrown in mirror. When the father tried to calm me, I have bitten through to him hand - I have just gone crazy. It was awful."

What Polina tells about - it is only one of options of succession of events. Often action of chemical components causes irreversible physical deviations in female organism - and then the purpose "to grow thin without excess efforts" another eclipses, more important: it is simple to survive.

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