Dietary beetroot soup on kefir

On 100 grams - 41,22 kcal

B/ZH/U - 2,46/1,18/5,26


  • Cucumbers of 350 g
  • Beet of 350 g
  • Kefir of 1000 ml
  • Fennel of 30 g
  • Onions of green 30 g
  • Garlic of segment of 2 pieces.
  • Salt of sea ½ h l.

Way of preparation:

❂ Rub cucumber on large grater. If the thin skin tastes bitter, previously remove it.

❂ peel Crude young beet and rub on small grater.

❂ Put cucumbers and beet in big bowl or pan, add kefir and small cut greens.

❂ Salt and put very small cut garlic.

❂ Well mix, add a little cold water, check for salt and give, having strewed with greens.

Bon appetit!