What is the rawism and how to become syroyedy

что такое сыроедение

Somehow at the beginning of September, 1967, having developed the newspaper, I have read in it curious note. Here it, entirely, to the uniform word:

"Diet of the long-liver:
Employees of post office of the small Scottish town very much were surprised, having received the telegram of such contents from Brazil: "Mr. Douglas Sempl, the earth will be purchased in the State of Parana. Colonists expect your arrival". However this text has not surprised Douglas Sempl at all: he was invited to Brazil that he has helped to organize colony... long.

D. Sempl is biologist, on way of life - the convinced vegetarian. In youth, having visited somehow California, the Sample has seen thousand-year sequoias in park. Has struck it that any of them did not die of old age.

"People carry out at table suicide with knife and fork"

This expression of one surgeon became for the Sample for the rest of life powerful caution at the choice of food. Already many years diet of the Scot consist only of vegetables, fruit, nuts and fresh water. It both is still vigorous, healthy and looks far more young than 80 years".

On old habit I cut out note, have dated the publication and have put in the folder which at me was called "Moneybox of funny things". If I was told that in five years it will become for me in a literal sense fatal, I then would only burst out laughing.

Five flyings later in response to my complaints to the health my friend Mikhaylo Orlyuk has asked:

- And you about syroyed heard?
- They what, eat cheese? - I have answered with question.
- Well, these are vegetarians who eat everything in the raw.
- It as? Back, to monkey?
- Well, - has told me Mikhaylo, - back or forward, understand. And tomorrow I to you will bring couple of books about syroyed.

It is necessary to tell that scepticism in relation to new recipes of recovery of health I have saved up by then already enough. p was patient "deserved", with experience over 20 flyings, and quite often visited neuropathologists who honestly tried to help me, to rescue from headaches, constant feeling of fatigue which absolutely made my life a misery. At last, after one and a half years of sleeplessness also heart began to play pranks.

Here that my savior Mikhaylo Andreevich has brought to me: the transfer of the book of the Teheran Armenian Arshavir Ter-Ovanesyan which is accurately rewritten on the machine "Rawism in summary" and photocopy of the book "Crude Food and Its Preparation" published in Leningrad in far 1931.

There was January, 1973. For three months I have sat down at libraries of Kiev where I lived then, trying to discover everything that it was possible to find about vegetarianism, about application of rawism in clinic. Has found not so much. In republican medical library there was no such section in the catalog even. There was no it both in USSR AN library, and at Institute of hygiene of food. And only in library of medical institute the section "rawism" was, but in it the unique card was found. p has understood that this subject for some reason "is well forgotten", and most likely it is deliberate those who in post-war years directed dietology, so - is over what to work.

Also my search together with other people who are also fenced off from the truth about own food, and therefore unsuccessfully looking for health in policlinics and drugstores has begun.

p has sharply passed to rawism. And soon, in two months, has felt so well that has gone to the kind woman doctor who has issued me not one sick-list, and has told her:

- You have lost the patient, the doctor, I have recovered!

And I have told it that I have recovered such here strange diet.

- Well, - it you have inspired in yourself, - there was her answer.
- E, the doctor, - has objected I cheerfully, - and you do not need to tell it to the patient, and you know it.

At the nurse of scepticism was less she has jumped out for me in corridor and has written down that can be read on this subject.

My weight sharply fell twice: for the first two months of kilograms on eight, I still half-pood have dumped the same two years later when has refused grain food. It is necessary to tell, these kilograms were superfluous. Six years it was disciplined very exclusively crude vegetarian diet, and then, without wishing to pass for the fanatic, occasionally began to allow deviations if that was demanded by circumstances. Many years the periodic dosed starvations, lasting from one to three weeks, depending on need practice in our family.

This became fatal "fantastic diet" as it was called in due time by the Minister of Health of the USSR academician B. V. Petrovsky, and for my wife Victoria: as it quite often happens, she was fattened by careful mother, and Vika in 12 years weighed 100 kg - so to meeting with "fantastic diet" with weight it was not possible to cope, and only in 28 years thanks to rawism it was succeeded to reach the weight of 60 kilograms (with height of 172 cm) and to believe firmly that weight can be managed also without intervention of stars of endocrinology.

I think that even such brief family experience, along with studying of crude food on hardly accessible sources, already grants to me the right to tell about rawism to warn against mistakes and disappointment of those who address rawism as to the last hope for return of health, but approach business thoughtlessly and without necessary knowledge.

So it vegetarian crude diet? Food it or medicine? Dispute on it goes long ago, and doctors, so-called "orthodox" physicians and that not everything, and only the small part of them, agree only to appoint crude vegetable food for a certain time, including it on number of indicators defective. First of all, in such food it is not enough, from their point of view, protein.

Other doctors, so-called naturopaths, and after them and the vegetarians belonging to extremely left wing (syroyeda) believe in salutariness of the fullest return to the nature. And first of all in way of food.

Let this small series of articles will be to you kind mentor on difficult track to rawism and health.