Rawism - health and longevity


Everyone who gives figures of rather high longevity among vegetarians right there receives "artful" question of why there are many examples of longevity and among the people which are not disdaining large numbers of fat meat. And though our press little by little is engaged in vegetarian promotion, but in such harmless options. For example, it is possible to read in the newspaper scanty note that in Germany have conducted examination and have found out: vegetarians have viscosity of blood and arterial pressure is lower, than at those who eat meat. For vegetarians it is old "news". At meat eaters is much more often, write in the newspaper, develops therefore atherosclerosis and heart attack.

Such notes - only reason for other wife to notice to the husband at dinner:

- Vas, stop. Perhaps, leave the fifth cutlet for breakfast, atherosclerosis with heart attack you will obtain not that. Who read this note about vegetarians to me yesterday?

Let's open L. Bobrov's book "Let's talk about demography". The author tells:

"Soon after census more than 40 thousand people at the age of 80 flyings have been inspected at the same time and are more senior. Almost all were thin. The exception was made not only corpulent, but also just full. Only 10 percent were vegetarians. It is even less of those who ate mainly meat. The majority preferred variety in food."

Let's think properly what is meant by the words "only 10 percent". They mean misunderstanding owing to bias of the author: if among the population in general the tenth share of percent of vegetarians hardly is gathered, or one person per thousand, and among their long-livers appears ten percent, i.e. hundred people per thousand, then leaves that at vegetarians though they also make many mistakes in food, nevertheless is a hundred times more than chances to get in long-livers, than at those who "prefer variety in food". Here is how it is possible to pervert absolutely clear statistical data! And this "wise" conclusion wanders, by the way, according to pages of popular literature, the reader swallows of it, without thinking, and authors rewrite it, too without troubling the dear crinkles. It is also called "not to see in emphasis".

To be fair we will consider the fact that to dress, say, with the Abkhazian long-livers using a lot of grapes, fruit, vegetables and greens whose main food milk and vegetable, gives high rates of longevity also Kabardino-Balkaria where eat a lot of fat meat, and what to speak about not paradise living conditions in pkutiya, with its severe climate? And there, among Yakuts and Evenks, there are a lot of long-livers.

In what business? And that the separate groups of the population long since living in this or that district differ from each other in some features in organism physiology ("adaptive groups"). Let's tell, Nganasans have gained resistance to extra fatty food, the corresponding enzyme splitting fat at them is much more active. How it has occurred? By cruel natural selection. Children are not born identical, and those who from the birth were more capable to digestion of greasy food survived and gave posterity in which the sign was fixed and amplified from generation to generation, besides through cruel selection.

Generally it is possible to tell that the person by the nature was and remains the vegetarian, and the separate populations of people living in the conditions far from initial in which there lived millions of years our ancestors, at the price of cruel natural selection have gained only certain resistance to new and hostile factors of the environment including to inappropriate food. But the way to vegetarianism is open also for these populations and would be for them, undoubtedly, salutary. Professor V. V. Bunak, the outstanding anthropologist, in comments to J. Harrison's book "Human biology" introduces such idea:

"In experiment it is established that some individuals easily adapt to the food rich with fats. It would be interesting to find out whether transition from usual fat-rich meat food to food by exclusively vegetable products equally is easily carried out and whether population can in general without prejudice to itself complete such transition throughout life of one generation".

The accepted truth does not demand the proof: what promotes health, prolongs life. What is told recently even more often by gerontology? I will quote the famous Kiev scientist V. Frolkis:

"It is necessary to emphasize, aging - difficult, mnogozvenyevy process therefore impact on many "hot spots" of the growing old organism can be at once the most productive. Also you know, very effective was the simplest! For example, insufficient, but qualitatively good nutrition is caloric. And this recipe thoroughly is checked. Even if to scorn opinion in this respect of Aesculapians of antiquity, all the same for a long time, at the beginning of our century, the fact that limited food prolongs life of experimental animals for 50-100 percent has been scientifically proved, confirmed in tens of laboratories of the world. At the same time they sharply slow down also rate of age adverse changes. This pattern to some extent suits people. And supervision of our institute testify: the food of the elderly person was more caloric in the past, the at it pathological changes of cardiovascular system are expressed more brightly".

There is no doubt that excess proteinaceous food and can be one of the main reasons (if not the major) acceleration, premature maturing of youth including in the sexual relation. Acceleration in general is sign of reduction of the general life expectancy.

At young athletes Muscovites, on supervision of professor R. E. Motylyanskoy, puberty is slowed down for one and a half-two years. But in general the youth nowadays ripens for three years earlier! And we will not reconstruct food yet, having brought closer it as much as possible to natural, acceleration will remain unbeaten. Not soon all youth it will be universal to spend leisure-time at stadiums in fight against acceleration, here - on the contrary - there is a fast wish to become the adult! And the death from heart attack in 30-40 years has already stopped being rarity.

Considering told, it appears, that contains in experiments of syroyed as well deep moral and social meaning. This way of food of the person also is connected with problem of survival of people in emergencies. But the main value of rawism is that it imparts the moment of responsibility of the person to society for the health, contrary to the occurring point of view that health is business of our doctors, the power pays money to them for that, and our business to squander it anyhow, time it "the state property" too.

Syroyeda - in the forefront those who have responded to appeal of the academician N. M. Amosov "to get fashion on health". But it is hard to break old habits, it is much easier - together, and only such extreme way as vegetarian settlements (colonies) is suitable for others. Though it, as they say, "on the fan". Circumstances are that that the person can make turn to healthy life only having expelled themselves from society concerning way of food.

It should be noted that recognition and further development of problem of rawism conceal in themselves further opportunities of increase of efficiency of national economy. The animal husbandry already too expensive costs and therefore has no far perspective. I have no figures, but in Hungary, for example, already 61 percent of the earth used in agriculture serve directly or indirectly for production and satisfaction with sterns of requirements of animal husbandry. The Hungarian economist Pal Sharkan providing these data in the book "Future Agriculture " Perfectly Pays Attention to That Circumstance that Agriculture Exists for the Person, and Not Vice Versa". The mass rawism would put end to service of animals, enslavement by pets of the person. Poisoning with environment animal husbandry waste becomes serious problem also. Air even at considerable distance around livestock rooms is filled with the smells which are a little caressing sense of smell, and in addition and the positive ions oppressing life activity in human body.

On the planet two thirds of the woods are destroyed already to seed grain. But in the long term the person will return again to the wood which it should plant when the soil is completely exhausted. Again will feed him mainly trees and bushes, yielding fruits, berries, nuts. Moreover vegetable plantations. It is already counted that the organic weight which is grown up on each hectare of the wood is much bigger that what can give the field: the wood by 4-5 times is more productive, than ploughland.

The person - the subjugator Prirody has already hung out the flag of truce. But - so far only in the ecological plan. In line - medicine, paying to ecology of the person the increasing attention. Appeals to live in consent with the nature we hear more, than there is enough. But as to do it, precisely know only one syroyeda, meanwhile very not numerous. But not all issues are resolved by a majority vote. And after them goes more and more those who have understood wise aphorism of Paul Bragg:

"the medicine - only half measure, cause of illness remains out of medicine, and medicine does not reach it"

If we want to live in consent with the nature - we should accept its rules. Therefore there is need for counterculture lessons - rawism countercultures, in studying of rawism.

The member of the British association of syroyed Harry Benjamin who was already mentioned here speaks:

"Can seem strange that so few people accept so clear, simple and logical theory and practice of natural treatment. Why it is not accepted by minds of medicine, not to mention the ordinary doctor?

Rawism and orthodox medicine - two too opposite phenomena. To recognize the theory, new to them, and practice, the official medicine would have to refuse completely all the present ideas and start all work anew. Besides, enormous role is played here also by conservatism of human mind. And what physician with ranks, academic degrees, social standing, honor would have enough forces and courage to recognize that all he teaches to, - is incorrect. Therefore there is no hope that the official medicine will be capable to review the dogmas now and, at last, to follow only right way of natural treatment. The medicine will continue "to improve" the methods, will invent new antibiotics, new vaccines, preparations, with bigger dexterity will cut out "superfluous, unnecessary" bodies at people. So on Earth it will be soon difficult to meet the person at whom the part of his body will not be cut off.

But if there is no hope yet that all - both physicians, and their uncountable patients - will understand that way to health only one - through natural treatment and natural way of life, then, at least, individuals are capable of it".

We know that the idea can overtake the time even for many centuries if she was born in the society not ready to her perception. Americans, however, laughed only ten years at Norbert Wiener's ideas before they have begun to do computers. But, as Victor Hugo has told, there is nothing stronger than idea which time has come.

It seems that time of rawism comes. And this century the mankind, perhaps, will carry out passionate appeal of Arshavir Ter-Ovanesyan with which it begins one of the books:

"Crude vegetable products have to be the only food of the person. To custom there are boiled products end around the world once and for all has to be put. Such is science sentence. Consumption of boiled - the most terrible barbarity in the history, the barbarity which is not realized by anybody which unconscious victim is everyone".